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  1. Robot Claw

    …Challenge your children's imaginations and keep them active with this unique toy grabber. The Robot Claw is also a handy household tool for grabbing small objects in hard-to-reach places. Great for indoor or outdoor play. Recommended for ages 5 and up.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The…

    Robot Claw



  2. Deluxe Pick Up Tool

    Deluxe pick up tool extends a full 32” long or folds for just the right angle. These grab tools reach up and down—lending a helping hand at home or anywhere! They collapse to 17"L for easy travel or storage. Grabbing area measures 5” wide. Plastic,…

    Deluxe Pick Up Tool



  3. Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs

    These pasta tongs toss and serve spaghetti, fettuccini and other long noodles — and also work great for serving salads and fruit platters, grabbing cooked bacon from the frying pan, flipping steaks on the grill, serving bread or biscuits, even doubling as ice cube tongs. Designed with long handles…

    Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs



  4. Long Handle Easy Pick Up Tool

    …pickup tool extends your reach nearly 3' without ladders, bending or straining to grasp out-of-reach items. Trigger-lock suction grip of reach extender rotates to easily grab hold of cans and boxes up to 5 lbs., yet is precise enough to pick up a paper clip from the floor! Reach extender pickup tool

    Long Handle Easy Pick Up Tool



  5. Extra Long 40" Reacher

    …reacher extends your reach more than 3 feet without ladders, bending or straining. Trigger-lock suction grip built into this reaching tool rotates to easily grab and hold cans and boxes up to 5 lbs., yet is precise enough to pick up a paper clip from the floor! A helping hand indoors and…

    Extra Long 40" Reacher



  6. Stainless Steel Spatula Tongs

    Combining the flat, "flippable" shape of a spatula with the grabbing power of tongs, these Stainless Steel Spatula Tongs slip beneath burgers, steaks, pancakes or french toast—then clamp down securely for easy flipping, turning or pressing. The clever combination of spatula/tongs means burger…

    Stainless Steel Spatula Tongs



  7. Set of 2 Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

    The perfect pair of stainless steel tongs handles a variety of tasks — lifting cooked meatballs from a hot pot, turning fried bacon or chicken, grabbing cooked pasta, serving tossed salads and more. Quality designed metal tongs for cooking are crafted of durable stainless steel with rubberized grips…

    Set of 2 Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs



  8. Pasta Server

    Enjoy perfect pasta with this classic kitchen utensil! Stir, separate, and serve your favorite noodles—the Pasta Server's unique grab design scoops up and delivers ideal portion sizes. And it doubles as a slotted spoon, so it's great for retrieving boiled eggs and other food items. Durable,…

    Pasta Server



  9. Bamboo Oven Pull by Chef's Pride

    …hot cookie sheets casserole dishes, or that piping hot pizza, the sturdy wooden oven rack pull grabs the rack to pull it out — keeping your hands at a safe distance from heat. Designed with 2 notches to grab onto and pull racks, it also includes a hole for hanging, so you can keep it conveniently in…

    Bamboo Oven Pull by Chef's Pride



  10. Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2

    …autumn. Move and arrange mulch without the use of heavy shovels and pick up multiple sticks and branches at a time. With these handy garden hands, grabbing and lifting leaves and debris is a snap. These clever oversized scoops feature ridged edges and a firm grip. Enjoy wrist support handles for…

    Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2



  11. Multi-Purpose Whisking Tongs by Home Marketplace

    …on a variety of tasks — giving you just one efficient tool to store. Exclusively designed by Home Marketplace. Dishwasher safe. 11" long x 2 1/2" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Use these multi-purpose whisking tongs to grab cooked eggs or pasta from boiling water, dish up spaghetti…

    Multi-Purpose Whisking Tongs by Home Marketplace



  12. Nylon Tipped Tongs - Set of 3  by Chef’s Pride

    …perfect for air-fryer heating! The 10" long kitchen tongs with flat edges are perfect for flipping meats and veggies, the 10" long tongs with tines grab onto noodles and pasta for easy serving, and the versatile 10 1/2" long scalloped edge tongs are ideal for all kinds of cooking and serving. Each…

    Nylon Tipped Tongs - Set of 3 by Chef’s Pride



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