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  1. Telescopic Tub & Wall Scrubber

    …Scrubber. This innovative cleaning tool is a must-have for anyone seeking to make their scrubbing tasks easier and more efficient. As a versatile shower scrubber, it boasts an extendable handle that reaches from 24 to 36 inches, allowing you to cleanse every corner without stepping into the tub or…

    Telescopic Tub & Wall Scrubber



  2. EZ Reach Back Brush

    …maneuvering washcloths to clean your back in a bath or shower. Our nearly 2'-long shower brush has a long-reach handle, a contoured design and gentle bristles that clean, exfoliate and feel oh-so-good against your skin. This ultra-cleansing brush cleans with zero strain. Use on your back, the backs…

    EZ Reach Back Brush



  3. Curved Mountable Shower Rod, 40"-64"

    …your shower space with this mountable curved shower curtain rod. Stylish rod with brushed chrome finish curves to provide 33% more space in the shower than a straight bar, holding the curtain away from you for more room. This expandable shower rod is easy to install in most standard showers or tubs…

    Curved Mountable Shower Rod, 40"-64"



  4. 5-In-1 Spinning Spa Brush

    …instantly soothe tired muscles with this multifunctional spinning spa brush. 5-in-1 brush transforms your shower into a relaxing at-home spa experience. Fill with your favorite soap and choose from heads for microderm, massage, brush, pumice and cleansing. High/low speed adjustment. Long handle…

    5-In-1 Spinning Spa Brush



  5. Wall Mount Silicone Toilet Brush

    Wall Mount Silicone Toilet Brush is cleaner and more convenient than old-school nylon ones. It discreetly mounts on any wall to save floor space and keep your bathroom neat, with a clever interlocking wall holder for easy removal and cleaning. The toilet cleaner brush's flexible silicone bristles…

    Wall Mount Silicone Toilet Brush



  6. 3-In-1 Rechargeable Electric Cleaning Brush

    Let this rechargeable brush do the heavy scrubbing for you! 3-In-1 Rechargeable Electric Cleaning Brush includes 3 interchangeable heads that rotate to power away tough dirt and grime indoors and out. The brush head is great for scrubbing showers and tubs, tile grout, outdoor furniture and other…

    3-In-1 Rechargeable Electric Cleaning Brush



  7. Wet/Dry Dustpan and Brush Set

    …for streak-free cleaning of windows, mirrors and shower doors. Rubber-beveled dustpan helps put dirt in its place. The small dustpan and brush set snaps together for easy storage. 12" long x 9" wide x 1 3/4" high mini dustpan and brush. Durable plastic.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Big…

    Wet/Dry Dustpan and Brush Set



  8. Foot Washing Brush with Pumice

    …in the heel, this brush makes it easy to keep your feet clean and remove dead skin. The unique foot brush design increases circulation while removing dirt and smoothing rough skin. Includes 6 suction cups to keep brush in place while in use. Plastic/pumice. Foot scrubber for shower measures 11” long…

    Foot Washing Brush with Pumice



  9. Multipurpose Bendable Cleaning Brush by Chef's Pride™

    This Multipurpose Bendable Cleaning Brush bends 45° in 2 directions—flexing open to get in and scrub corners, curves and crevices, or flexing closed to hug faucets, shower doors, grab bars and more. Use the versatile scrub brush in a straight position to clean flat surfaces like kitchen counters, or…

    Multipurpose Bendable Cleaning Brush by Chef's Pride™



  10. 3-Pc. Drill Brush Power Scrubbing Attachment Set

    …Drill brush attachment set includes 3 different brushes: a 2" round, 4" round, and 4" cone brush. All have medium-stiff bristles for all-purpose cleaning around the home—perfect for tubs and showers, grout, fiberglass, boats and much more! Fits most drill brands thanks to each drill scrub brush's

    3-Pc. Drill Brush Power Scrubbing Attachment Set



  11. Silicone Back Scrubber

    …Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, relaxes muscles, relieves stress and promotes skin elasticity. Silicone shower brush is easy to clean, simply rinse out after use. Replaces your bath brush or loofah, more hygienic than fabric scrubbers. Quick drying, hang from the attached loop. Made from…

    Silicone Back Scrubber



  12. Corner Desk Organizer

    …and makes a stylish addition to any desktop. Also great for storing craft supplies within easy reach, or organizing makeup, brushes or shower essentials in the bathroom. Durable desktop organizer is designed in easy-to-clean plastic. 6 1/2" long x 6 1/2" wide x 4"…

    Corner Desk Organizer



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