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  1. Overnight Moisturizing Gloves, Set of 3

    Extra soft overnight moisturizing gloves protect hands and help heal roughness. Set of 3 pair made of washable, comfortable cotton. Imported. Wear over your own hand cream at night for deep penetration and moisturizing; cream can't rub off onto…

    Overnight Moisturizing Gloves, Set of 3



  2. Cleaning Gloves with Fitted Cuffs

    …rubber gloves make it easy to wash dishes, dust, clean floors and more. Also great for coloring hair or potting plants. The length combined with a fitted elastic cuff keeps hands and forearms dry and protected. One size fits most.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Household rubber gloves

    Cleaning Gloves with Fitted Cuffs



  3. Car Clothing Hanger

    …week's vacation wardrobe or heavy dry cleaning load. When not in use, the compact travel accessory folds down for easy storage in your vehicle's glove box. Car clothes bar hanger measures 4 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" high when open[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Maximizing the hanging potential…

    Car Clothing Hanger



  4. Light Compression Gloves with Grippers

    Light compression gloves with grippers comfort aches and pains while helping improve circulation. These cozy gloves offer light compression. Cotton/polyester/spandex/plastic; hand wash, air dry. One pair. Specify style: women’s or men’s. One size.…

    Light Compression Gloves with Grippers



  5. Britt's Knits® Snow Leopard Gloves

    …Leopard Gloves and fight freezing fingers the fashionable way! Soft and cozy midweight knit gloves by Britt's Knits® feature a spot-on snow leopard print with solid ribbed cuffs. Choose from neutral palettes to complement any winter wardrobe. One size fits most. Polyester cold weather gloves.

    Britt's Knits® Snow Leopard Gloves



  6. Britt's Knits® Soft Chenille Gloves

    …chenille gloves from Britt's Knits®. Combining the coziness of your favorite chenille sweater with a thick, plush lining, these Britt's Knits gloves will keep fingers warm in the coldest of weather. One size fits most polyester knit gloves. Machine…

    Britt's Knits® Soft Chenille Gloves



  7. Compression Therapy Gloves with Magnets

    …fingerless compression therapy gloves, available in both men's and women's styles. These fingerless gloves use both compression and magnets to help control swelling, improve circulation and assist in blood flow throughout your hands. Our compression therapy glove with magnets are a medication-free…

    Compression Therapy Gloves with Magnets



  8. Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100

    Cleaning, handling raw meat, painting, coloring hair: This box of 100 plastic gloves has many, many practical and protective uses throughout your home. You'll wonder how you ever lived without these plastic gloves — available for a few cents each here in this bulk pack of 100. Whether you're…

    Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100



  9. Britt's Knits® ThermalTech™ Gloves

    Made for multitaskers on the move, these Britt's Knits® ThermalTech™ Gloves combine cozy, lightweight lining with 4-way stretch and tech-friendly fingertips. Sleek and stylish cold weather gloves feature a thermal fleece lining to keep hands toasty without bulk, along with a clip to keep them…

    Britt's Knits® ThermalTech™ Gloves



  10. Copper Compression Gloves

    Get the healing power of copper in this copper compression glove. Soft compression gloves with generous 20% copper thread content help retain body heat to warm and soothe stiff, painful hands and fingers. Copper’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties help fight bacteria, fungus and odor, and…

    Copper Compression Gloves



  11. Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set

    …dusting gloves automatically attract dust and dirt; Great for your cleaning your automobile and home; Elastic cuffs keep them comfortably in place; Easily machine washable; Good for your budget and the planet; Set includes 1 pair women\u0027s and 1 pair men\u0027s gloves"}]

    Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set



  12. Faux Suede Fur Lined Mittens

    …stopping the chill. Inside these warm gloves is a luxurious faux-fur lining with fold-back cuff that holds in the heat—perfect for arthritic hands or anyone who fights frigid fingers while walking, driving and more. Makes a great gift! One size fits most; winter gloves measure approx. 11 1/2" long x…

    Faux Suede Fur Lined Mittens



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