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  1. Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels, Set of 2

    …green color to blend in with any potted plants or flowers. Set of 2 tools to water plants. Each measures 7 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"These unique Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels not only blend in beautifully with any potted plant, they makes watering neat, easy…

    Leaf-Shaped Watering Funnels, Set of 2



  2. Metal Chalkboard Plant Tags by Fox River™ Creations, Set of 5

    …to sturdy ground stakes, these metal chalkboard plant markers make it simple to label seedlings, flowers and veggies in gardens, flowerbeds or pots. The set of 5 reusable chalkboard plant labels includes a white chalk marker, so you can tag plants this spring, and wipe the slate clean to use again…

    Metal Chalkboard Plant Tags by Fox River™ Creations, Set of 5



  3. Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4

    Unpleasant (but not harmful) to cat paws and bird feet, these cat and bird prickler pads keep unwanted guests out of vegetable gardens, potted plants, flower boxes and more. Simply place the durable polypropylene cat and bird deterrent pads on top of soil to protect any area cats use as litter…

    Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4



  4. Hosta Bushes, Set of 3 by OakRidge™

    …weeding and tending. Instead, you'll go directly to the compliments when you plant these lush, life-like Hosta bushes — either in your indoor pots or for your outdoor garden decor. This always-green, always-plush faux Hosta plant set boasts realistic detail and lifelike variegated colors at a great…

    Hosta Bushes, Set of 3 by OakRidge™



  5. Reusable Fabric Grow Bags, Set of 5

    …give any plant the perfect growing conditions. Great for tomatoes, herbs and more, the specially designed "fabric pots" provide healthy airflow to roots, and that essential oxygen is key to optimal growth. Each planter bag is thoughtfully designed with 2 side handles, making it easy to move plants

    Reusable Fabric Grow Bags, Set of 5



  6. Mysterious Air Fern®

    …the air fern plant never needs water. This unique plant grows only at the bottom of the English Channel. After it's harvested and dried, the air fern needs only the moisture in the air to keep it fresh. Remove the original Mysterious Air Fern from the package and place in a vase or pot without soil…

    Mysterious Air Fern®



  7. Black Chippendale Planter

    …any porch or patio an instant update. Distinguished by a Chippendale-style lattice pattern, the generous box planter offers spectacular display for plants and flowers and is crafted of weather-resistant polypropylene, enduring outdoor elements, year after year. Outdoor planter snaps together without…

    Black Chippendale Planter



  8. Stackable Planters, Set of 3

    …of flowers, herbs or plants in these stacking planters for a dramatic, towering display. Add petunias, vines, succulents, geraniums — even few artificial flowers for no-nonsense, maintenance-free color. Just add your choice of potting soil, your favorite flowers and plants. Voila! Each durable…

    Stackable Planters, Set of 3



  9. Three-Tier Garden Stand

    …assembled. Shelves: 24" long x 6" deep. This outdoor plant stand can be used together with our Three-Tier Corner Stand (sold separately).[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This three-tier garden stand is a great way to show off potted plants on patio, balcony, deck—or anywhere you want to…

    Three-Tier Garden Stand



  10. Pansy Bushes, Set of 3 by OakRidge™

    …pansies are a great addition to your home, either indoors or outdoors. Whether you add our full and vibrant artificial pansy bushes to outdoor pots, to indoor vases or use as artificial flowers for window boxes, our set of 3 faux pansy bushes by OakRidge™ is a great, maintenance-free choice.…

    Pansy Bushes, Set of 3 by OakRidge™



  11. White Chippendale Planter

    Slip an ordinary flower pot inside this handsome chippendale planter box for spectacular display! A stunning showcase for flowers or topiaries, this outdoor planter from Miles Kimball is crafted of durable, white polypropylene with traditional Chippendale-style lattice pattern. This white planter…

    White Chippendale Planter



  12. Begonia Bush by OakRidge™

    …begonias. Each flower has a complementing flush of color that makes them look even more realistic. Add these faux plants for outdoors or indoors to your favorite pots, to hanging baskets or add them to other faux flower arrangements for a stunning bouquet of eye-catching beauty.…

    Begonia Bush by OakRidge™



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