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  1. Home Doormat

    Valentine's Day and every day, the heart and home doormat adds charming style to any entryway. Cheerful indoor/outdoor mat design simply features the word HOME embellished with red hearts. Polyester fabric with non-slip PVC liner can be hosed down and hung to dry for the easiest care. Approx. 23…

    Home Doormat



  2. Half Circle Scroll Rubber Doormat

    …scroll design combined with imprinted channels, this front door mat traps dirt, mud, leaves and snow, keeping it outdoors where it belongs. Stylish half circle design complements any architecture, and this rubber outdoor mat is crafted of high-quality materials made to last season after season.…

    Half Circle Scroll Rubber Doormat



  3. Rectangle Multi Square Stones and Scroll Rubber Doormat

    This rubber outdoor mat adds the look of stone to your entryway while keeping dirt outdoors where it belongs. Stylish dirt trapping door mat features the look of colorful tiles surrounding an elegant center scroll design, but it's so much more — this durable, all-season doormat features channels…

    Rectangle Multi Square Stones and Scroll Rubber Doormat



  4. Self-Inflating Cushion with Carrying Case by LivingSURE™

    …valve and roll mat from the other side to release air. Exclusively designed here, the Self-Inflating Cushion with Carrying Case is made of durable PU sponge, polyester and PVC; simply clean with a damp cloth or soft brush, rinse with clean water, and air dry before storing. Outdoor cushion measures…

    Self-Inflating Cushion with Carrying Case by LivingSURE™



  5. Half Round Welcome Mat with Five Seasonal Inserts

    …email."},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":5,"title":"Features","text":"Half round welcome mat cleverly includes 5 seasonal inserts; Durable outdoor door mat features an elegant scroll border with…

    Half Round Welcome Mat with Five Seasonal Inserts



  6. Silicone Faucet Drip Catcher Tray by Chef's Pride

    …rinse dishes or clean produce. The universal fit wraps around most any size sink faucet, so it can also be used in the bathroom, laundry room, RV, outdoor sink or any sink. A great way to keep your sink area dry and tidy, the silicone faucet handle drip catcher is dishwasher safe for quick, easy…

    Silicone Faucet Drip Catcher Tray by Chef's Pride



  7. Anti-Slip Indoor Outdoor Rug

    …and back doors. The durable textured indoor outdoor carpet traps dirt and absorbs rain and snow, while the waterproof liner protects floors from moisture and stains. When it's time to clean, simply hose down and hang to dry. Perfect as a front door mat, the 7/8" lip secures this rug in place and…

    Anti-Slip Indoor Outdoor Rug



  8. Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme

    …Miles Kimball and our selection of creeping thyme ground cover roll-out garden mats. Each 17" x 5' pre-seeded creeping thyme roll-out mat contains hundreds of creeping thyme seeds. Just place these thyme ground cover mats on a prepared soil bed, cover with dirt, water daily and watch as the seeds…

    Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme



  9. Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat

    …water and tend them? With our shade flower garden mats, creating your own dream flower garden is quick and almost instant. The secret? Hundreds of horticulturist-approved seeds are nestled within the layers of 100% recycled paper. Just place the mat on a ground where you want your shade flower…

    Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat



  10. Sunflower Garden Mat

    Roll-out garden mats have revolutionized the way our customers create beautiful garden blooms, effortlessly delivering foolproof flowers in the garden with no digging, planting or choosing the right combinations of flowers. This sunflower gardening mat, aptly named "Autumn Beauty", is an easy way to…

    Sunflower Garden Mat



  11. Sunny Tree Ring

    …easy. With Miles Kimball's sunny tree ring seed mats and roll out gardens, you won't believe how simple it is to create fantastic floral focal points in your sun-soaked yards. It will look like you spent hours gardening! This sun-loving tree mat circle contains hand-picked seeds that will germinate…

    Sunny Tree Ring



  12. Outdoor Rubber Mat

    This Outdoor Rubber Mat sets a naturally welcoming scene at your entryway. Outdoor welcome mat's vivid design, details and colors grace your space with the look of natural materials. Polyester face is easy to clean and backed with 100% recycled rubber back for stay-in-place durability. Outdoor mat

    Outdoor Rubber Mat



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