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  1. Fiesta Salsa Bowls, Set of 3

    Spice up your serving game with these versatile Fiesta Salsa Bowls—and add a splash of fun fiesta style to any party, picnic, snack or supper. Great for serving salsa, dips, sauces and side dishes, the generous 12-oz. serving bowls are made of durable black plastic and designed with 4 sturdy legs…

    Fiesta Salsa Bowls, Set of 3



  2. Classic Deep Burner Covers Set/2

    …burners to transform your stove to a flat surface. Use them to create a flat surface on which to serve food buffet-style or prevent nasty spills and splashes from reaching your burners. In addition to providing practical benefits, these covers look great in your kitchen. Choose from three different…

    Classic Deep Burner Covers Set/2



  3. Jean Nate for Women After Bath Splash, 30 fl. oz.

    Jean Nate for Women After Bath Splash is a timeless classic fragrance. One sniff and it takes you back to the days when your mom wore it. Made from citrus, florals and spices, Jean Nate is a scent almost everyone knows from memory. It's almost like keeping a family tradition going. Get some Jean…

    Jean Nate for Women After Bath Splash, 30 fl. oz.



  4. Tabac Original for Men Cologne Splash, 10.1 fl. oz.

    Tabac Original for Men Cologne Splash is a classic, crisp aromatic fragrance that is a bit more subtle than it's cologne counterpart. This fragrance gets right to the point with no frills, made for the no nonsense man. Features top notes of aldehydes, lavender, neroli, bergamot and lemon, middle…

    Tabac Original for Men Cologne Splash, 10.1 fl. oz.



  5. Silicone Faucet Drip Catcher Tray by Chef's Pride

    …dry. This faucet splash catcher also doubles as a waterproof organizer for storing sponges, scrubbies and soaps. The drip catcher's raised ridges guide water into two drainage openings and into sink, keeping the area around faucet dry and clean, while preventing water from splashing onto counter…

    Silicone Faucet Drip Catcher Tray by Chef's Pride



  6. Personalized Tie Dye Towel

    Splash into style with this Personalized Tie Dye Towel. With a burst of vibrant colors and patterns, the mesmerizing rainbow tie dye design will stand out. Soft and absorbent, this child-size beach towel will be a favorite of beach-going kids. Single-sided print. Specify name; limit 1 line, 18…

    Personalized Tie Dye Towel



  7. Collapsible Massaging Heated Foot Spa

    …bubbles. Acupressure nodes on the bottom massage feet. This foot bath massager heats water to the perfect temperature, with a built-in splash guard to prevent messes. Collapsible and compact for storage with an easy-carry handle. Indicator "on" light.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The…

    Collapsible Massaging Heated Foot Spa



  8. 23-Pc. Stainless Steel Food Prep and Storage Set by Home Marketplace

    …make food prep and storage sleek and stylish, including interchangeable inserts that allow you to grate food right into the bowl! Set includes splash bowl with lid (10” dia./4.5-qt.), 2 prep bowls with lids (8 1/2” dia./3-qt. and 7 1/4” dia./1.5-qt.), detachable grater cap, colander (8 1/2”…

    23-Pc. Stainless Steel Food Prep and Storage Set by Home Marketplace



  9. Birdbath with Planter

    …our 2-in-1 birdbath with planter base. Clever, multitasking bird bath planter features large 15" diameter basin, giving birds plenty of room to splash around or enjoy a feast. Add real or faux flowers to the 10" diameter base for your own decorative touch, changing and rearranging with seasons or…

    Birdbath with Planter



  10. Sip Sip Hooray Towel

    Cheers to fancy libations, fun celebrations, and this towel's happy toast—"Sip Sip Hooray!". Lending a splash of style to any kitchen or bar, our Sip Sip Hooray Towel combines happy hour fun with hardworking function. Designed in soft, absorbent, 100% cotton, the versatile hanging towel is great for…

    Sip Sip Hooray Towel



  11. Plate Style Bird Feeder by Fox River™ Creations

    …a hook for easy placement on a tree branch or garden pole. The bird feeder doubles as a bird bath, giving your feathered friends a cool place to splash on hot days. Enjoy the beauty of birds in your yard with this functional and beautiful hanging bird feeder. Made from iron. 10 7/8" long x 10" wide…

    Plate Style Bird Feeder by Fox River™ Creations



  12. Personalized Butterflies Beach Towel

    …delightful butterflies grace this pretty beach and pool towel … and we’ll add one special name, creating a letter-perfect treasure! Sure to make a splash at the pool or beach, our bright Personalized Butterflies Beach Towel is perfect for little dippers, tweens and teens, especially when custom…

    Personalized Butterflies Beach Towel



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