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  1. Ambrose Collection Bathroom Cabinet by OakRidge™     XL

    …chic cabinet by OakRidge.; Convenient Cubbies – Use the four drawers and tall cabinet with an adjustable shelf to keep everything conveniently organized.; Not Just for Bathrooms – While this cabinet works well next to a sink or shower, it’s also handy for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and more.;…

    Ambrose Collection Bathroom Cabinet by OakRidge™ XL



  2. Slim Storage Cart 3 Tier

    …is surprisingly spacious with three shelves—rolling in and out for quick, easy access. Perfect for the kitchen, this storage cart fits into that unused space between appliances and cabinets, and is just as handy in the laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, garage or any room. Use one, two or all three…

    Slim Storage Cart 3 Tier



  3. Cabinet LED Hinge Light, Set of 4

    Cabinet interior light is always at your service. Easy to install in most frameless cabinet hinges, the bright LEDs turn on when you open the door to help you see, shuts off when you close the door to save battery life. Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, garage or basement storage spaces, and more! Set…

    Cabinet LED Hinge Light, Set of 4



  4. Over Cabinet Door Cleaning Organizer

    …x 4 1/4" deep over cabinet organizer. Wipe clean.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This cabinet organizer helps keep cleaning supplies conveniently close at hand without taking up valuable shelf space. This handy over cabinet door organizer easily slips over a cabinet door to dispense a…

    Over Cabinet Door Cleaning Organizer



  5. Under Sink Kitchen Shelf

    …12 sliding slats to turn under-sink and open cabinet spaces into usable, versatile shelving. Great for canned goods, cleaning supplies and other kitchen essentials. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eTurning an under-sink cabinet or cupboard into a put-together organized space…

    Under Sink Kitchen Shelf



  6. Jubilee Kitchen Wax

    …favorite is ideal for appliances, countertops, cabinets and woodwork, laminate, chrome fixtures, vinyl, leather, tile and plastic. Do not use on stainless steel or granite. 15-oz.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Jubilee Kitchen Wax is a kitchen classic that cleans and protects surfaces in…

    Jubilee Kitchen Wax



  7. Kitchen Bag Holder Set by Chef's Pride

    …to any kitchen, these cabinet door bag holders are perfect for apartments, dorms, senior living, cottages and RV kitchens. Set of 2. Each holder clip measures 2" wide x 6 1/2" deep x 2 3/4" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Clip this pair of bag holders to kitchen doors or cabinet

    Kitchen Bag Holder Set by Chef's Pride



  8. Metal Cutting Board Rack by Home Style Kitchen

    …rack fits over a kitchen cabinet door and provides additional kitchen storage and kitchen organization in an instant. Always have your cutting board and kitchen towels within reach with this durable over-the-cupboard door storage space. Made from durable steel, this kitchen cabinet organizer is a…

    Metal Cutting Board Rack by Home Style Kitchen



  9. Kitchen Wrap and Bag Organizer by Chef's Pride

    …Keep it handy on your countertop or tuck this kitchen organizer in a cabinet or pantry, and keep all your wraps neatly stored together in one designated place for quick, easy access. Designed in durable, powder-coated wire, the 3-tier kitchen cabinet organizer's shelves remove for custom storage,…

    Kitchen Wrap and Bag Organizer by Chef's Pride



  10. Silicone Shelf Liner by Home-Style Kitchen™, Set of 2

    …pans with our non-slip Silicone Shelf Liner by Home-Style Kitchen™. Featuring waffle-weave construction, the versatile kitchen cabinet liners provide protective padding for your most delicate possessions—easily cutting to fit any shelf or cabinet drawer. Silicone foam. Set includes 2 rolls. Each, 12…

    Silicone Shelf Liner by Home-Style Kitchen™, Set of 2



  11. Indoor Window Wreaths, Set of 2

    …white gingham ribbons and bows to add lively style that's perfect for any season. Whether you hang them on windows, doors, kitchen cabinets or in any room of the house, you'll love how these mini window wreaths beautifully accent any décor! Set of 2.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Make…

    Indoor Window Wreaths, Set of 2



  12. Stainless Steel Pot Strainer

    …takes up little room in your dishwasher or kitchen cabinet, and can even be stored right on top of a pot or bowl. Dishwasher safe food strainer. Measures approx. 13" wide x 4" high. Pot not included.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This handy kitchen strainer fits right over the side of a…

    Stainless Steel Pot Strainer



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