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  1. Peanuts® Day to Day Calendar

    Peanuts fan! Easel back. Daily calendar measures 5 1/4" long x 5 1/2" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The whole Peanuts® gang will fill your year with laughter, memories and timeless wisdom! Offering a daily dose of one of the world\u0027s most beloved comic strips, this Peanuts®

    Peanuts® Day to Day Calendar



  2. Peanuts® Holiday Multi-Shaped Puzzles

    Get 12 puzzles in one with this deluxe Peanuts® holiday collection! Fun mini shaped Peanuts Christmas puzzles feature all your favorite characters enjoying festive activities from sledding to decorating to picking out the perfect presents. With this unique 500-piece puzzle set, there's something for…

    Peanuts® Holiday Multi-Shaped Puzzles



  3. The Peanut Shop Banana Nut Snack Mix

    …over this Peanut Shop Banana Nut Snack Mix … especially when the snack nuts happen to be super extra-large, handcooked Virginia peanuts. This flavored peanut snack mix is a sweet-and-salty, gourmet party mix of butter toffee peanuts, honey roasted sesame sticks, honey roasted peanuts, honey roasted…

    The Peanut Shop Banana Nut Snack Mix



  4. Circus Peanuts

    …ages for decades. Their unique peanut shape, their marshmallow consistency, their orange color and their banana flavor combine for a delightful sweet and sensory experience that will bring back memories of the good old days. Our 16-oz. package of candy peanuts allow you to share these confections…

    Circus Peanuts



  5. The Peanut Shop Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Peanuts

    …the famous crunch of huge Virginia peanuts, the results are incredibly delicious, and impossible to resist! The Peanut Shop specializes in the Super-Extra-Large variety of Virginia peanuts, the largest market grade available … and less than 3% of all Virginia peanuts grown meet their high standards.…

    The Peanut Shop Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Peanuts



  6. The Peanut Shop Wasabi Power Snack Mix

    Coming in hot and keeping it spicy, this Peanut Shop Wasabi Power Snack Mix is a tasty explosion of flavor … starring super extra-large Virginia peanuts, handroasted in small batches and seasoned with fresh Wasabi spice. The Peanut Shop created their unique Wasabi Power party mix to satisfy popular…

    The Peanut Shop Wasabi Power Snack Mix



  7. Long Boys® Juniors 12 oz.

    …sodium metafisulfite, A preservative), Non-fat dry milk, sorbitol, hydrogenated coconut oil, dextrose, artifical flavor, salt, mono and diglycerides, soy lechithin, titanium dioxide, citric acid Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and uses non-fat dry milk powder and soy lecithin.

    Long Boys® Juniors 12 oz.



  8. Sugar-Free Chick-O-Sticks, 3.75 oz.

    …a little salty, COMPLETELY crunchy and made without sugar! Atkinson Candy Company first introduced their famous honeycombed candy filled with peanut butter and rolled in toasted coconut in the 1950s—and now offers a yummy alternative for anyone wanting to restrict their sugar intake. Deliciously…

    Sugar-Free Chick-O-Sticks, 3.75 oz.



  9. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix

    If you love crunchy peanuts, almonds and Brazil nuts, plump raisins, creamy caramels and sweet creams—all generously covered in 100% real milk and dark chocolate—you'll love Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix! This premium assortment of bridge mix candy is American made with the finest, freshest…

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix



  10. The Peanut Shop Chesapeake Bay Snack Mix

    …with this Peanut Shop Chesapeake Bay Snack Mix, starring super extra-large Virginia peanuts and expertly handcooked and seasoned by the Peanut Shop. Their famous Crab Town flavored peanuts covered with spicy Chesapeake Bay-style seasoning mix, and mingle with sweet butter toffee peanuts for the…

    The Peanut Shop Chesapeake Bay Snack Mix



  11. Burnt Peanuts 12.5 oz.

    Like the crunchy candied peanuts once scooped from dimestore candy bins, these burnt peanuts are deliciously addictive! Boasting the same red color and bumpy textured shell that made them famous, the fresh candy peanuts offer light, luscious sweet-and-salty goodness ... handful after handful. 12.5…

    Burnt Peanuts 12.5 oz.



  12. Circus Peanuts 16 oz., Set of 3

    …as you remember ... with the pretty orange color and unique banana flavor. A penny candy classic dating back to the 19th century, nostalgic Circus Peanuts are fat free and simply scrumptious. And now you can enjoy all the fun without any parent-imposed limits on quantity devoured per sitting! Set of…

    Circus Peanuts 16 oz., Set of 3



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