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  1. White Pantry Snack Organizer by Home Marketplace

    …perfect for bags of chips, fruit and soup cups. Lower-level slide-out pantry basket is ideal for granola bars, cookies and single-serve packs of nuts. Coated iron complements any décor and features padded feet, so you can even use it on a countertop! Kitchen pantry storage organizer is 11 3/4" long…

    White Pantry Snack Organizer by Home Marketplace



  2. Food Chopper by Home Marketplace™

    Simply press, and this timesaving Food Chopper prep tool chops veggies, cooked meat and nuts in seconds—even chopping onions without causing tears! The manual food chopper's unique stainless steel blade rotates with every press of the plunger, delivering consistent results and uniform pieces. The…

    Food Chopper by Home Marketplace™



  3. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix

    …Mix, a true treasure trove for those who appreciate old fashioned bridge mix! This divine assortment features crunchy peanuts, almonds and Brazil nuts paired with plump raisins—all smothered generously in 100% real milk or dark chocolate. And that's not all—succulent caramels and luscious creams add…

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix



  4. Padded Toilet Seat and Lid

    …on hips and lower back. Cushioned toilet seat set fits standard-size fixtures; includes adjustable hinges and nylon screws for added strength, plus nuts and bolts for easy installation. Seat measures 17" long from post to front edge.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Our soft, easy-to-clean…

    Padded Toilet Seat and Lid



  5. The Peanut Shop Savory Dill Pickle Peanuts

    …the largest market grade available … and less than 3% of all Virginia peanuts grown meet their high standards. These plump, cream-of-the-crop snack nuts are handcooked in pure peanut oil and perfectly seasoned with flavorful dill and garlic, then packed at the peak of freshness. The savory flavored…

    The Peanut Shop Savory Dill Pickle Peanuts



  6. We Are Nuts Toffee Peanuts, The Original

    Experience the original toffee peanuts that started the We Are Nuts Toffee Peanuts craze! Handmade in small batches, these toffee peanuts are protein-packed legumes with a sweet and crunchy butter toffee coating. The lid doubles as a cute serving dish that's also perfect for portioning. Makes a…

    We Are Nuts Toffee Peanuts, The Original



  7. Scandinavian Dough Whisk by Home Marketplace™

    …Great for working liquid into flour for pie crust and bread dough or gently stirring eggs, this whisk also helps you evenly incorporate add-ins like nuts, chocolate chips and raisins into batters. The unique Dutch whisk design allows wet and dry ingredients to flow through, while the curved wire can…

    Scandinavian Dough Whisk by Home Marketplace™



  8. Original Gourmet® Premium Cookies

    Your favorite Danish butter cookies now come ready for giving—nestled in a metal tin with nostalgic artwork. Imported from Copenhagen, the golden Danish cookies are a favorite year-round treat, delicious with coffee or tea, and a sweet surprise for Santa with a glass of cold milk! Loved for their…

    Original Gourmet® Premium Cookies



  9. Pecan Divinity 12 oz.

    …Each bite of the sweet, airy meringue is a little taste of heaven! Twelve 1 ounce pieces per box.Sugar,Corn Syrup,Water,lnvert Sugar,Pecans,Egg Whites,Salt,Vanilla(Corn Starch,Artifical Flavors,Silicon Dioxide). ALLERGY INFORMATION: Manufactured in a plant that processes Peanuts and other tree nuts.

    Pecan Divinity 12 oz.



  10. Pearson's Mini Nut Rolls, 8 oz.

    The original Pearson's® Mini Salted Nut Rolls you love is now available in a crunchable, munchable MINI ... delivering sweet satisfaction in each bite-size bar. Just like the large size bars, each nut roll boasts a sweet, creamy nougat center surrounded in a layer of lush, buttery caramel and rolled…

    Pearson's Mini Nut Rolls, 8 oz.



  11. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Covered Raisins

    …a rich, complex treat for your tastebuds. A beloved movie theater classic best enjoyed by the handful, these versatile treats can be added to nuts for trail mix, baked into oatmeal cookies, sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream, or mixed with a bowl of fresh popcorn for a sweet-and-salty treat.…

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Covered Raisins



  12. Dutch Spice Cookies

    Originally called Speculaas, these spicy windmill cookies were traditionally baked just before St. Nicholas’ feast in the Netherlands. Crisp and incredibly flavorful, the authentic Dutch spice cookies are made with fresh cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg—baked to crunchy perfection.…

    Dutch Spice Cookies



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