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  1. Knee and Leg Memory Foam Pillow

    …allowing for ample space between your legs. Enhances sleep quality and contributes to improved blood flow, reducing the risk of varicose veins and aiding in post-surgical recovery. Ideal for side sleepers, this knee pillow provides the perfect alignment for a restful night's sleep. Also great for…

    Knee and Leg Memory Foam Pillow



  2. Supportive Leg Rest

    Hammock-style leg rest keeps feet healthfully and comfortably elevated. Soft, flexible cushioned support for your legs is angled just right for maximum comfort and support—ideal for anyone with diabetes, poor circulation, back pain or recovering from surgery. At 19" wide x 15" deep x 18" high, this…

    Supportive Leg Rest



  3. Gardeners Knee Rest

    leg caps so it won't scratch floors when it is used indoors. Easy assembly. This knee rest garden accessory measures approximately 17 3/4" long x 11" wide x 13 1/4" high. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eThe next time you putter in your petunias, be sure to take a rest! Our…

    Gardeners Knee Rest



  4. MagniLife® Relaxing Leg Cream PM - 4 Oz.

    Sleep comfortably and restfully – from head to toes – thanks to MagniLife® relaxing leg cream. Non-greasy treatment contains aloe vera and other natural ingredients to help calm skin, relax legs, and reduce twitching, cramps and muscle spasms. MagniLife® homeopathic leg cream gives you an…

    MagniLife® Relaxing Leg Cream PM - 4 Oz.



  5. Faux Leather Wooden Foot Rest with Storage by OakRidge™

    …books; Sophisticated Design – The four spindle legs at the base of the wooden footstool and the nail head trim on the cushion provide a level of style and sophistication to this piece of furniture; Comfortable Size – Our faux leather foot rest has dimensions of 15.75 by 11.75 inches and a 12.25-inch…

    Faux Leather Wooden Foot Rest with Storage by OakRidge™



  6. Wedge Support Pillow by LivingSURE™         XL

    Raise your shoulders or legs with the Wedge Support by LIVINGSURE™ so you can get a better night’s rest. The pillow elevates your head to improve breathing and digestion, helping to reduce snoring and provide optimal support for your head and neck. You’ll also enjoy added comfort and support while…

    Wedge Support Pillow by LivingSURE™ XL



  7. NativeRemedies® LegCalm™

    …circulation throughout your body—helping calm fidgety legs so you can rest, relax and sleep peacefully! This natural supplement also helps your body absorb minerals from your diet, helping prevent deficiencies which may contribute to leg restlessness. Easy-to-swallow capsules are manufactured…

    NativeRemedies® LegCalm™



  8. Foot Assist Stool

    This handy bathroom step stool gives you a stable place to rest your feet while you're shaving your legs or getting a pedicure. Increase bathroom safety—no more balancing or awkward stretches to reach your legs and feet. The shower stool for shaving has a textured surface for traction and anti-skid…

    Foot Assist Stool



  9. Folding Footrest by OakRidge™

    …pine, walnut or mahogany. Portable foot rest measures 12" L x 6" D; 1 1/2" thick when folded.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Compact folding footrest by OakRidge™ adds 4\u0022 of height to help you sit comfortably. Wooden foot stool legs lock into place when open. When you’re ready…

    Folding Footrest by OakRidge™



  10. Handy Cane Seat                                 XL

    …Seat is thoughtfully designed of lightweight aluminum and has a cushioned grip handle to assist in a secure stride; Tripod Legs – Versatile cane features 3 rubber-tipped legs that evenly distribute weight and provide stability when walking or sitting; Product Measurements – Perfect for travel and…

    Handy Cane Seat XL



  11. Folding Bath Seat with Back      XL

    …not in use. High-quality features include a spacious, textured seat with supportive back rest, side handles for a solid grip, drainage holes to prevent pooling, and rubber-tipped feet for non-slip security. Legs adjust to three positions from 16” high–17 1/2” high. With a convenient folding design,…

    Folding Bath Seat with Back XL



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