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  1. Triple Plug Adapter with Switch

    …Triple Plug Adapter with Switch—an efficient solution for powering multiple devices! This versatile accessory is perfect for lamps, fans, chargers, appliances and holiday lights. It’s especially handy for electrical items that lack their own on/off switch. Featuring an energy-saving power switch—it…

    Triple Plug Adapter with Switch



  2. Triple Plug Adapter with Switch 3-Pack

    power when it's off. Horizontal multi plug design fits any standard AC outlet without blocking the other plug. Not for use as a surge protector. 5" wide x 2" high x 1" deep. Set of 3.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Triple Plug Adapter with Switch adds extra plugs and a convenient power

    Triple Plug Adapter with Switch 3-Pack



  3. Chairside Table with USB Power Strip by OakRidge™  XL

    …is designed with a built-in power strip that includes three 3-prong outlets and two USB ports. That means you can keep your lamp lit while charging your laptop or smartphone — all within arm's reach when relaxing in any room of your home. Our chairside table with power features an attractive MDF…

    Chairside Table with USB Power Strip by OakRidge™ XL



  4. Plug-In Portable Mini Heater By LivingSURE™

    Make any space toasty with this Plug-In Portable Mini Heater. Simply plug in to any 3-prong wall outlet to enjoy quiet, warm comfort. Ultra-compact design runs silently and energy-efficiently while delivering 400-600W of power and a temperature range of 60-90ºF. Designed for all-around safety, this…

    Plug-In Portable Mini Heater By LivingSURE™



  5. 6-Outlet 2-USB Surge Protector Wall Tap

    …modern power hub. Offering convenience for any home, office or classroom, the sleek, compact Surge Protector with USB design easily fits behind desks and other furniture, keeping phones, laptops, handheld devices and electronics fully charged and powered. Easy to install and use by simply plugging

    6-Outlet 2-USB Surge Protector Wall Tap



  6. Solar String Lights

    …area. A solar panel attached to a weather-resistant rechargeable battery helps save your energy bill and eliminates the need for plugs. Throughout the day, the sun will power this string of 50 LED lights and will then provide a soft outdoor glow as soon as dusk falls. Choose from warm white lights…

    Solar String Lights



  7. Auto Vacuum with Light

    Clean up spills wet or dry with this efficient and compact Auto Vacuum with Light. It plugs into your vehicle's 12v socket to create powerful suction, picking up everything from sand on the floor to pet hair on the seats to spills in the trunk. Yet this car detailing vacuum is lightweight and easy…

    Auto Vacuum with Light



  8. Foot Switch Extension Cord

    …to plug and unplug Christmas tree lights; the foot-activated extension cord offers ultra convenience with 2-prong plug on one end with 3-outlet adapter on the other. Outlets can be closed when not in use, helping prevent accidental shock while shielding from dust and dirt out. Specify power cord…

    Foot Switch Extension Cord



  9. Mini Tower Fan

    …oscillating; USB Powered: This fan is perfect for a space with limited outlets, as it is powered through a USB port cable. If the power source is charged and has a USB input, you can stay cool. If you have enough outlets, simply plug this fan into a USB block and plug into a standard outlet.;…

    Mini Tower Fan



  10. HerbalAir™ Ultrasonic Mister & Diffuser

    …Top Cover by turning counterclockwise and lifting up the Water Tank Lid.\u003c/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003ePlug the adapter end of the USB Power Cord into the DC Power Jack on the bottom of the unit.\u003c/li\u003e\n\u003cli\u003eAdd 60 mL (2.03 fl oz) cool tap water into the Water Tank. Do not exceed…

    HerbalAir™ Ultrasonic Mister & Diffuser



  11. Battery-Operated Vintage-Style Ceramic Tree

    …home without worrying about where to plug in a cord. You can allow the tree to run on its included 4 hours on/20 hours off timer so you don't have to think about when to run it. You'll need two AA batteries to power the tree, which are not included.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Throw…

    Battery-Operated Vintage-Style Ceramic Tree



  12. 3' Silver & Gold Pull-Up Tree by Holiday Peak™

    …gold ornaments, luxurious silver and gold ribbon and a shimmering bow topper. Simply set this pop-up tree in the sturdy plastic stand, pull it up, plug it in and enjoy a beautifully coordinated designer tree without hassle or fuss. The instant pull-up Christmas tree not only sets up instantly, it…

    3' Silver & Gold Pull-Up Tree by Holiday Peak™



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