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  1. 6-In-1 Lace Scissors

    Fancy paper edges are easy with this 6-In-1 Lace Scissors set. Simply choose a design, attach blades to the handle, and get busy crafting! Space-saving set is perfect for decreasing clutter at home and traveling to scrapbooking or card-making events. Set includes durable handle and 6 different blade…

    6-In-1 Lace Scissors



  2. Titanium Scissors Set of 4

    Our set of 4 Titanium Scissors are a must-have in your home, office, school or workshop. With their super-sharp blades and their non-corrosive, long-lasting titanium finish, these versatile scissors are a household essential. Our tough titanium scissors feature black comfort-grip handles that fit…

    Titanium Scissors Set of 4



  3. Multi-Functional Kitchen Shears by Chef's Pride™

    …fish scaler! Easy-to-clean multipurpose kitchen scissors are perfect for right- or left-hand use and include a protective plastic case with magnet for handy storage on a fridge or in a drawer. Herb and meat scissors measure 9 3/4" long x 3 1/4" wide. By Chef's…

    Multi-Functional Kitchen Shears by Chef's Pride™



  4. Titanium Purple Scissors Set of 4

    scissors designed with fun handles. The versatile craft scissors boast durability and quality with stay-sharp edges and non-corrosive, long-lasting titanium finish that resists nicks and scratches. Comfort-grip handles assure non-slip stability ... making these hard-working decorative scissors great…

    Titanium Purple Scissors Set of 4



  5. Titanium Rainbow Shredding Scissors

    …all of your sensitive documents quickly and quietly with a pair of shredder scissors from Miles Kimball. With 10 stainless steel blades and five cutting heads coated in titanium for lasting durability, these scissors effortlessly cut your personal documents into unreadable shreds in seconds. Use…

    Titanium Rainbow Shredding Scissors



  6. Tailoring Shears

    …window covering isn't just the fabric. The expertise of the cutting can often spell the difference between amateur and professional—and these scissors won't disappoint. They're what tailors use for clean, crisp cuts; they glide as effortlessly through silk as they do through thick upholstery fabric,…

    Tailoring Shears



  7. Vintage Pendulum Sewing Clock

    …of time, but that's a thing of the past with this retro clock! Vintage clock sewing machine features a working pendulum designed like a pair of scissors! Easy-to-read clock face features large numbers and a second hand making it the perfect addition to your sewing decor. This pendulum wall clock…

    Vintage Pendulum Sewing Clock



  8. Rock, Paper, Scissors Hands, Set of 6

    Now you can play the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in a whole new way, thanks to these Rock, Paper, Scissors Hands finger puppets! Designed to fit snugly on the end of one of your fingers, each miniature hand puppet is shaped in one of the traditional game hand poses. Designed in soft…

    Rock, Paper, Scissors Hands, Set of 6



  9. Herb Scissors by Chef's Pride™

    …work-smart scissors snips herbs quickly and easily! Chopping and mincing dill, basil, parsley, chives, mint, scallions, spinach and more—the lightweight, easy-grip design lets you snip directly into pan, plate or salad bowl for quick, delicious results. Safely store this 5-blade scissors in a drawer…

    Herb Scissors by Chef's Pride™



  10. 150-Pc. Sewing Kit

    …thread, 10 spools of 8M embroidery thread, 20 safety pins, 20 sewing needles, 10 pearl pins, 1 thimble, 20 buttons (10 black, 10 white), 1 small scissors, 3 spools of 100M-roll thread, 1 seam ripper, 1 mini magnifying glass, 10 snap fasteners, 1 plastic threader, 1 chalk pen with brush, 1 plastic…

    150-Pc. Sewing Kit



  11. Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4

    …birds land to peck or chew, and other critters come to dig around and destroy your landscape. The versatile pricklers can be easily cut with scissors to fit any space, and are also great for training cats to avoid furniture surfaces indoors. Set of 4 bird deterrents. Each, 19 1/4" long x 5 1/2"…

    Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4



  12. Vintage Correspondence and Nature Jigsaw Puzzle by Holiday Peak™, 624 pieces

    …Puzzle by Holiday Peak™ includes post cards, newspaper clippings, Air Mail envelopes and nature-themed stationery … along with vintage keys, scissors, pens, paper clips, a magnifying glass and more. Showcasing exclusive artwork from our Holiday Peak™ notecards and seals, the 624-pc. jigsaw harkens…

    Vintage Correspondence and Nature Jigsaw Puzzle by Holiday Peak™, 624 pieces



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