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  1. Pansy Bushes, Set of 3 by OakRidge™

    …are a beautiful, no-nonsense way to create the garden of your dreams — without the digging, planting and hassle of upkeep. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eWondering where you can buy artificial pansies? You\u0027ve come to the right place! Our affordable, artificial pansies…

    Pansy Bushes, Set of 3 by OakRidge™



  2. Metal "I Wet My Plants" Watering Can by Fox River™ Creations

    Artfully shaped like a watering can, this Metal "I Wet My Plants" Watering Can sign's message reads: "Gardening. So Exciting I Wet My Plants". The durable yard décor is crafted of 100% metal with jute hanging cord for easy display. Hang it on a fence, the side of your shed, near the garden or…

    Metal "I Wet My Plants" Watering Can by Fox River™ Creations



  3. Flexible Watering Wand and Sprinkler

    …sprinkler to water your lawn. Designed in durable plastic, aluminum and thermoplastic rubber, this plant waterer measures 29 1/2" long x 2 3/8" wide x 2 3/8" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This 2-in-1 Flexible Watering Wand and Sprinkler gives you 360º watering coverage for a…

    Flexible Watering Wand and Sprinkler



  4. Dual Head Bottle Watering Sprinkler

    …empty water bottle, this dual spout bottle sprinkler turns leftover water into a practical watering can. Just twist this bottle cap sprinkler on the bottle neck. Combination head lets you moisten plants with wide shower or a directed stream, giving you the same features of a standard watering can.

    Dual Head Bottle Watering Sprinkler



  5. Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels, Set of 2

    …Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels not only blend in beautifully with any potted plant, they makes watering neat, easy and efficient! Simply insert the plant watering funnel into soil and pour in water so it can directly irrigate the soil, avoiding messy spills and runoff. A great way to prevent water

    Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels, Set of 2



  6. Glass Watering Globes, Set of 3

    plants thriving. Designed for indoor or outdoor potted plants, each decorative drip feeder releases enough water for approximately 2 weeks, depending on sun exposure and heat. Simply fill with water and insert into the soil, giving potted plants a decorative accent while assuring automatic watering.

    Glass Watering Globes, Set of 3



  7. Dachshund Plant Pot Feet, Set of 3

    …elevate pots above floor surfaces, they can also help prevent water damage to carpets and wood flooring. A must for gardeners, canine fans and thoughtful gift givers, this dachshund home decor is functional, affordable and dog-gone fun! Set of 3 plant pot feet. Each measures 4 1/2" long x 3 1/2"…

    Dachshund Plant Pot Feet, Set of 3



  8. Pull-a-Plant™

    Although they are beautiful, hanging plant baskets are often difficult to reach to maintain, care for and water. At Miles Kimball, we have a solution to this problem and have made it even easier to reach your hanging plant baskets. Our retractable plant pulley for hanging baskets offers a quick and…




  9. Resurrection Plant™

    …Resurrection Plant™ (Selaginella lepidophylla), also known as the Rose of Jericho, is an amazing plant that can live for up to 50 years in its dormant stage. During dry seasons, this fern's branches curl up into a ball and turn brown; when exposed to water, this "miracle" plant opens up and…

    Resurrection Plant™



  10. Personalized Gardener Ornament

    …Brimming with 3-dimensional detail, the Christmas garden ornament's picket fence hosts everything from wheelbarrow to watering can, shovel, gloves, seeds, potted plants and a wide-brimmed sun hat. We'll personalize with any name, creating a custom ornament gift your favorite gardener will…

    Personalized Gardener Ornament



  11. Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme

    …Thyme as ground cover is an excellent choice to plant between stepping stones and pavers and will quickly grow, spread and fill in bare spots with this coveted hardy ground cover. Creeping thyme ground cover flowers, like other thyme varieties, can be used for tinctures and essential oils; it…

    Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme



  12. Bag O'Blooms® Strawberries

    …leaving the top of the plant sticking out of the hole. Order will ship early to mid-April, weather dependent.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"By adding moist potting soil and everbearing \u0022Ozark Beauty\u0022 strawberry plants to Bag O\u0027Blooms® you can quickly enjoy fresh fruit…

    Bag O'Blooms® Strawberries



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