Salad Prep

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  1. 2-In-1 Salad Spinner and Colander by Chef's Pride™

    …ever with this 2-In-1 Salad Spinner and Colander! The 3-qt. spinning colander with handle makes quick work of rinsing and draining fruits, vegetables, noodles and more. Then simply press and twist the handle to rotate and spin-dry food in seconds. No more soggy salads, damp fruit or sticky pasta!…

    2-In-1 Salad Spinner and Colander by Chef's Pride™



  2. Salad Dressing/Oil Atomizer

    …this salad dressing dispenser with your choice of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, bottled or homemade vinaigrette, and easily spray on zest and flavor to foods—efficiently covering more area while using less. The non-aerosol atomizer can also be used as an olive oil mister bottle to prep

    Salad Dressing/Oil Atomizer



  3. Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

    …slice and core only; or pare only. This apple peeler-corer-slicer works great for potatoes as well for no-fuss mashed potatoes or easier potato salad prep. This easy-to-use apple peeler-corer-slicer includes instructions. Heavy-duty cast aluminum frame and stay-sharp stainless-steel blade lasts and…

    Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer



  4. Stainless Steel Mini Chopping Knife

    …cheeses and meats with ease and precision, while sturdy stainless steel handle is easy to grip for safe, comfortable use. Making quick work of prepping salads, fruit platters and more, this kitchen knife also a great little appetizer knife—perfect on a cheese tray or on display with your charcuterie…

    Stainless Steel Mini Chopping Knife



  5. Dots All Purpose Bowls by William Roberts

    …candies, snacks, dips and condiments or beating eggs, prepping ingredients, mixing salad dressings and more; Durable Construction – Thoughtfully designed of robust ceramic with a glossy finish, these durable bowls are great for kitchen prep tasks, everyday meals, casual entertaining, party décor…

    Dots All Purpose Bowls by William Roberts



  6. Nesting Fruit Scoops, Set of 3 by Chef's Pride™

    With 2 different size scoops and 1 melon baller, this set of Nesting Fruit Scoops makes it easy to prep healthy fruits and vegetables for salads, snacks and recipes—then store the nesting pieces together for space-saving convenience. Use the large melon scooper on watermelon, cantaloupe or squash to…

    Nesting Fruit Scoops, Set of 3 by Chef's Pride™



  7. Pepper Pro 3-in-1 Multi-Use Tool

    …serrated end of this vegetable slicer also scrapes out seeds, while the hook end shaves veins and membranes from pepper. Great for prepping healthy stuffed peppers, salads, appetizers and snacks, it's perfect for spicing up chili and tacos with fresh jalapeños. Designed in durable red plastic for a…

    Pepper Pro 3-in-1 Multi-Use Tool



  8. Mini Masher

    The perfect little size to work in smaller bowls, the mini food masher is a big prep hero—great for making guacamole and egg or tuna salad, mashing bananas for muffins, mashing strawberries for ice cream sundaes, softening foods for dietary needs or making homemade baby food. This small kitchen…

    Mini Masher



  9. Produce Pro 4-in-1 Multi-Use Tool

    …a strawberry corer and pointed end eyes potatoes, while smooth plastic handle offers a firm, easy grip. Speeding up prep time with easier cleanup, it's great for salads, snacks and side dishes … making healthy eating a breeze! Orange/yellow. Dishwasher safe. 8 3/4" long x 1 1/4" wide.…

    Produce Pro 4-in-1 Multi-Use Tool



  10. Shrimp Deveiner Tool

    …ergonomic handle to remove shell and vein in one quick, easy motion. Preparing shrimp for a boil, cookout, salad or shrimp cocktail has never been easier, and you can also use this versatile prep tool to devein and clean lobsters, crab legs, prawns and other favorite shell seafood. Dishwasher safe.…

    Shrimp Deveiner Tool



  11. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

    …a salad and serving it in the same handsome bowl. Durable, yet lightweight and easy to handle, the quality stainless steel mixing bowls are BPA-free, food-grade safe, rust and corrosion resistant, boasting a smooth surface that's easy on utensils. Working again and again for meal prep, baking…

    Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Set of 5



  12. 3-Piece Juicer and Kitchen Tool

    …for spill-proof storage in fridge. The 3-Piece Juicer and Kitchen Tool makes quick work of squeezing fresh lemon juice for lemonade, marinades and salad dressings, fresh-squeezed lime juice for recipes and cocktails, or fresh, healthy orange juice for breakfast. Simple, efficient and affordable,…

    3-Piece Juicer and Kitchen Tool



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