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  1. Taco Stands, Set of 4

    …without waste, work and mess. Great for everyday suppers and casual dinner parties, you'll love these handy hard or soft taco holders when the grandkids visit! Dishwasher safe. Set of 4. Each, 3" long x 2" wide. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Lending a helping hand on taco night, these…

    Taco Stands, Set of 4



  2. White Ceramic Tree Night Light

    …light! Just a flip of the switch softly illuminates dark hallways and rooms, helping you find your way to the bathroom or check to make sure the grandkids are asleep when Santa arrives. And since the bulbs are beautifully glued right to the shiny ceramic branches, you'll always enjoy a full, festive…

    White Ceramic Tree Night Light



  3. Mrs. Kimball's Candy Corn

    …sweet honey flavor that's delighted fans for decades. Perfect for topping fall cookies and cupcakes or serving in your candy dish ('til the grandkids clean you out), these fresh, yummy candy corn treasures are the ultimate treat for a happy Halloween, and best enjoyed by the handful! 16…

    Mrs. Kimball's Candy Corn



  4. Wooden Catch Ball

    …colored wooden ball is attached by a durable cotton cord for added safety. Nostalgic, timeless and just as FUN as you recall, your own kids or grandkids will love tossing the ball up in the air catching it in the cup—playing indoors, outdoors, alone or with opponents. Encouraging hours of…

    Wooden Catch Ball



  5. Microwave S'mores Maker

    …even heating, while stabilizing "arms" keep s'mores upright while cooking. A quick way to satisfy your cravings and treat your grandkids with smores in the microwave, it's also a fun gift for s'mores lovers and campers! BPA-free plastic; hand wash. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Make…

    Microwave S'mores Maker



  6. Rapid Mac™ Microwave Cooker

    …comfort food with microwave speed at home, the office or dorm, this Rapid Mac™ Cooker is a great gift for mac & cheese lovers, and a must when the grandkids visit! 7 1/2" x 6".[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Cook a box of mac \u0026 cheese in 5 quick minutes with Rapid Mac™ Microwave…

    Rapid Mac™ Microwave Cooker



  7. Spearmint Jelly Leaves, 24 oz.

    …that offer enough spearmint goodness for everyone. Add them to candy dishes around your home, put out at holidays or share with your kids and your grandkids to introduce new generations to these small yet flavorfully cool gems. Our spearmint jelly candies are a favorite of our beloved customers and…

    Spearmint Jelly Leaves, 24 oz.



  8. Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2

    …and convenient with our set of 2 Gorilla Garden Hands. These giant hands are easy and fun to use for adults — and for kids! Enlist your kids or grandkids to help pick up yard debris or get those fallen leaves into compost or refuse bags every autumn. Move and arrange mulch without the use of heavy…

    Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2



  9. Cat Silicone Egg Mold by Chef's Pride™

    Create fun, sunny-side-up eggs in purr-fect style with this cat-shaped silicone egg mold by Chef's Pride™. Whether serving breakfast for the grandkids or looking for a unique gift for a cat lover, the easy-to-use cat eggs mold is sure to delight. Simply place the heat-safe silicone mold in frying…

    Cat Silicone Egg Mold by Chef's Pride™



  10. Crazy Daisy Sprinkler

    If you love watering your lawn or garden without lifting a finger, you'll be crazy about this daisy-shaped automatic sprinkler! And your kids or grandkids will be just as crazy about the big yellow daisy that dances and twists with crazy turns … constantly spraying for splashing wet fun on a warm…

    Crazy Daisy Sprinkler



  11. Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat

    …100% recycled paper in a prepared area of your garden, cover with dirt, water daily and watch the flowers bloom. This is a great way for kids and grandkids to get involved in the gardening process and can be a fantastic learning tool or summer fun activity! Shop wildflower garden mats here that are…

    Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat



  12. Wild Bird Feeding Station

    …book and learn more about the bird varieties that are native to your area. Our bird feeding station is a great way for you, your kids and/or your grandkids to learn more about the wildlife in your environment. This heavy-duty yard stake is easy to assemble and is great for yards of all sizes — from…

    Wild Bird Feeding Station



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