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  1. Christmas Tree Hat

    …with this spectacular Christmas Tree Hat! Perfect for holiday enthusiasts who want to spread Christmas cheer wherever you go. This green felt hat is a conversation-starting masterpiece. It's adorned with dazzling tinsel, colorful pom poms and, of course, a shiny yellow star on top. Add some extra…

    Christmas Tree Hat



  2. Personalized Glitter Tree Ornament

    …you’re going to be delighted by this beautifully crafted Christmas tree ornament crafted of high-quality resin. First of all, it has the type of detailing we’re known for. Look close enough and you’ll be able to admire the layering of each level of tree branches, as you’d see on a real tree. We’ve…

    Personalized Glitter Tree Ornament



  3. Christmastime Christmas Card Set of 20

    …a sense of joy that truly never ends. Merry Christmas Look back fondly on Christmases past with the image of an old-fashioned town square scene on the front of this set of personalized Christmas cards. The lovely artwork includes a decorated Christmas tree as well as twinkling lights and candle-lit…

    Christmastime Christmas Card Set of 20



  4. Personalized One Solitary Life Christmas Card Set of 20

    …life of man on earth as much as that... One Solitary Life. A heartfelt reminder that a single life can change the world, this greeting celebrates our Savior. A lone figure beneath the evergreen trees, embellished with glittery snow, serves as a reminder of the real significance of Christmas. All who…

    Personalized One Solitary Life Christmas Card Set of 20



  5. Personalized He is the Light Christmas Card Set of 20

    …help, we can overcome any challenge. The "He is the Light" Personalized Religious Christmas Cards aren't your average cards. These cards go above and beyond the standard greeting card. With this unique Christmas card, you can show your friends and family how much you care about them. Celebrate…

    Personalized He is the Light Christmas Card Set of 20



  6. Peace, Hope, Christ Christmas Card Set of 20

    …these Peace Christmas Cards lies not only in the beautiful imagery but in the personal touch they carry. These cards go beyond just saying hi; they're like a way for you and your favorite people to come together and soak up all the enchantment that the holidays bring. The artwork on these cards…

    Peace, Hope, Christ Christmas Card Set of 20



  7. Christmas Gnome Table Sitters by Holiday Peak™, Set of 3

    …hat, which covers his eyes, and carries a gift, a stocking, and a little Christmas tree. Display all 3 together or separately around the house, keep 1 and give 2 to friends, or stock up on several Christmas decor sets to keep on hand for cute, little hostess gifts, party favors and secret Santa fun.…

    Christmas Gnome Table Sitters by Holiday Peak™, Set of 3



  8. Bubble Lights

    …nostalgic Christmas lights that glow and bubble with warmth. Make the most of every festive celebration with the many ornaments, light sets, and other Christmas home décor solutions like these eye-catching Christmas lights available at Miles Kimball all at unbelievably low prices that go easy on

    Bubble Lights



  9. Personalized Vaccinated Ornament

    …If you’re looking for a vaccine ornament to hang on the tree this year, and for many years to come, this is the one to get. Shaped like a syringe, the color scheme is a minimalistic, modern white with accents of red and black. These colors go nicely together, and the simple design will complement…

    Personalized Vaccinated Ornament



  10. Personalized Carousel Ornament

    …merriest horse on the merry-go-round brings carousel magic to your Christmas tree — especially when personalized. Designed with fun, festive detail, the carousel ornament's horse wears a holiday wreath around his neck, and is decked with candy-cane stripes and little jingle bells on all four hooves,…

    Personalized Carousel Ornament



  11. Glow-In-The-Dark Ornament Hangers, Set of 30

    tree. The hangers are designed to securely hold your favorite Christmas ornaments on your tree. But what makes them truly special is their ability to glow in the dark, creating a magical ambiance. Just expose the hangers to light for a few minutes and watch as they come to life after the lights go

    Glow-In-The-Dark Ornament Hangers, Set of 30



  12. Personalized Life is Better with Coffee Ornament

    …cute, little go-cup with a heart on its sleeve. We'll print any name and special message on this coffee ornament, creating a custom keepsake brimming with warm sentiment or the perfect gift for coffee lovers. A welcome addition to the tree, this personalized Christmas ornament can wake up your décor…

    Personalized Life is Better with Coffee Ornament



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