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  1. Colorful Silicone Jar Spatula by Home Marketplace™, Set of 4

    …from plastic containers, scraping off baking tools, cleaning out blender containers and more. The versatile spatulas are made of premium, food-grade silicone, which is heat resistant up to 500° and won't discolor, warp, melt, chip or crack. The hygienic, one-piece design blends a slim spatula head…

    Colorful Silicone Jar Spatula by Home Marketplace™, Set of 4



  2. Silicone Mini Spatulas, Set of 5

    …on clear plastic handles with hanging holes. Dishwasher safe.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"With heads made of hygienic, heat-resistant silicone in 5 fun colors, these silicone mini spatulas by Chef\u0027s Pride™ are a must for any kitchen! The slim, compact kitchen spatulas are the…

    Silicone Mini Spatulas, Set of 5



  3. Easy Grip Spatula

    …food preparation essentials are at Miles Kimball, including our Easy Grip and Flip Spatula. Featuring a unique tong/flipper design that makes it easy to flip burgers, eggs and pancakes, this non-stick plastic spatula is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Use as an extra pair of hands; this cool…

    Easy Grip Spatula



  4. My Favorite™ Spatula and Knife Set

    …My Favorite™ nylon spatula has a long handle and beveled edge, making it easier to slip beneath baked treats for quick, easy serving. My Favorite™ knife features a unique shape that doubles as a serving tool after cutting. Flexible spatula is 11 1/4" long x 1 7/8" wide; plastic knife is 8 3/4" long…

    My Favorite™ Spatula and Knife Set



  5. Mega Scoop/Spatula

    …the large offset spatula's oversized design is a full 7 3/4" wide and features raised sides to keep foods onboard. Its tapered edge easily slides beneath food to pick up baked goods with ease, and this kitchen essential is designed in durable plastic, so this extra wide spatula is safe for nonstick…

    Mega Scoop/Spatula



  6. Multipurpose Spatulas, Set of 2

    …bowl or pan, the durable plastic spatula heads resist stains and withstand hot temperatures without melting or cracking. Helping with a variety of cooking and baking tasks the multi-tasking kitchen spatulas work without scratching non-stick cookware, and their sturdy plastic handles offer easy-grip…

    Multipurpose Spatulas, Set of 2



  7. Gourmet Fun 24-Pc. Dessert Decorating Set

    …oohs, aahs and endless smiles! The 24-pc. dessert decorating set includes: 12 plastic decorating tips, 2 plastic couplers, 6 plastic icing bags of 11 1/2" long capacity (17.5 oz.), 1 plastic flower nail, 1 plastic spatula, 1 tip cleaning brush and 1 cute red storage box shaped like a cupcake. This…

    Gourmet Fun 24-Pc. Dessert Decorating Set



  8. ChopStir™

    …heat-resistant nylon that won't damage your nonstick cookware, pans and other delicate pan surfaces. It is also sturdy, unlike many other plastic spatulas, so you can "chop" the size of your meat to your liking by just pressing down with this clever four-edged kitchen gadget. Use the ChopStir tool…




  9. ECO 3-Pc. Utensil Set

    …3-Pc. Utensil Set includes the big 3 kitchen utensils every home cook needs, all made with natural wheat straw material for a kitchen with less plastic. Cooking utensil set includes turner/server, slotted spoon and solid serving spoon. Heat-resistant kitchen tools are dishwasher safe, BPA-free and…

    ECO 3-Pc. Utensil Set



  10. Microwave Pressure Cooker

    …non-toxic, biodegradable natural wheat straw material made with 40% less plastic, the environmentally conscious design boasts a natural look and textured feel. The 2.5–qt. Microwave Pressure Cooker includes recipe booklet, spatula and measuring cup. Hand wash. 10 1/2" long x 8 1/2" wide x 6 1/4"…

    Microwave Pressure Cooker



  11. Kitchenware Wall Clock by Home Marketplace™

    …clocks. The silverware clock is designed in durable plastic and silver-toned metal. Requires 1 AA battery (not included). 15" dia. kitchen wall clock.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"A circle of shimmering forks, soup spoons, spatulas and slotted spoons tracks time with a touch of retro…

    Kitchenware Wall Clock by Home Marketplace™



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