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  1. Easter Letter with Stickers

    …home in The Cabbage Patch in Bunnyville, USA, comes this charming personalized Easter Bunny letter for kids that's made to order for the favorite children in your life. This fun, colorful letter comes addressed directly to your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews — or any other special youngsters…

    Easter Letter with Stickers



  2. JOY Block Letters by Holiday Peak™

    …Each holiday decor letter measures 3 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" high. By Holiday Peak™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Three simple letters spell out the spirit of the season—lending JOY to your holiday décor wherever displayed. The freestanding wooden JOY Block Letters are painted in red,…

    JOY Block Letters by Holiday Peak™



  3. Personalized Tooth Fairy Letter

    Make the tooth fairy experience unforgettable for any special boy or girl! This charming personalized letter from the tooth fairy will be mailed directly to the child and includes their name sprinkled throughout, along with their city and state. Your little one will love reading their message from…

    Personalized Tooth Fairy Letter



  4. Personalized School Days Book

    The Miles Kimball Personalized School Days Memory Book provides the perfect place to add memories, photos, report cards, memorable assignments and more. Our unique personalized memory book spans your child’s entire educational years, from pre-K to 12th grade. Each page in this spiral bound…

    Personalized School Days Book



  5. MAIL Metal Letter Holder

    Keep your letters neat and organized with this charming Mail Metal Letter Holder. Simply stated bold and stylish black metal design spells out MAIL in letters tall enough to hold standard-size envelopes and cards. This mail holder is perfect for creating elegant entryways, clutter-free countertops…

    MAIL Metal Letter Holder



  6. Personalized Love Letter Fleece Throw Blanket

    Your special someone will feel the warmth of your affection with this Personalized Love Letter Fleece Throw Blanket. Featuring roses, butterflies, and a special love letter to your beloved and signed by you, she'll think of you every time she wraps herself in this soft fleece blanket. Perfect for an…

    Personalized Love Letter Fleece Throw Blanket



  7. Brain Games® Sticker-By-Letter Jungle

    …leaves you feeling mentally clear and calm. Just like a color or paint-by number puzzle, each animal-themed illustration is divided into dozens of lettered spaces—accompanied by pages of coordinating peel-off stickers. Simply choose your design, locate and peel off stickers and place them in the…

    Brain Games® Sticker-By-Letter Jungle



  8. Personalized Santa Nice List Certificate

    Officially signed by Santa himself, this Personalized Santa Nice List Certificate names one special child who's been added to Santa's Nice List! Recognizing continued good behavior and kindness to others, the message from Santa offers congratulations, with a reminder to keep up the great work until…

    Personalized Santa Nice List Certificate



  9. Personalized Santa Naughty List Certificate

    Bring a touch of whimsy to the holiday season with our Personalized Santa Naughty List Certificate, available exclusively at Miles Kimball. This charming certificate adds a playful twist to the Christmas tradition, allowing you to create memorable moments and encourage good behavior during the…

    Personalized Santa Naughty List Certificate



  10. Motion Activated Cat Balls, Set of 3

    Enticing your little hunter to play, these motion-activated cat balls light up like magic when kitty bats, swats or pounces! Appealing to a cat’s natural chase instincts, the plastic balls feature LED lights that flash in blue, red and yellow when activated by motion, then stop after a few minutes…

    Motion Activated Cat Balls, Set of 3



  11. Flashing Necklights

    Our festive flashing Christmas light bulb necklace will add real holiday fun and flair to any outfit. Each “light” is 3/8". This blinking Christmas light necklace has three different settings. Batteries included. Each light up Christmas necklace is 31" long. No express…

    Flashing Necklights



  12. Cash Shirt

    Sometimes cash makes the best gift—especially when you have no idea what to buy for one of the people on your Christmas list. However, cash certainly isn't the most exciting gift to open. The next time you want to make a gift of money, don't stuff it into a card and envelope. Transform it into a…

    Cash Shirt



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