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  1. Jewelry Extender 3-pc. Set

    Help all your necklaces fit perfectly with this pack of extenders in 3 styles and lengths. The 1"L extender features 2 large, easy-to-open rings that flip open and snap shut — perfect for anyone with limited dexterity. The 1 1/4" long extender features a clasp on one end, a ring on the other, and 2…

    Jewelry Extender 3-pc. Set



  2. Magnetic Necklace Clasp

    …from Miles Kimball are designed to help you fasten your jewelry without the tedious effort of trying to work tiny jewelry clasps. The powerful magnets fasten easily and hold tight to keep your jewelry in place all day. All you need to do to switch your jewelry over is remove the current clasps and…

    Magnetic Necklace Clasp



  3. Personalized Angel Medical ID Necklace

    This Personalized Angel Medical ID Necklace looks like jewelry but actually helps first responders provide life-saving care. Perfect for children, the front of the angel features a simple red enamel medical alert symbol. Personalize the back of the medical necklace with name, allergies and other…

    Personalized Angel Medical ID Necklace



  4. Angel Earring Lifters, Set of 2

    …while preventing droopy earrings. Clean with standard jewelry cleaner."},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":5,"title":"Features","text":"Lifters help earrings stay properly positioned instead of drooping;…

    Angel Earring Lifters, Set of 2



  5. Copper Tritone Magnetic Cuff and Ring Set

    …therapy jewelry is long believed to help relieve pain and inflammation and promote circulation and healing. 7" circumference magnetic cuff bracelet features 6 magnets, with one on each end of the cuff-style ring. One size. Wipe the copper magnetic bracelet and magnetic ring with dry jewelry cloth.…

    Copper Tritone Magnetic Cuff and Ring Set



  6. Necklace Converter Clasp Set

    …love their necklaces and jewelry, yet who have a tough time getting them on and off. Miles Kimball has affordable solutions to your jewelry storage and jewelry holder needs. Don't miss our other products in our jewelry storage and accessories, including innovative items to help put necklaces on. We…

    Necklace Converter Clasp Set



  7. Magnetic Herringbone Copper Cuff

    …clean with dry jewelry cloth.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Beautifully detailed herringbone cuff is a work of art and so much more! It combines striking style with the therapeutic benefits of copper and magnets, long used to help encourage blood circulation while helping to ease pain,…

    Magnetic Herringbone Copper Cuff



  8. Personalized Medical ID Tag Necklace

    Personalized Medical ID Tag Necklace provides peace of mind in knowing you'll get the right help if you ever need it. On one side of this sleek stainless steel tag is a red enamel medical alert symbol, so first responders know at a glance where to look. Located discreetly on the back of this medical…

    Personalized Medical ID Tag Necklace



  9. Copper Magnetic Cuff Bracelets with Stone Accents

    …used to encourage healthy circulation and help relieve pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other conditions. 2 3/4" long x 2" wide flex-adjust copper bracelet with magnets fits most wrist circumferences of 6 1/2"–8". Wipe the copper health bracelet clean with dry jewelry

    Copper Magnetic Cuff Bracelets with Stone Accents



  10. Magnetic Copper Braid Cuff

    …magnet. Wipe clean with dry jewelry cloth.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"A tri-color twist on magnetic therapy! Copper braided bracelet is as beautiful as it is beneficial. Two 1700-gauss magnets are hidden at the ends of this flexible cuff to help promote health and healing. Magnet…

    Magnetic Copper Braid Cuff



  11. Therapeutic Comfort Bracelet

    …of magnets. Beautiful crystal beads on this Therapeutic Comfort bracelet include two powerful 800 gauss magnets that work together to help ease arthritis pain and relieve stress. Elastic stretch band provides a perfect custom fit. One size fits most.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Many…

    Therapeutic Comfort Bracelet



  12. Magnetic Bracelet with Wood Accents

    …bold, distinguished walnut and stainless bracelet. But it's so much more than unique style — inside are therapeutic 600-gauss magnets designed to help relieve pain and inflammation and encourage circulation and positive energy. With its chic walnut and stainless links and secure fold-over clasp,…

    Magnetic Bracelet with Wood Accents



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