Kitchen Utensils

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  1. Extra Deep Lap Tray

    …or utensils from sliding off; Multi-Purpose – Versatile lap table can be used as a meal tray, craft and hobby table, homework surface, book holder and more; Easy Grip Handles – Side handles allow for a firm, wide hold, get a secure grip and make 1 trip instead of going back-and-forth to the kitchen;

    Extra Deep Lap Tray



  2. 6-In-1 Can Opener by Home Marketplace

    …strain. The only tool you'll need for opening just about anything, the 6-in-1 kitchen gadget helps streamline several tools into one, then folds down for slim, easy storage in a kitchen drawer. A must for any kitchen, it's exclusively designed in durable plastic and metal; dishwasher safe. Can and…

    6-In-1 Can Opener by Home Marketplace



  3. Ring Pull Can Opener

    …tins! If you've been searching for an efficient kitchen gadget that makes opening tab cans easy—you're at the right place! Miles Kimball offers fantastic solutions like our Ring Pull Can Opener Tool—a must-have addition in every modern kitchen. This simple yet effective tool allows you to open…

    Ring Pull Can Opener



  4. Cereal Scoop

    Start your day off right! Cereal scoop takes the guesswork out of portion control during the most important meal of the day. One-cup scoop is perfect for quickly and easily measuring your favorite ready-to-eat breakfast cereals — store it right in the box or container for easy access. Also great for…

    Cereal Scoop



  5. ECO 3-Pc. Utensil Set

    ECO 3-Pc. Utensil Set includes the big 3 kitchen utensils every home cook needs, all made with natural wheat straw material for a kitchen with less plastic. Cooking utensil set includes turner/server, slotted spoon and solid serving spoon. Heat-resistant kitchen tools are dishwasher safe, BPA-free…

    ECO 3-Pc. Utensil Set



  6. Double-Blade Vegetable Slicer by Chef's Pride™

    …vegetable knife. And when your prep work is finished, this time-saving mandolin knife is a space-saving hero—storing flat in a utensil drawer. Hand wash. Kitchen knife measures 11 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide. By Chef's Pride™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This Double-Blade Vegetable…

    Double-Blade Vegetable Slicer by Chef's Pride™



  7. Summer Straw Vinyl Table Cover by Home Style Kitchen™

    …with this happy Summer Straw Vinyl Drop Table Cover from Home-Style Kitchen™. Available in several different sizes including oblong, round and oval, you’re sure to find the right size and color to add some cheer to your kitchen or dining room table. This bright, happy straw-like print features white…

    Summer Straw Vinyl Table Cover by Home Style Kitchen™



  8. Oil Separator Ladle by Chef's Pride™

    …serving! Instead of using a skimmer to remove floating oil from the pot and another utensil to serve, this 2-in-1 Oil Separator Ladle does both at the same time, with just one piece to clean. The uniquely engineered kitchen ladle is specially angled to retain oil floating at the top. Simply tilt the…

    Oil Separator Ladle by Chef's Pride™



  9. Home Marketplace™ Stainless Steel & Aluminum Cleaner

    Recommended and used by top cookware manufacturers, this kitchen cleaning formula was specially developed for stainless steel and aluminum cookware, sinks and utensils. Made exclusively for us in the USA, Home Marketplace™ Stainless Steel & Aluminum Cleaner's combination of aggressive abrasives and…

    Home Marketplace™ Stainless Steel & Aluminum Cleaner



  10. Extra-Long Baster

    Extra-Long Baster helps you prepare moist, delicious foods while keeping your cool. At more than 17" long, this essential cooking utensil goes to great lengths to help you baste poultry, veggies and more—all while keeping your hands safely out of the oven. Turkey baster with easy-squeeze bulb…

    Extra-Long Baster



  11. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

    …Steel Mixing Bowls are a must for any kitchen! The 5-pc. mixing bowl set offers professional quality and convenience with a size for any task, and the whole set nests for space-saving storage. Featuring rolled rims for easy pouring, the versatile kitchen bowls are great for mixing up pancakes…

    Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Set of 5



  12. Clamshell Package Opener

    …can be downright dangerous — both because of their hard plastic packaging that can cut the skin as well as for the dangerous knives and other utensils we tend to reach for when the going gets tough. Stop struggling with these clamshell packages: buy the OpenX® Clamshell Package Opener tool and…

    Clamshell Package Opener



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