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  1. Under Shelf Wrap Holder

    …space! It's an excellent way to declutter your kitchen area and make it more functional. The convenient design of the undershelf rack allows for easy installation; no tools or hardware are needed! Simply slide it onto a shelf in your pantry, kitchen cabinet or even utility closet—it'll hold firmly…

    Under Shelf Wrap Holder



  2. Garden Tool Organizer

    …landscaping tool storage rack does not have to be secured to a wall and is made of lightweight, heavy-duty plastic that will not rust. We recommend using this organizer for lightweight and midweight tools.; Space-Saving Design – The tool rack is an affordable way to arrange garden tools without…

    Garden Tool Organizer



  3. Corner Garden Tool Rack

    This space-saving corner garden tool rack offers stand-up garden storage in garage or shed corner — keeping tools organized, upright, and secure, so they won't teeter or fall. Designed in durable plastic with 20 openings, the garden tool holder keeps rakes, brooms, shovels and more neat and out of…

    Corner Garden Tool Rack



  4. Magazine Rack by OakRidge™

    …any décor. Easy tool-free assembly too! Wooden rack is made with 80% MDF/20% fir. Wipe clean with dry cloth. Approx. 16 1/2" long x 8 1/2" wide x 15 3/8" high. By OakRidge™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This classic Magazine Rack is perfect for organizing your reading materials…

    Magazine Rack by OakRidge™



  5. Drying Rack Wall Lean or Two Sided Fold

    …the clothes drying rack in half to create a self-standing 2-sided drying rack that fits in a tub, on the floor, even on a patio to dry swimwear and more. This laundry rack locks in position with a twist and folds to just 2 1/2" wide for easy storage. Easy assembly; no tools required. Measures 26…

    Drying Rack Wall Lean or Two Sided Fold



  6. Cookware Organizer

    rack features a sturdy rounded base for pans, and non-stick feet to keep it in place and protect cabinet surfaces from scratches. Modular design means you can connect multiple racks together to create more storage space and organize your whole kitchen! Setup is quick and easy, requiring no tools or…

    Cookware Organizer



  7. My Home™ Stacking Storage Baskets, Set of 2

    …supplies, tools and much more! Sturdy perforated sides fold flat when not in use. Set includes 2 storage container sizes: 16 3/4" long x 13" wide x 7 1/2" high and 16 3/4" long x 13" wide x 5" high. Buy multiple sets of home organizers for even more custom options! Easy assembly; no tools required.…

    My Home™ Stacking Storage Baskets, Set of 2



  8. Bamboo Oven Pull by Chef's Pride

    …pull oven racks closer to you! Offering safe, easy access to hot cookie sheets casserole dishes, or that piping hot pizza, the sturdy wooden oven rack pull grabs the rack to pull it out — keeping your hands at a safe distance from heat. Designed with 2 notches to grab onto and pull racks, it also…

    Bamboo Oven Pull by Chef's Pride



  9. Black Magnetic Shelf

    …in your laundry room on a washer or dryer, in your home office on a filing cabinet, or out in the garage, adhering instantly to the side of a metal tool cabinet. Crafted of durable metal with classic black finish and magnetic back, the shelf for kitchen's bottom lip and middle railing help prevent…

    Black Magnetic Shelf



  10. 2-Tier Sliding Shelves

    …space-saving storage and are a must-have to organize toiletries, cleaners, accessories and more. This bathroom or kitchen organizer assembles with no tools and provides at-a-glance viewing. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eWhether they\u0027re used to organize pantry staples,…

    2-Tier Sliding Shelves



  11. Wall Mounted Wheat Straw 2-Tier Soap Dishes

    …saves space AND soap, thanks to tiers with tons of drainage! Choose 1 or 2 tiers for soap bars or beauty products in the bathroom, dishwashing tools in the kitchen, or other creative uses around the house. You (and the environment) will love that this wall mounted soap holder is made with…

    Wall Mounted Wheat Straw 2-Tier Soap Dishes



  12. Slim Storage Cart 4 Tier

    …marring; convenient handle makes it easy to push back and forth. All durable plastic pieces of this rolling cart snap together for easy assembly; no tools required. 21" long x 5" wide x 40" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Turning tight spots into generous storage space, this slim…

    Slim Storage Cart 4 Tier



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