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  1. Brown Bunny Goose Outfit

    …turns your everyday goose into a hip-hop holiday hero! Designed in a soft shade of brown with pink inner ears, our plush one-piece bunny suit is an Easter exclusive you’ll only find here. The sweet, pink floral bowtie gives this bunny costume a special spring touch, so your goose will be more than…

    Brown Bunny Goose Outfit



  2. Raincoat Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    …exclusive Large White Goose Statue (sold separately). Spot clean. 13" long x 6" wide x 1" deep. Imported. By Gaggleville™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Dress your lawn goose for spring showers, summer drizzle and autumn storms in our classic raincoat goose costume by Gaggleville™! A…

    Raincoat Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  3. Leprechaun Goose Outfit

    …your lawn goose as a lucky leprechaun; Holiday Magic – Our exclusive leprechaun goose outfit creates St. Patrick’s Day magic only found here (and Irish or not, you’ll love it each year); Adorable Details – Complete with bow tie, bearded hat and his own pot of gold, this charming costume adds a…

    Leprechaun Goose Outfit



  4. Easter Bunny Girl Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    …adorable Easter Bunny girl goose outfit features a pretty pink jumper with lilac blouse, and soft arms carrying a festive Easter basket. The sweet pastel costume is the perfect way to dress up your goose for a hopping good time, pairing wonderfully with our Bunny Boy Goose Outfit and bringing plenty…

    Easter Bunny Girl Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  5. Gardener Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    …this Gardener Goose Outfit. Anyone with a green thumb will appreciate the details of this costume, including a miniature straw hat, flower pot and even a tiny shovel. Your lawn goose will become the star of your yard, charming visitors with its adorable gardener outfit. Goose costume is made from…

    Gardener Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  6. Uncle Sam Goose Outfit

    …added two goose wings, one of which carries a USA flag, and a delightful fluffy white beard. An exclusive Uncle Sam goose outfit turns an already-charming yard goose into a true Yankee-doodle dandy. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing, our Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty costumes will make…

    Uncle Sam Goose Outfit



  7. Hot Dog Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    Transform your goose into a hot dog, every cookout's favorite treat. This Hot Dog Goose Outfit features a soft and squishy hot dog costume, complete with colorful ketchup and mustard details. Designed so your lawn goose's face sticks out through the hot dog, this costume is a hilarious take on…

    Hot Dog Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  8. Love Bug Goose Outfit

    …lawn goose will be a holiday heartthrob in this Love Bug goose outfit; Dressed to Impress – Whimsical costume is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or simply share the love all year round; Adorable Details – Donning hearts instead of spots (right up to cute antenna), this goose costume’s “Be…

    Love Bug Goose Outfit



  9. Hippie Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    goose outfit comes with John Lennon style glasses, a matching tie-dye shirt and head scarf, fringe vest and peace necklace. Whether you're a free spirit or simply appreciate a laid-back vibe, this hippie goose costume is a fun way to show off your enthusiasm for love, peace and geese. Goose costume

    Hippie Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  10. Sunflower Goose Outfit

    …patio garden areas, there's nothing quite like our Large White Goose (sold separately) and his wacky wardrobe that corresponds to holidays, season and special occasions throughout the year. This brightly colored sunflower costume will stand out in your outdoor garden area with its bright…

    Sunflower Goose Outfit



  11. Butterfly Goose Outfit

    …butterfly outfit to your goose’s springtime wardrobe or use it for a cheerful dose of color year-round, it’s sure to put a smile on your face with its adorable design and sweet details. Pretty enough to rival the real butterfly beauties in your yard, our exclusive goose costume is designed in 100%…

    Butterfly Goose Outfit



  12. Hiker Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    …Hiker Goose Outfit has them covered. The goose costume set includes a stylish little backpack, sturdy walking stick, binoculars for bird-watching, jacket, and a brimmed hat. Your yard goose will be the envy of the neighborhood as they embark on outdoor adventures in style. Goose statue costume is…

    Hiker Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



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