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  1. Slicing Guide by Home Marketplace

    …with the stainless steel prongs, hold onto the easy-grip handle and slice between prongs to create even pieces. It's great for slicing onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, even hard boiled eggs or blocks of cheese. Stainless steel and BPA-free plastic; dishwasher safe. Vegetable holder…

    Slicing Guide by Home Marketplace



  2. Reusable Fabric Grow Bags, Set of 5

    Simply fill these Reusable Fabric Grow Bags with soil to give any plant the perfect growing conditions. Great for tomatoes, herbs and more, the specially designed "fabric pots" provide healthy airflow to roots, and that essential oxygen is key to optimal growth. Each planter bag is thoughtfully…

    Reusable Fabric Grow Bags, Set of 5



  3. Tomato Pin Cushion

    Don't miss your chance to own the classic Tomato Pin Cushion, just like the one in Grandma's sewing room—complete with the attached strawberry needle sharpener! A sewing tool standard for decades, this is a must-have sewing accessory for every quilter, tailor and seamstress. It holds hundreds of…

    Tomato Pin Cushion



  4. CK IN2U Him by Calvin Klein, EDT Spray

    …man. This flirty, sexy fragrance for men is best suited for daytime wear in the Summer months. This men's fragrance features top notes of lemon and tomato leaf, middle notes of pimento, cacao and shiso and base notes of vetiver, white cedar and musk. An EDT spray. 3.4 fl. oz. No express shipping. No…

    CK IN2U Him by Calvin Klein, EDT Spray



  5. Mini Garden Trellis, Set of 3

    …indoor potted plants and outdoor gardens. Designed in green to blend in with plants, the arched 12" high mini trellis is a great way to keep tall tomato plants, roses, ivy, morning glory, jasmine and long-stemmed or potted vegetables from drooping or toppling over. Its frame prevents leaves of vines…

    Mini Garden Trellis, Set of 3



  6. Beginner's Guide to Preserving Food

    …how best to do it. Featuring research-based, government-approved canning methods and processing times, recipes and techniques for jams, jellies, tomato sauce, salsa and pickles, beginner's guide on how to preserve food can help you weather the storm of rising food costs — and cut back on costly…

    Beginner's Guide to Preserving Food



  7. Wooden Burger Making Set

    …play restaurant, helping inspire communication, creativity and imaginative fun. The 15-pc. wooden kitchen set includes: puzzle base, burger patty, tomato slice, lettuce, onion slice, pickles, bacon, fried egg, cheese and bun, along with 5 picture cards. Crafted of MDF, juniper wood and felt; wipe…

    Wooden Burger Making Set



  8. Stainless Steel Food Masher and Ricer

    This food ricer is your EASY-peasy secret to making perfect mashed potatoes, smooth or chunky applesauce, homemade tomato sauce, your own baby food and more. The stainless steel food masher and ricer is also great for pureeing fruits, mashing vegetables like sweet potatoes or carrots, straining…

    Stainless Steel Food Masher and Ricer



  9. Plant Gripper Clips, Set of 40

    …strings or hand tying knots. Helping gently support and train climbing plants and vines to reach upright and grow strong, they're perfect as tomato clips and orchid clips as well as general garden clips for cucumbers, zucchini and peppers, Black-Eyed Susans, Hydrangeas, Roses, Clematis, Ivy,…

    Plant Gripper Clips, Set of 40



  10. Silicone Hamburger/Sandwich/Donut Holders, Set of 4

    …sauce and toppings so diners of all ages can eat with single-handed ease, these handy tools for eating assure you won't lose one single pickle, tomato or sweet donut sprinkle. Durable, reusable and simple to stash in your glove box, lunch bag, cooler or kitchen drawer, these kitchen gadgets resist…

    Silicone Hamburger/Sandwich/Donut Holders, Set of 4



  11. Life of Fire Cookbook

    …at the source, with detailed photos and lessons on how to prepare and feed a fire. You'll learn how to work with all fire stages, from searing tomatoes and adding char flavor to corn, to grilling chicken or mastering pit-cooked pork, and finally, to roasting vegetables in the white ash. Named one…

    Life of Fire Cookbook



  12. Extending Kitchen Colander

    …When not working in your kitchen sink, this handy colander can be used on your counter as a basket, or taken out to the garden to collect fresh tomatoes or berries—delivering them right back to the sink for rinsing! The durable kitchen strainer is designed in white BPA-free plastic, which is highly…

    Extending Kitchen Colander



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