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  1. 3 Section Knife Sharpener by Chef's Pride

    Restoring dull knives in 3 easy steps, this 3-Section Knife Sharpener's 100% industrial diamond abrasive wheels hone, reshape and sharpen blades with ease and precision. Specially designed to sharpen and restore both straight edge and serrated knives with precise, consistent angle control, each of…

    3 Section Knife Sharpener by Chef's Pride



  2. Pencil Sharpener

    Classic, lightweight pencil sharpener is compact and easy to carry for any writing or sketching project. Easy-to-empty sharpener features 2 openings for regular-size and large pencils, with a generous interior to store shavings and prevent a mess. Cap simply twists off to dump contents, then twists…

    Pencil Sharpener



  3. Colossal Bible Word-Finds, Value Set of 7

    A great way to sharpen your mind, eyes and Biblical knowledge while relaxing. This 7-book collection includes nearly 500 Bible-themed word-find puzzles, from petite pocket-sized Holy Bible Word-Finds to Jumbo Large Print Word-Finds. Books range from 82 to 146 pages, each with an answer key in the…

    Colossal Bible Word-Finds, Value Set of 7



  4. Personalized Wooden Crayon Caddy

    …in one designated place. Featuring a colorful and eye-catching veneer, a handy bar that is conducive to easy carrying and an included crayon sharpener along with 64 non-toxic crayons, your young artist will be well on his or her way toward creating a masterpiece. A cute and affordable gift for…

    Personalized Wooden Crayon Caddy



  5. Wordsearch Puzzle Spiral Books, Vol. 3 and 4, Set of 2

    This 2-volume word find book set includes 138 word search puzzles in all, so sharpen your pencil and prepare to sharpen your brain! With 69 puzzles in each spiral-bound book, you'll enjoy hours of challenge and fun—stimulating your mind with themes like Positive Words, Fast Food, Rivers, Crime,…

    Wordsearch Puzzle Spiral Books, Vol. 3 and 4, Set of 2



  6. Verilux UV-Free Bright Light Therapy HappyLight®

    …after waking stimulates hormones that impact well-being, including sleep/wake patterns. This signals the body's natural energy enhancers, which sharpen focus and fight fatigue. Lack of sunlight exposure is associated with depression, seasonal "winter blues" and negative effects from shift work,…

    Verilux UV-Free Bright Light Therapy HappyLight®



  7. Peace of Mind Bible Word Search: Words of Jesus

    …From the beatitudes to the Lord's Prayer, Sermon on the Mount and more, each themed puzzle offers a chance to affirm your faith while helping sharpen your brain. A great way to incorporate daily devotions with a healthy, relaxing brain workout, these large-print Biblical word finds will fill…

    Peace of Mind Bible Word Search: Words of Jesus



  8. Axe Throwing Game

    …axe gets to the bull's eye, the more points scored … and player or team with the most points wins the game! A great way for young throwers to sharpen coordination and concentration while enjoying old-fashioned, competitive play, the Axe Throwing Game set is fun for parties, family game nights,…

    Axe Throwing Game



  9. Set of 6 Provence Steak Knives

    …for entertaining or everyday dining, the quality set of 6 Provence steak knives offers reliable performance meal after meal—no sharpening required. Kitchen knife set includes purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red plastic handles. Each knife is 7" long. Hand…

    Set of 6 Provence Steak Knives



  10. Seam and Thread Remover Kit

    …buttons or snaps, there's a sewing tool in this kit to make the task simple. Each durable tool features a non-slip handle for a firm, easy grip and sharpened metal tip to help remove stitches without strain on your fingers or stress to fabrics. The sewing and crafting supplies kit includes: 1 thread…

    Seam and Thread Remover Kit



  11. 6PC Forged Knife Block Set by Home Marketplace

    …3CR13 stainless steel, this 6-pc. forged knife block set's premium full-tang blades offer superior strength and control. The blade edges are sharpened to exact angles for smooth, optimal cutting precision, and handles are crafted of polyoxymethelene for extreme durability, excellent balance and…

    6PC Forged Knife Block Set by Home Marketplace



  12. Peace of Mind Bible Word Search: Psalms

    …themed word search gives you a chance to reflect on light and truth, encouraging a closer walk with God. Helping strengthen your faith while sharpening your brain, these word challenges are a fun way to study the Bible—allowing your eyes to relax and your heart to focus on God's goodness. Perforated…

    Peace of Mind Bible Word Search: Psalms



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