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  1. Double Extension Cord

    Ingenious double ended extension cord with 3 outlets per arm lets you plug in up to 6 electrical appliances in one outlet. Double extension cord measures 6 ft. Perfect for use behind sofas and beds, or in smaller spaces with too few outlets. Polarized 2-pronged plug for indoor use. Plastic with…

    Double Extension Cord



  2. Triple Plug Adapter with Switch

    Maximize your outlet's potential with our Triple Plug Adapter with Switch—an efficient solution for powering multiple devices! This versatile accessory is perfect for lamps, fans, chargers, appliances and holiday lights. It’s especially handy for electrical items that lack their own on/off switch.…

    Triple Plug Adapter with Switch



  3. Living Sure Charging Station with USB Ports and Surge Protector

    …station with any standard wall outlet. Makes a great gift for all ages![{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This charging station with surge protector provides everything you need to stay connected, all in one spot! Sleek square station features 3 outlets and 2 USB ports, so you can charge…

    Living Sure Charging Station with USB Ports and Surge Protector



  4. 6-Outlet 2-USB Surge Protector Wall Tap

    Featuring 6 electrical outlets, 2 USB charging ports and built-in surge protector in one streamlined piece, this wall tap expands a single AC outlet to a modern power hub. Offering convenience for any home, office or classroom, the sleek, compact Surge Protector with USB design easily fits behind…

    6-Outlet 2-USB Surge Protector Wall Tap



  5. Automatic Countdown Shutoff Outlet with Timer

    …electrical outlet timer, set and forget. With up to 24 on/off settings per day, you can set the outlet with timer to make changes for as often as 30-minute increments. Once programmed, settings repeat daily until changed. Timer features an easy-on/off switch and plugs into any 3-prong outlet, making…

    Automatic Countdown Shutoff Outlet with Timer



  6. Stained Glass Butterfly Nightlight

    …in a softly glowing wall night light. Stained Glass Butterfly Nightlight features traditional stained glass style that plugs in to any standard outlet to add a restful radiance and improve visibility in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway or any room. UL®-listed. Wall night light measures 4" wide…

    Stained Glass Butterfly Nightlight



  7. Triple Plug Adapter with Switch 3-Pack

    …power switch turns red to indicate it's on and does not draw power when it's off. Horizontal multi plug design fits any standard AC outlet without blocking the other plug. Not for use as a surge protector. 5" wide x 2" high x 1" deep. Set of 3.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Triple…

    Triple Plug Adapter with Switch 3-Pack



  8. Digital Projection Clock Radio with USB Charging

    …snooze function and FM radio. LED brightness adjusts to high, medium or off, and the USB port allows you to power it using your own cord and wall outlet adapter. There's even a time memory feature using a button cell battery, so your alarm clock will go off even during loss of power. LED clock radio…

    Digital Projection Clock Radio with USB Charging



  9. Silver Bubble Night Light

    …classic Christmas look of vintage bubble lights with the modern convenience of an electric plug. This Christmas bubble night light plugs into an outlet and includes an easy on/off switch. Transform your space into a cozy winter wonderland with its soothing glow. This nostalgic night light's compact…

    Silver Bubble Night Light



  10. Plug-In Portable Mini Heater By LivingSURE™

    Make any space toasty with this Plug-In Portable Mini Heater. Simply plug in to any 3-prong wall outlet to enjoy quiet, warm comfort. Ultra-compact design runs silently and energy-efficiently while delivering 400-600W of power and a temperature range of 60-90ºF. Designed for all-around safety, this…

    Plug-In Portable Mini Heater By LivingSURE™



  11. Treemote™

    …over), and no fumbling through gifts for a foot pedal switch. Working with radio frequencies, this Christmas light controller sends the designated outlet messages to turn your tree lights on and off—all at the quick press of a button. Treemote™ is also easy to install; simply plug its white receiver…




  12. Cat Track Toy

    …ring for added challenge and stimulation. Appealing to a cat's natural hunting instincts to pounce, stalk and paw, this pet toy provides a positive outlet for behaviors like foraging and hunting, offering plenty of mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom. Designed in durable plastic and…

    Cat Track Toy



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