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  1. Mouse Racers, Set of 4

    Simply wind these plush rodents up and watch them scurry across the floor with tails spinning, delighting kids and adults! Each furry rolling mouse toy is powered by a mechanical spring that makes it move forward on its little wheels when wound. No batteries needed to enjoy the fun; simply wind the…

    Mouse Racers, Set of 4



  2. Calendar Mouse Pad

    …recipient with our exclusive Miles Kimball mouse pad calendar that puts the power of planning at your fingertips! Calendar mouse pad measures 9" x 7".[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"A mousepad is a very handy place to have a calendar. This calendar mouse pad has a 2022 calendar, with all…

    Calendar Mouse Pad



  3. Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box

    …classical piece by Ludwig van Beethoven: Für Elise. As the song plays, the miniature sewing machine's treadle pedal moves up and down and the spool mouse sitting on top of it spins 360°. No battery is needed to operate this vintage-style music box. Simply twist the switch by hand and open the mini…

    Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box



  4. Daytime Wrist Support

    …wrists from painful repetitive strain with the proper wrist support. This custom fit wrist brace is designed to relieve hand pain while typing, mousing and other activities that can cause nerve pressure, leading to painful repetitive use injuries. Find relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis,…

    Daytime Wrist Support



  5. Sisal Mouse Catnip Toy

    So much for kitty to love about this Sisal Mouse Catnip Toy—from the soft, cuddly surface for snuggling, textured sisal for feel-good scratching, and catnip inside for tantalizing fun! A great way to encourage hours of healthy play and banish boredom for your lucky cat, this adorable catnip cat toy…

    Sisal Mouse Catnip Toy



  6. Personalized Bird Trio Mousepad - Miles Kimball

    …compatible with any computer mouse. It provides gentle comfort as you work and reduces strain on your hand by providing you with a soft surface on which to place your hand. Our personalized mousepad measures 9” long x 7” wide and offers plenty of room for your mouse to maneuver. Personalize it for…

    Personalized Bird Trio Mousepad - Miles Kimball



  7. Playtime Cat Arch

    …space to satisfy scratching needs, keeping claws conditioned while helping redirect cat from off-limit surfaces like furniture. Hanging toy mouse provides bat-and-swat play, and a secret compartment lets you add a little catnip to keep her coming back. Cat groomer measures 14" long x 11"…

    Playtime Cat Arch



  8. Black Faux Leather Desk Mat

    …and you won't have to replace this black desk mat every year. At 31 1/2" wide x 15 3/4" high, it's large enough to accommodate a laptop, keyboard, mouse and more. Perfect for home, office and travel; and just roll and fasten for easy portability! Durable, non-slip, double-sided mat wipes clean in…

    Black Faux Leather Desk Mat



  9. Appliance Mats, Set of 3 By Chef's Pride™

    …you effortlessly move items in any direction without scratching surfaces. 16" long x 12" wide countertop mats also make great oversized mouse pads or placemats. 70% polyester/30% rubber. Reusable trivets mats are machine washable. By Chef's Pride™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Keep…

    Appliance Mats, Set of 3 By Chef's Pride™



  10. Baby Animals Pop-Up Books, Set of 5

    …politeness, friendship and good sportsmanship while encouraging reading. The Baby Hippos love to share. Little Monkey learns to be a good sport. Baby Mouse learns important words like "please", "thank you" and "I'm sorry". Baby Elephant learns to take turns. Baby Fox learns Little Lion might be a…

    Baby Animals Pop-Up Books, Set of 5



  11. Personalized Rose and Butterfly Mousepad

    …space, with plenty of space for personalization. Generously sized at 9" long x 7" wide, there's plenty of room to work with any type of computer mouse, with a non-slip back to keep it in place on your desk. Specify name/message: limit 1 line, 15 characters. Custom mousepad makes a great gift for all…

    Personalized Rose and Butterfly Mousepad



  12. Personalized Wild Bird Mousepad

    …adds colorful charm to any desktop. 9" long x 7" wide custom mousepad features plenty of room for any type of computer mouse, along with a secure non-slip back. Specify name/message: limit 1 line, 15 characters. Makes a great personalized gift![{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Personalize…

    Personalized Wild Bird Mousepad



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