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  1. Swivel Seat Cushion

    Our Car Swivel Seat Cushion adds extra support and provides momentum to individuals who suffer from back pain, hip pain or arthritis. This portable 15" diameter base sits easily in your car and allows you to swivel easily — no pinching or binding. This highly supportive swivel seat pad is a helpful…

    Swivel Seat Cushion



  2. Leather Lumbar Cushion

    …support. Lumbar support cushion's elastic straps secure snugly to any seat, making it great for the car, office, or home. This stylish leather lumbar cushion helps alleviate back strain and is ideal for shorter to longer road trips. Whether you’re off to the market or traveling, give your back a…

    Leather Lumbar Cushion



  3. Donut Gel Cushion

    …foam for comfortable support. Donut cushion with washable cover evenly distributes weight to ease pressure while sitting. Ideal for helping to relieve coccyx/tailbone, hemorrhoid or pelvic discomfort. Use it to sit longer and more comfortably at home, during travel or in a wheelchair. Donut pillow…

    Donut Gel Cushion



  4. Sherpa Total Support Wheelchair Cushion

    …wheelchair cushion. Curved cushion design has strategic stitching to support the back, bottom and arms. Helps distribute body weight in the wheelchair seat for pressure relief. Front flap provides leg support and extra cushioning. Works for many body types. Perfect for home or travel, this…

    Sherpa Total Support Wheelchair Cushion



  5. Self-Inflating Cushion with Carrying Case by LivingSURE™

    …cozy cushion on folding chairs at Bingo night, on bleachers while cheering on your grandkids, on a picnic table or park bench, or at the beach or an outdoor concert on your own portable chair. Whenever you want to avoid a cold, hard or wet seat, simply grab this portable travel cushion. To inflate,…

    Self-Inflating Cushion with Carrying Case by LivingSURE™



  6. Memory Foam Peanut Neck Pillow

    …versatile memory foam peanut neck pillow works as a neck roll or lumbar cushion, and can be placed between legs to help reduce stress on hips and back. Providing custom support and comfort of quality memory foam, this travel neck pillow offers welcome relief for pressure points, along with targeted…

    Memory Foam Peanut Neck Pillow



  7. Cool Gel Memory Foam Donut Pillow

    Keep cool comfort around every time you sit with this portable donut pillow. The memory foam core provides firm support that holds its shape without flattening, with a cutout center for lumbar support and improved air flow. The donut's upper layer features a gel inset that helps you keep your cool…

    Cool Gel Memory Foam Donut Pillow



  8. Multi-Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Pads, Set of 4

    …wipe and clean dishes, sinks, countertops, tiles, walls and more. Made of an extra-thick polyester microfiber for superior cleaning power, the cushioned microfiber cloths can be used again and again, all around your home. Efficient, economical and good for the environment, the reusable microfiber…

    Multi-Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Pads, Set of 4



  9. Bendable Memory Foam Twist Pillow By LivingSURE™

    …shape once bent or twisted. The compact size and flexibility make it an ideal neck and back pillow for travel, reading, watching TV and more. Supports the body more comfortably than standard travel neck pillows. 50% foam/30% plastic/20% polyester. Removable cover is machine washable, easy to clean.…

    Bendable Memory Foam Twist Pillow By LivingSURE™



  10. Merino Wool Knee-High Compression Socks, 15-20 mmHg

    cushion and help prevent blisters, with ankle protection that enhances blood circulation. The non-slip cuff ensures the socks stay in place. Perfect for wearing at work, during long airplane flights, or at sporting events. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long in these home and travel

    Merino Wool Knee-High Compression Socks, 15-20 mmHg



  11. Bear Claw Back Scratcher (Assorted Colors)

    …"claw" back scratcher has your back. Easy to hold extendable back scratcher with comfortable non-slip cushion grip. Extends to 22" long, retracts to a compact 8 1/2" long for easy storage and travel. Assorted colors, we'll choose for you. This bear claw scratcher is perfect as a stocking stuffer or…

    Bear Claw Back Scratcher (Assorted Colors)



  12. Handy Cane Seat                                 XL

    …of lightweight aluminum and has a cushioned grip handle to assist in a secure stride; Tripod Legs – Versatile cane features 3 rubber-tipped legs that evenly distribute weight and provide stability when walking or sitting; Product Measurements – Perfect for travel and on-the-go activities, this Handy…

    Handy Cane Seat XL



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