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  1. Mini Masher

    …perfect size for adults or young cooks to handle with ease, the mini masher measures 6 3/4" long with 2" dia. head. Dishwasher safe.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The perfect little size to work in smaller bowls, the mini food masher is a big prep hero—great for making guacamole and egg…

    Mini Masher



  2. Mini Vacuum Attachments, 9-Piece Set

    Vacuuming tight spaces has never been so easy! Simply connect any one of these mini attachments to your own vacuum's 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" hose or wand end using the included adapters, then clean where ordinary vacuums can't reach, like keyboards, vents, cars, patio door tracks and other dirty crevices.…

    Mini Vacuum Attachments, 9-Piece Set



  3. Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box

    …open the mini drawer to start the music and the motion. This small music box makes a perfect birthday, holiday or "just because" gift for sewers, music lovers, music box collectors and antique enthusiasts. This detailed music box is great for miniature lovers, too. Our vintage mini sewing machine…

    Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box



  4. Extra Deep Lap Tray

    …extra-deep eating tray for your lap. Looking for some travel accessories? This handy lap tray can be used as a car food tray. It can also be used as a mini plastic serving tray when acquaintances come visit for afternoon tea and cookies. This lap tray is an essential item to have in your kitchen for…

    Extra Deep Lap Tray



  5. Fully Assembled Mini Poinsettia Hanging Basket by Oakridge™

    With plenty of classic red and white blossoms and lush greenery, this beautiful Fully Assembled Mini Poinsettia Hanging Basket will add joy to your holiday home. Mini hanging poinsettia size is perfect for accenting your décor indoors or out, with brilliant faux blooms in a coco wire hanging basket.…

    Fully Assembled Mini Poinsettia Hanging Basket by Oakridge™



  6. Light-Up Mini Bottlebrush Trees with Timer, Set of 5

    Add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday home with these Light-Up Mini Bottlebrush Trees with Timer … sparkling with white fairy lights for added fun. First popular decades ago, bottlebrush trees are all the rage now since the nostalgic trees rekindle the joy of Christmas past. A classic…

    Light-Up Mini Bottlebrush Trees with Timer, Set of 5



  7. Mini Kitten Sitter Figurines, Set of 5

    Anyone who loves kittens (and who doesn't?) will adore this playful litter! Set includes 5 lovable kitten figurines, all in different poses. Purrfect for displaying together or separately, place this sweet kitten decor on bookshelves, window sills or tables! And these sweet ginger cuties are made of…

    Mini Kitten Sitter Figurines, Set of 5



  8. Personalized Mini Black Marble Backpack

    A just-right size for everyday outings, this Personalized Mini Black Marble Backpack keeps kids organized in personalized style. Designed in a cool, black marble print, the child-size mini backpack is easy to carry and great for toting stuff to preschool, daycare, play dates or sleepovers at…

    Personalized Mini Black Marble Backpack



  9. Mini Funnels

    This durable, versatile set of 3 nesting stainless steel funnels with 1/8”, 3/8” and 1/2” spouts are specially designed to fill bottles with narrow necks and openings. Perfect for a variety of uses, including filling perfume bottles, seasoning bottles and salt-and-pepper shakers. Set comes complete…

    Mini Funnels



  10. 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan

    …a great mini size, this baking pan makes it easy to whip up perfect mini muffins and cupcakes or bite-size quiches and appetizers for parties, brunches and snacks. Made of carbon steel with a non-stick finish, the mini muffin baking pan helps promote even baking and browning, assuring all 24 mini

    24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan



  11. Mini Loaf Pan

    …monkey bread recipe. With our mini loaf pans, the sky is the limit to what you can create. Get creative with our mini loaf pan: make mini lasagna or other Italian dishes, create mini fruit pies or make little chicken pot pies. Add ice cream to the bottom of your mini loaf pan and layer with brownie…

    Mini Loaf Pan



  12. Mini Garden Flag Holder

    Specially sized to display a mini garden flag, this sturdy Mini Garden Flag Holder features a ground stake for quick, easy setup in the garden, on the lawn, at a gravesite, or in a flowerpot. A curved loop on the side helps keep flag in place, and this mini flag holder's base simply stakes in the…

    Mini Garden Flag Holder



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