Holiday Baking

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  1. Baking Is My Jam Apron by Krumbs® Kitchen

    If baking, cooking or thoughtful giving is your jam, this Krumbs Kitchen apron is the perfect recipe for fun, functional style! Graced with a fresh berry print and the message: "Baking is My Jam", the slip-on baking apron protects clothing in durable 100% cotton — cleaning up easily in the washing…

    Baking Is My Jam Apron by Krumbs® Kitchen



  2. Donut Baking Pan

    …and bake up 6 perfect donuts, complete with donut holes in the center. Enjoy your light, delicious donuts plain, or top with icing and decorate with sprinkles and nuts for added fun. The durable non-stick metal donut baking tray provides easy release and quick cleanup. Dishwasher safe. Bake donuts…

    Donut Baking Pan



  3. Watkins Original Baking Vanilla Extract, 11 oz.

    Nothing compares to the authentic flavor of Watkins® Original Baking Vanilla Extract. Enhance baked goods with vanilla extract from one of the most trusted names in the natural products industry. High-quality Watkins® extract is made to the same strict quality standards set forth by founder J.R.…

    Watkins Original Baking Vanilla Extract, 11 oz.



  4. Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride

    …to fit standard baking sheets, these Parchment Paper Baking Sheets have a non-stick coating that assures easy food release, effortless cleanup and a variety of uses. Great for baking cookies, roasting vegetables and lining cake pans to prevent sticking, the convenient baking sheets mean you won't…

    Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride



  5. Baking Sheet with Red Silicone Handles by Home-Style Kitchen

    baking or transport. The cookie sheet's carbon steel construction assures excellent heat conduction for even baking; red silicone handles resist heat, odor and bacteria. Dishwasher safe. Baking tray measures 11 1/2" long x 8" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This multi-purpose baking

    Baking Sheet with Red Silicone Handles by Home-Style Kitchen



  6. Copper-Infused Grill and Baking Mats by Home Marketplace, Set of 3

    This smooth grilling or baking surface keeps food where it belongs—on the cooking mat, not on the bottom of your oven or grill. Similar to as seen on TV, Copper-Infused Grill and Baking Mats help foods cook evenly while keeping grates clean, with no oil or butter needed. And it reduces dangerous…

    Copper-Infused Grill and Baking Mats by Home Marketplace, Set of 3



  7. Personalized Holiday Stickers Set of 240

    Personalized with your name or message, these festive Personalized Holiday Stickers make anything merry! Whether used to seal Christmas card envelopes or lend a little flair to wrapped baked good, gifts or crafts, they're a quick, easy way to add that personal touch. Set of 240 includes personalized…

    Personalized Holiday Stickers Set of 240



  8. Personalized Gingerbread Family Ornament

    …these gingerbread cookies offer unique, merry wishes — because no cookie cutter ornament suits your special family! A sweet celebration of holiday baking and cozy kitchen memories, the custom family ornament honors small or larger families on a single Christmas keepsake, inspiring smiles for years…

    Personalized Gingerbread Family Ornament



  9. Silicone Icing Pen

    …The frosting pen's wide mouth lid is easy to fill and clean, and all pieces clean easily in the dishwasher to reuse for birthdays, showers, bake sales, holidays and everyday desserts. 5 1/2" long x 1 3/4" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Decorate \u0022Pinterest-worthy\u0022 cakes,…

    Silicone Icing Pen



  10. Watkins 11 oz Almond Extract

    For the best baking results, use the best quality extracts. Pure, high-quality Watkins® 11 oz. Almond Extract adds rich, nutty flavor perfect for baking cookies and breads, flavoring smoothies and drinks, and more. Made to the same strict quality standards since 1868, this all-natural Watkins…

    Watkins 11 oz Almond Extract



  11. Brownie Bar Pan

    With 12 square baking reservoirs, our unique brownie bar pan lets you create a variety of yummy sweets and savory treats ... from square muffins to quiches, cornbread, cupcakes, coffee cakes and more! The baking pan's non-stick surface releases food easily. 10 1/4" long x 13 3/4" wide. Coated carbon…

    Brownie Bar Pan



  12. Flour and Sugar Keepers

    …disappointing as discovering that those 5-lb. bags of flour or sugar are mealy, chunky or rotten when you're all set to venture into an exciting baking adventure. Those flimsy paper bags of flour and sugar do little to keep the humidity (or even the bugs) at bay; even those with the cleanest, most…

    Flour and Sugar Keepers



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