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  1. Water Snake Moisture Absorber

    …yard-long water snake moisture absorber will dry it up. All-natural material of water absorbing snake absorbs 10 times its weight; fabric casing conforms to any shape. Put an end to moisture problems with this innovative water absorber designed to wick moisture from the air and absorb water from…

    Water Snake Moisture Absorber



  2. Ultra Soft Absorbent Bath Mat

    Go from shower to plush comfort in one step! Ultra soft absorbent bath mat absorbs up to 7x its weight in water to keep your feet and your floor dry. The bathroom rug's gentle blend of poly microfiber and rayon cushions bare feet, dries quickly and features a non-skid backing for extra safety.…

    Ultra Soft Absorbent Bath Mat



  3. Watkins® Red Liniment 11oz.

    …blend of camphor and capsicum (red pepper extract) stimulates heat-sensitive nerve receptors—relieving sore, stiff muscles and joints. 11 fl. oz. Auto refill every 60 days.Camphor 3.5 %, Alcohol SD38B, caramel color, oleoresin capsicum, potassium carbonate, potassium cocoate, spruce oil, water.

    Watkins® Red Liniment 11oz.



  4. Microfiber Pet Towel

    Absorbing water faster than terrycloth towels, this moisture-wicking wonder dries wet pets quickly, pampering them in snuggly softness. Great after baths, swims or rainy-day walks, the super-soft microfiber towel works like a sponge on all types of fur, paws ... and accompanying puddles. 80%…

    Microfiber Pet Towel



  5. Drip Catchers, Set of 2 by Chef's Pride™

    These absorbent, quick-drying drip pads catch and contain drips—keeping water coolers, refrigerator water dispensers and coffee makers dry and tidy! Simply slip one on the fridge drip tray to catch spills from the water dispenser, and end your struggle with puddles of water, constant wiping, and…

    Drip Catchers, Set of 2 by Chef's Pride™



  6. Jumbo Multipurpose Microfiber Cloths, Set of 4

    …microfiber; Set of 4, each measures 15\u0022 long x 18\u0022 wide; Absorbent cloths hold 4 times their weight in water for easy cleanup; Versatile and durable for all your cleaning needs;…

    Jumbo Multipurpose Microfiber Cloths, Set of 4



  7. Cut to Size Sink Mats, Set of 2

    …protecting your sink's finish while preventing dish breakage. Easy to cut to any size, this clear sink mat pair allows water to drain through as it adds a layer of cushioning to absorb impact. Great for using in your sink as a drain board, too, and because they're clear, these kitchen sink mats…

    Cut to Size Sink Mats, Set of 2



  8. Lighted Oil Diffuser & Humidifier, 600 ml

    …into the air for you to breath in, your body can best absorb the therapeutic benefits while enjoying soothing, calming aroma. Enhancing your mood with three warm yellow LED lights, the easy-to-use essential oil diffuser works with tap water and water-soluble essential oil (sold separately), creating…

    Lighted Oil Diffuser & Humidifier, 600 ml



  9. NativeRemedies® LegCalm™

    …circulation throughout your body—helping calm fidgety legs so you can rest, relax and sleep peacefully! This natural supplement also helps your body absorb minerals from your diet, helping prevent deficiencies which may contribute to leg restlessness. Easy-to-swallow capsules are manufactured using…

    NativeRemedies® LegCalm™



  10. Healthful™ Advanced Foot Cream

    …Foot Cream helps moisturize and soften hardened, cracked skin to promote better foot health. Aloe, tea tree oil and other nourishing ingredients absorb quickly to provide intense moisturizing. Foot cream is 100% safe to use between the toes and free of alcohol, fragrance, dyes and petroleum. 4…

    Healthful™ Advanced Foot Cream



  11. Personalized Mermaid Beach Towel

    Your favorite little water bug will identify with this custom towel’s mermaid—she’s beautifully customizable, in your choice of 3 different skin tones and 4 hair colors! Our Personalized Mermaid Beach Towel will be custom designed for your little dipper, and lovingly crafted with a special name.…

    Personalized Mermaid Beach Towel



  12. Personalized Last Name Cutting Board

    …workspace perfect for chopping veggies and fruits or slicing cheeses and meats. Because bamboo absorbs little moisture, this cutting board resists warping and cracking, while shielding water penetration to discourage bacteria from forming. Complete with a hanging hole for convenient storage,…

    Personalized Last Name Cutting Board



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