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  1. Pasta Server

    …pasta with this classic kitchen utensil! Stir, separate, and serve your favorite noodles—the Pasta Server's unique grab design scoops up and delivers ideal portion sizes. And it doubles as a slotted spoon, so it's great for retrieving boiled eggs and other food items. Durable, non-scratching plastic…

    Pasta Server



  2. Magnetic Pick Up Tool

    …magnetic pick up tool. Exceptionally strong, this magnetic grabber can effortlessly grip items weighing up to 5 pounds, making it perfect for picking up dropped coins, paper clips, pins, tacks, tools and even kitchen utensils. The compact design allows it to access tight spaces, so you don't need to…

    Magnetic Pick Up Tool



  3. Personalized Cardinal Wall Key Holder with Storage

    …organizer holds keys and much more, keeping all of your on-the-go essentials within reach. Add to your entryway, your mudroom or your kitchen for additional kitchen organization and storage. This custom key holder is a must-have for every well-organized household . This customizable white wooden key…

    Personalized Cardinal Wall Key Holder with Storage



  4. Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100

    …won't disappoint. Easy on, easy off. Latex-free. While you're here, don't miss our other great cool kitchen gadgets and useful items in our Kitchen Cleaning department. We have unique, difficult to find products at very low, affordable prices.…

    Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100



  5. Banana Storage Bag

    …banana storage bag is a must-have in your kitchen as a food preserver. This banana bag is super-easy to use and to keep clean: simply clean with a damp sponge or damp cloth. Love food storage items? Don't miss our other food storage products in our kitchen organization and storage section of our…

    Banana Storage Bag



  6. Refrigerator Bin Liners Set/4

    …produce, helping you reduce waste and save money. Each liner is composed of open-cell foam which allows air to circulate underneath the stored items. This unique feature slows down the spoiling process ensuring that your fruits and veggies stay fresher for a longer time! Not just functional, our…

    Refrigerator Bin Liners Set/4



  7. Pickle Jar

    …plastic construction will make this item a constant in your kitchen for many years. This pickle storage jar is hand wash only and is 5 1/4" high x 4 1/2" in diameter. Shop this and other handy kitchen gadgets at Miles Kimball — your source for hard-to-find kitchen tools that make your life easier.…

    Pickle Jar



  8. No-Drill Curtain Rod Holders, Set of 4

    …measuring 3/8"-1" dia., and feature an easy spring closure to lock them in place. Perfect for hanging curtain rods, towel bars, kitchen utensil holders, or lightweight items like hats, leashes, shower essentials and so much more. Each clear self-adhesive curtain and towel hook supports up to 6 lbs.…

    No-Drill Curtain Rod Holders, Set of 4



  9. Blue Insulated Market Bag

    Don't let a hot day find you with melted ice cream or partially defrosted foods. Tote refrigerated and frozen items home from the grocery store in this insulated shopping tote. It keeps contents 3 times colder than an ordinary shopping bag. Even on a warm summer day, it retains the chill of the…

    Blue Insulated Market Bag



  10. Appliance Mats, Set of 3 By Chef's Pride™

    …for under your coffee maker, air fryer, slow cooker, and other small appliances, these kitchen mats protect countertops from stains and heat. And they double as sliders, helping you effortlessly move items in any direction without scratching surfaces. 16" long x 12" wide countertop mats also make…

    Appliance Mats, Set of 3 By Chef's Pride™



  11. Ambrose Collection Bathroom Cabinet by OakRidge™     XL

    …cabinet, crafted with care by OakRidge™, is a meeting of storage/organization practicality with design appeal. Perfect for storing small items, its charming look and sturdy construction make it a versatile piece for the bathroom, children's room, craft area, bedroom — really, anywhere…

    Ambrose Collection Bathroom Cabinet by OakRidge™ XL



  12. Folding Microwave Stand by Chef's Pride™

    …plate on top and a bowl of soup below, or slip a bowl of instant meal on the bottom, and stack a mug of coffee on top. When you heat 2 separate items at once, you can sit down and enjoy your entire piping hot microwave meal without waiting for half to reheat … and risk the other half cooling off.…

    Folding Microwave Stand by Chef's Pride™



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