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  1. 2-Tier Sliding Shelves

    Whether they're used to organize pantry staples, spice cupboards or bathroom sink areas, our Two-Tier Sliding Shelves/Baskets are a great addition to any space. These durable plastic shelves are tiered for space-saving storage and are a must-have to organize toiletries, cleaners, accessories and…

    2-Tier Sliding Shelves



  2. Counter Organizer by Home Marketplace

    …while complementing any décor. The bottom shelf slides out for easy access to jars and bottles, while the top storage basket stays in place and includes 2 removable hanging cups that can be attached to either side. And the kitchen organizer shelves feature breathable bottoms, so they're just as…

    Counter Organizer by Home Marketplace



  3. Under Sink Kitchen Shelf

    …disposals and more). This adjustable plastic frame assembles easily with 12 sliding slats to turn under-sink and open cabinet spaces into usable, versatile shelving. Great for canned goods, cleaning supplies and other kitchen essentials.…

    Under Sink Kitchen Shelf



  4. Over the Pole Double Hanger

    …rod to transform it into 2 rows of hanging space. Sturdy coated-iron hanging closet organizer is designed to keep hangers neatly in place without sliding and wrinkling your clothes. Organize your favorite scarves by your favorite tops, or neckties near suits. Great for shower rods too — hang twice…

    Over the Pole Double Hanger



  5. Over the Tank Tissue Holder

    A space-saving solution that puts your tissue within reach! Simply slide this stylish metal tissue holder on the edge of your toilet tank. As it dispenses a standard-size roll within easy reach, this toilet roll holder also keeps a second roll at the ready. All-metal design with black finish…

    Over the Tank Tissue Holder



  6. 3-Tier Corner Rack

    …search for that elusive jar of nutmeg in the back of the cupboard. Making the most of unused cabinet space, the kitchen rack's 3 stacked platform shelves keep spices organized and easily visible at a glance, making them easy to locate, even in deep cupboards or pantries. Keeping spices visible makes…

    3-Tier Corner Rack



  7. Expandable Under-Shelf Fridge Organizer by Chef's Pride™, Set of 2

    …eggs, small condiment packets and more, the sturdy plastic fridge storage shelves feature ventilated sides, and simply clip on and off refrigerator shelving up to 1/2" thick. The 6" deep white refrigerator organizers slide in and out for easy access to contents and expand from 8 1/4" wide to 11 1/4"…

    Expandable Under-Shelf Fridge Organizer by Chef's Pride™, Set of 2



  8. Fridge Shelf Wine Rack by Chef's Pride™

    …your refrigerator, slipping the wine bottle shelf onto cabinet shelves to store wine in a dark, stable space that's not chilled. Exclusively designed by Chef's Pride™, the fridge wine holder requires no assembly, arriving ready to slide onto a shelf and enjoy. Designed in durable white coated wire.…

    Fridge Shelf Wine Rack by Chef's Pride™



  9. Two Tier Stainless Lazy Susan

    …Design – Convenient design swivels 360-degrees, offering easy access as it spins, thoughtfully engineered with a raised rim to prevent items from sliding off; Sturdy Construction – Made of durable stainless steel, this 2-Tier Lazy Susan is both sleek and minimalistic, while the brushed finish is…

    Two Tier Stainless Lazy Susan



  10. Under Shelf Wrap Holder

    …organizing and storing household items in the kitchen, tool shop, office — anywhere you want more order and efficient use of space. The basket slides easily under a shelf to instantly provide a handy place for aluminum and plastic wrap, potholders, food storage containers, paper plates — you name…

    Under Shelf Wrap Holder



  11. Pull and Rotate Storage Rack by Home Marketplace™

    This kitchen storage rack's two double-decker shelves pull out of your cabinet and swivel to the right or left, so you can see contents up close, grab what you need, and slide the rack right back into cabinet. Making contents easy to find, access and put away, the Pull and Rotate Storage Rack…

    Pull and Rotate Storage Rack by Home Marketplace™



  12. Suction Cup Hooks, Set of 12

    Add a hook virtually anywhere, thanks to this set of 4 powerful suction cup hooks. Better than lightweight suction hooks that slide or fall off, these heavier-duty hooks allow you to hang kitchen items, bathroom puffs, window decorations and much more! Simply lift hook, press to surface, and flip to…

    Suction Cup Hooks, Set of 12



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