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  1. Family Organizer Book

    …items. Important phone numbers, insurance information, bills, tax information — it can all be added to this family organizer. "Making Things Easy for My Family" makes a great gift. This 20-page family organizer includes two pockets and measures 8" wide x 10" high. Pages are lined to allow easily…

    Family Organizer Book



  2. Jumbo Word Search 320-Pg. Books, Set of 2

    These jumbo word search books are printed in large, easy-to-read print … making things easy on your eyes, but challenging for your brain! The big type format is printed with 3/16" font size, or 18-pt. type, which equals 6 letters per inch. No more squinting or straining your eyes to enjoy word…

    Jumbo Word Search 320-Pg. Books, Set of 2



  3. Vintage Pendulum Sewing Clock

    …loves to sew knows how easy it is to lose track of time, but that's a thing of the past with this retro clock! Vintage clock sewing machine features a working pendulum designed like a pair of scissors! Easy-to-read clock face features large numbers and a second hand making it the perfect addition…

    Vintage Pendulum Sewing Clock



  4. Sudoku Puzzle Spiral Books, Vol. 1 and 2, Set of 2

    …138 Sudoku puzzles in all! Each spiral-bound book features 69 Sudoku puzzles to engage your brain, and the challenges range from "Easy" to "Expert" level, keeping things fun. Working a Sudoku puzzle requires careful thought, so it can help enhance your concentration, improve memory and keep your…

    Sudoku Puzzle Spiral Books, Vol. 1 and 2, Set of 2



  5. Deluxe Foldaway Carryall

    …help carry packages upstairs, on the bus or through the parking lot. Make your life a little easier with this durable, sturdy rolling carryall that works hard then folds up for discreet storage. If you're looking for things to help handicapped friends or loved ones carry groceries in or transport…

    Deluxe Foldaway Carryall



  6. Sunflower Canisters, Set of 3

    …design and clear top let you instantly see the contents with no label needed. Each container has a metal screw-on lid that seals tight to keep things fresh for longer periods. Once you've emptied them out, add your sunflower canisters to the next dishwasher load to get them ready for the next…

    Sunflower Canisters, Set of 3



  7. Personalized Monster Truck Ornament

    …holiday seasons to come. The ornament comes with a black hanging cord, making it easy to hang on your tree or display in any other creative way you prefer. Measuring 4 3/4" x 4 3/4", this ornament is the perfect size to make a statement on your Christmas tree without overpowering the other…

    Personalized Monster Truck Ornament



  8. Snowflake Plaid Elasticized Table Cover by Chef's Pride™

    …but you can make your dining table look as cool as you desire when you cover it with this cheery snowflake table cover. The Snowflake Plaid Elasticized Table Cover features a unique plaid design that showcases a beautiful snowflake inside of every square. Another thing that makes this snowflake…

    Snowflake Plaid Elasticized Table Cover by Chef's Pride™



  9. Resin Cardinal on Swing by Fox River™ Creations

    …and love, which makes this outdoor decor a meaningful treasure to love all year. The resin bird statue includes a metal chain with hanging hook for easy display. Yard art measures 4 3/4" long x 4" high. By Fox River™ Creations.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The only thing better than a…

    Resin Cardinal on Swing by Fox River™ Creations



  10. Flowing Flowers Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover By Home-Style Kitchen™

    …change things up in your kitchen, dining room or patio, opt for the burst of fresh flowers depicted on this elasticized table pad that enhances any décor without breaking the bank. Prevent accidental scratches and minimize dents from heavy dishes with this flannel-backed table cover. Make Miles…

    Flowing Flowers Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover By Home-Style Kitchen™



  11. Christmastime Christmas Card Set of 20

    …some things remain timeless, like the bonds that connect us and the spirit of giving that never fades. Sending these old-fashioned Christmas cards isn't just a tradition; it's a heartfelt way to honor the joy, love, and connections of the past. It's like a time-traveling gesture that makes your…

    Christmastime Christmas Card Set of 20



  12. Personalized Fanciful Fireworks Frame

    …a special moment on a family vacation or a fun July 4th holiday gathering. Another great thing about this decorative frame is that it features an easel stand for table display and sawtooth hangers for easy wall display. Because of its unique design, this frame is suitable for horizontal photo…

    Personalized Fanciful Fireworks Frame



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