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  1. Eco Volcano Microwave Cleaner

    Microwave Cleaner with water and vinegar—then microwave for 6 minutes so its cleaning power erupts! When activated by heat, this unique microwave steam cleaner sprays eco-friendly disinfecting agents to loosen stuck-on messes so they easily wipe away with a sponge or towel, leaving your microwave

    Eco Volcano Microwave Cleaner



  2. Microwave Egg Muffin Cooker

    …without needing to pull out a large skillet or bulky griddle; Hinged Lid – With its smart design, this cooker prevents splatters and keeps the inside of your microwave clean; Easy to Clean – This 6.5 inch x 4.75 inch x 2 inch BPA-free plastic cooker quickly washes up with warm, soapy water"}]

    Microwave Egg Muffin Cooker



  3. Glass Microwave Popcorn Maker

    …for delicious homemade microwave popcorn; popcorn kernels not included.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Ditch the unhealthy, pre-packaged microwave popcorn, and enjoy quick, freshly popped goodness in this microwave popper. A smart alternative to bagged microwave popcorn with unhealthy…

    Glass Microwave Popcorn Maker



  4. Hanging Microwave Cover

    …Hanging Microwave Cover and Splatter Guard. This convenient and practical item uses microwave-safe polymer-encased magnets to attach to the "ceiling" of your microwave oven when it is not in use. Simply pull it down and cover foods to prevent those dreaded splatters that can be tough to clean. This…

    Hanging Microwave Cover



  5. Rapid Mac™ Microwave Cooker

    …Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, this microwave pasta cooker is made of durable, high-grade polypropylene with heat-resistant handles for safe transport from microwave to counter or table. Delivering all the hot, creamy goodness of your favorite comfort food with microwave speed at home, the office or…

    Rapid Mac™ Microwave Cooker



  6. Microwave Bacon Platter

    Crispy bacon from the microwave? Yes—every time! This microwave bacon platter features raised ridges so grease drains off and elevates strips for a crisp, crunchy taste. Bacon tray makes less mess than cooking on the stovetop. Cooks sausages, hot dogs, brats, too! Plastic; dishwasher safe. 9 3/4"…

    Microwave Bacon Platter



  7. Microwave 4 Way Egg Cooker

    …with this microwave egg cooker! Versatile egg cooker is all you need to microwave scrambled eggs, prepare an omelet with your choice of fillings, a pair of poached eggs, or an egg patty that fits just right on a breakfast biscuit. Microwave up to 4 eggs at a time, then easily wipe clean thanks to…

    Microwave 4 Way Egg Cooker



  8. Microwave Bacon Can by Chef's Pride™

    …splatter-free Microwave Bacon Can. The bacon cooker features a crisper valve to release steam and cook your bacon to perfection with that frying pan flavor you love. The covered, can-style design contains splatters and releases grease into a built-in trap, so your microwave remains clean and free of…

    Microwave Bacon Can by Chef's Pride™



  9. Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper By Chef's Pride™

    …oil, salt and flavorings, and microwave with the clear, easy-lift top in place. No more chemical-laden microwave popcorn bags—just fresh popcorn to make movie nights extra special. Pair this silicone popcorn popper with popcorn to create the perfect gift! Easy to clean and store, it collapses to…

    Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper By Chef's Pride™



  10. Silicone Vented Microwave Food Covers, Set of 2

    …spills and splatters to keep your microwave clean, the round reusable silicone microwave lid covers cling tightly to plastic, glass, stainless steel, ceramic and more. The microwave splatter guard stays strong in hot or cool temperatures, and the covers are easy to clean by rinsing off, wiping down…

    Silicone Vented Microwave Food Covers, Set of 2



  11. Microwave Rice Cooker and Handled Bowl Set by Chef's Pride

    Microwaving rice, quinoa, couscous, polenta and more, this set also stores and reheats leftovers — making serving easy with a handled bowl and non-stick rice spoon. The 2.6L microwave rice cooker includes a pressure chamber plate/lid to ensure rice and other grains stay moist and fluffy. Simply add…

    Microwave Rice Cooker and Handled Bowl Set by Chef's Pride



  12. Silicone Microwave Omelet Egg Maker by Chef's Pride

    microwave egg maker is flexible and bendable for easy release of your hot, wholesome omelet, and it opens flat to prepare food, remove food and clean. Withstanding temperatures up to 425°F, the silicone microwave egg cooker by Chef's Pride is also odor- and bacteria-resistant, and cleans easily in…

    Silicone Microwave Omelet Egg Maker by Chef's Pride



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