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  1. Personalized Blue Children's Rocker

    …quality child's rocking chair is the sweetest seat in the house! Personalized child's blue rocker is crafted of sturdy, solid hardwood. Holds up to 70 lbs. Specify name; limit 1 line, 12 letters/spaces. Specify personalization color; blue, pink, red or black. 22 1/2" high overall; seat is approx.…

    Personalized Blue Children's Rocker



  2. Personalized Children's Cash Box

    Kids of all ages will be super-excited to have one of our Personalized Kid’s Cash Boxes in their lives! Our child’s lockable box is a great place to stash their allowances and cash gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. The double-lock system, which requires both a combination lock and…

    Personalized Children's Cash Box



  3. Personalized Natural Wooden 2-in-1 Chair and Stepstool

    Our personalized wooden children's chair and stepstool is the perfect size for those little people in your home who need extra help reaching the sink, kitchen counters or bookshelves. Made from high-quality 100% hardwood construction, this personalized wood chair and stepstool is your son's,…

    Personalized Natural Wooden 2-in-1 Chair and Stepstool



  4. Personalized Children's Fish Kite

    …and colorful tail. When not taking flight, the fun childrens kite adds a pop of color and personal charm to an ocean-themed bedroom or playroom wall. We'll personalize, creating a custom gift! Specify name; limit 1 line, 10 letters/spaces. Personalized kite measures 27" long x 23 1/2" wide with 100"…

    Personalized Children's Fish Kite



  5. Personalized Children's Baptismal Blanket

    This Personalized Children's Baptismal Blanket's loving message affirms your little one is precious to God … and when personalized, those words are meant to cherish. The beautiful custom blanket is graced with the scripture verse: "You are a child of God. You are wonderfully made, dearly loved, and…

    Personalized Children's Baptismal Blanket



  6. Personalized Children's Butterfly Blanket

    Graced with bright springtime blooms and butterflies galore, this Personalized Children's Butterfly Blanket is one kids adore! The child-size throw blanket lends a soft, comforting touch, perfect for snuggling on the sofa, building forts and tents, taking along on sleepovers, and drifting off to the…

    Personalized Children's Butterfly Blanket



  7. Personalized Children's Ladybug Kite

    childrens kite gets kids off the couch to enjoy active, outdoor play. When not in flight, the pretty polka-dot ladybug kite makes a colorful, custom accent for a child's bedroom or playroom wall. We'll personalize, creating a custom gift! Specify name; limit 1 line, 10 letters/spaces. Personalized

    Personalized Children's Ladybug Kite



  8. Personalized Children's Rainbow Blanket

    Graced with whimsical rainbows in bright, happy colors, this Personalized Children's Rainbow Blanket looks and feels like a soft, cheerful, storybook hug! The adorable child-size throw blanket is a most-loved, most-snuggly, magical keepsake—great for cuddling on the couch, building forts and tents,…

    Personalized Children's Rainbow Blanket



  9. Personalized Children's Camouflage Blanket

    No hiding from the coolest gift ever: a Personalized Children's Camouflage Blanket in pink, blue or purple! The super-fun, child-size throw blanket is a bright, cozy classic—great for cuddling on the couch, building forts and tents, taking along on sleepovers, and drifting off to the best sleep…

    Personalized Children's Camouflage Blanket



  10. Personalized Children's Superheroes Tote

    Battling the boredom of ordinary satchels, this Personalized Children's Superheroes Tote's mighty superheroes carry books, snacks and sneakers in custom style! Shouting out "Pop!", "Whoosh!", "Zoom!", "Zap!", "Splat!", "Super!", "Bam!" and "Pow!", this bright team of superheroes will keep your…

    Personalized Children's Superheroes Tote



  11. Personalized Children's Purse

    Styled like mom's yet designed especially for kids, this Personalized Children's Plush Purse with included accessories will be specially made to order at Miles Kimball for one very special child! Constructed with plush, velvety fabric, this custom handbag for kids features a secure hook-and-loop…

    Personalized Children's Purse



  12. Personalized Children's Tent

    Popping up in minutes for hours of fun, this personalized children's tent becomes a private castle when personalized for your favorite little prince or princess! Giving kids a fun little space for imaginative play, the durable nylon kid's tent is large enough to host a guest, yet small enough for…

    Personalized Children's Tent



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