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  1. Non Slip Insulated Counter Mat

    …or heat damage. This non-slip counter mat doesn't stop at heat resistance. It's also an excellent kitchen counter protector against spills, stains, and scratches. Keep your counters looking pristine. The mat's non-slip backing ensures it stays securely in place, providing a stable surface for your…

    Non Slip Insulated Counter Mat



  2. In-Drawer Knife Storage Mat by Chef's Pride™

    …kitchen organizer mat features 5 slots to organize and safely store knives of all sizes. Purchase multiple drawer mats to fill a whole drawer, and protect your entire cutlery collection without wasting precious counter space with a bulky knife block. The In-Drawer Knife Storage Mat hand washes for…

    In-Drawer Knife Storage Mat by Chef's Pride™



  3. Anti-Slip Indoor Outdoor Rug

    …floors from moisture and stains. When it's time to clean, simply hose down and hang to dry. Perfect as a front door mat, the 7/8" lip secures this rug in place and won't curl, helping you avoid trips and slips. 80% polyester/20% PVC liner.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Transform…

    Anti-Slip Indoor Outdoor Rug



  4. Stay Off! Pet Mat

    …paws land on the mat, a loud 95-decibel beep will activate—and that harmless sonic blast will alarm your pet, so he or she quickly jumps off and stays off. A great way to train and reinforce training when you're not home, the lightweight pet training pad is easy to place on furniture and move…

    Stay Off! Pet Mat



  5. Welcome Coir Entryway Mat

    …rubber back helps keep this welcome mat safely in place. 18" long x 30" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Welcome guests with a mat that\u0027s simply elegant. Made of natural coco fibers and recycled rubber, this Welcome Coir Entryway Mat holds its shape and withstands foot traffic.…

    Welcome Coir Entryway Mat



  6. Outdoor Rubber Mat

    …Rubber Mat sets a naturally welcoming scene at your entryway. Outdoor welcome mat's vivid design, details and colors grace your space with the look of natural materials. Polyester face is easy to clean and backed with 100% recycled rubber back for stay-in-place durability. Outdoor mat measures…

    Outdoor Rubber Mat



  7. Honeybee Garden Flower Mat

    …stress in their hives. Each roll-out flower garden mat is chock full of seeds that are nestled inside of 100% recycled paper. Just place this mat in a prepared area of your garden, water and watch your flowers grow. This honeybee garden mat is bursting with a carefully chosen mixture of flowers…

    Honeybee Garden Flower Mat



  8. Microfiber Laundry Drying Mat

    …Drying Mat! Perfect for sweaters and delicates that need gentle drying, simply place item on the laundry mat and roll. It gently wrings out excess water for faster drying and to help clothing keep its shape. At 35 1/2" long x 19 5/8" wide and just under 1/4" thick, this clothes drying mat fits a…

    Microfiber Laundry Drying Mat



  9. Sunflower Garden Mat

    …These sunflowers make great bouquets of cut flowers, too. Sunflower roll-out flower mats are a great way for kids to get involved with gardening because of their simple implementation: just place these seed mats on a prepared garden space, cover with dirt, water and wait. In seemingly no time at…

    Sunflower Garden Mat



  10. Buffalo Check Anti-Fatigue Mat

    …hazards. Non-slip mat measures 18" long x 30" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Thick and cushiony Buffalo Check Anti-Fatigue Mat helps reduce the all-over pain and strain of standing in place. Perfect for kitchens, workshops and more, the buffalo check padded mat adds style to your…

    Buffalo Check Anti-Fatigue Mat



  11. Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat

    Garden mats are the answer to those who want bounds of beautiful flowers with minimal effort. Our wildflower garden mat is a super-simple way to create a lovely garden focal point: just place this pre-seeded garden mat of 100% recycled paper in a prepared area of your garden, cover with dirt, water…

    Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat



  12. 2-Pc. Rose Embossed Memory Foam Mat Set

    …Embossed Memory Foam Mat Set. Bath mat and contour mat are made of soft memory foam to cushion and protect your feet from cold, hard floors. Memory foam bath mats feature non-slip backing to safely secure them in place. Bathroom mat is 19 1/2" long x 31 1/2" wide. Contour toilet mat is 19 1/2" long…

    2-Pc. Rose Embossed Memory Foam Mat Set



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