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  1. Windshield Cleaning Wand

    …includes 15 1/2\u0022 long handle and 5 1/4\u0022 long x 3 1/2\u0022 wide cleaning pad; Microfiber head powers through dirt, frost and fog; Pivoting wand reaches hard-to-get spots for quick, easy cleaning; Also great for home windows, television screens and mirrors"}]

    Windshield Cleaning Wand



  2. Flexible Watering Wand and Sprinkler

    This 2-in-1 Flexible Watering Wand and Sprinkler gives you 360º watering coverage for a variety of landscaping and home maintenance needs. The flexible sprinkler bends to your desired shape, and is lightweight and easy to carry for continued use without fatigue. Adjustable nozzle features 9 spray…

    Flexible Watering Wand and Sprinkler



  3. Bug It 28" Extended Reach Pest Trap Insect Remover Wand

    …insect catcher. Long-reach bug wand catches insects anywhere, even up high, trapping them on disposable adhesive sheets. Simply peel and throw away, to keep your walls and hands clean without pesticides, ladders or batteries. Flexible head rotates 360° and the wand extends to 28" long, so no bug is…

    Bug It 28" Extended Reach Pest Trap Insect Remover Wand



  4. Ribbon Dancer

    …as they twist and twirl with Ribbon Dancer! Everyone's favorite ribbon wand is pure delight for children, and this playtime treasure makes movement magic, inspiring hours of old-fashioned, active fun. This ribbon dance wand lets kids dance their wiggles out, while encouraging gross motor skills…

    Ribbon Dancer



  5. Lotion Applicator

    …applying lotion. For that reason, dry backs can cause itching and profound discomfort. Our Back Lotion Applicator features an extra-long 14" long wand that makes it easy to apply lotion to your back and other hard-to-reach places. Durable plastic construction and available refill pads makes this one…

    Lotion Applicator



  6. 3W COB Sensor Motion Light

    …about safety. Smart light turns on when movement is detected within 10 feet, then off after 20-25 seconds of inactivity. And you can remove the wand from the base of this motion light and use it as a flashlight. Chip-on-board technology improves lumen density for high-intensity, uniform light…

    3W COB Sensor Motion Light



  7. Handheld Milk Frother

    …to create luscious foaming froth for lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolate and more. Designed in durable stainless steel, the battery-operated frothing wand is easy to clean and store. An everyday luxury for you, this milk foamer also makes a great little gift for coffee lovers! Requires 2 AA batteries…

    Handheld Milk Frother



  8. Mini Vacuum Attachments, 9-Piece Set

    Vacuuming tight spaces has never been so easy! Simply connect any one of these mini attachments to your own vacuum's 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" hose or wand end using the included adapters, then clean where ordinary vacuums can't reach, like keyboards, vents, cars, patio door tracks and other dirty crevices.…

    Mini Vacuum Attachments, 9-Piece Set



  9. Leaping Lint Snake by LivingSURE™

    This specially designed Leaping Lint Snake jumps to the rescue, helping prevent dangerous lint fires in your dryer. It easily fits most vacuum wands and snakes deep into the lint trap to remove debris clinging to the sides. The dryer lint remover's clear tube lets you watch the progress, while a…

    Leaping Lint Snake by LivingSURE™



  10. Personalized Wizard Ornament

    …charm to your Christmas tree. Artfully crafted with whimsical details, both boy and girl wizard and witch ornaments don a bright robe and cap, magic wand, book of spells, bottle of potions ... and a little owl friend. We'll personalize these custom ornaments with any name and year, and—shazam—you'll…

    Personalized Wizard Ornament



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