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  1. 8-Pc. Nesting Clear Storage Container Set by Chef's Pride™

    …elegant look of glass in lightweight storage containers that easily go anywhere. 8-Pc. Nesting Clear Storage Container Set is perfect for storing leftovers within easy sight, as well as transporting food in style to potlucks, picnics and parties of all kinds. Essential food container set by Chef's…

    8-Pc. Nesting Clear Storage Container Set by Chef's Pride™



  2. Clear Glass Apothecary Jars, Set of 3

    …used for elegant decoration or functional storage, this set of Clear Glass Apothecary Jars brings classic style to any setting and is perfect for showcasing your everyday items. Declutter your kitchen in a snap by utilizing these convenient storage containers to hold your dried pasta, sugar, flour,…

    Clear Glass Apothecary Jars, Set of 3



  3. Pie Keeper

    …pie keeper, your desserts stay moist and delicious in this hinged-lid pie storage container. It's deep enough to accommodate tall meringues or fancy cream pies. In durable plastic, the pie container holds up to an 11" glass or metal pie plate in fridge or freezer, keeping air out and freshness in.…

    Pie Keeper



  4. Sunflower Canisters, Set of 3

    …with these stunning Sunflower Canisters. The glass canisters have sturdy shatter-resistant construction with beautiful sunflower paintings. The see-through design and clear top let you instantly see the contents with no label needed. Each container has a metal screw-on lid that seals tight to keep…

    Sunflower Canisters, Set of 3



  5. Dissolving Labels by Chef's Pride™, Set of 120

    …in water! Simply affix the stick-on food labels to food storage containers, and jot down contents and date, so you can quickly identify leftovers, and remember when to enjoy them. When finished using, just hold the leftover container under warm running water or place in the dishwasher, and…

    Dissolving Labels by Chef's Pride™, Set of 120



  6. Freezer Labels

    …no more guessing about what is in an unmarked freezer container. With these freezer labels, you'll never have to take a chance on dinner again. These self-stick labels won't fall off in the freezer and adhere strongly to plastic, foil, glass and plastic. These labels not only help with your kitchen…

    Freezer Labels



  7. Universal Lid by Home Marketplace

    …clutter and save storage space. Hand wash. By Home Marketplace™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This universal lid fits most pots and pans measuring up to 12\u0022 dia.—helping contain heat and protect you from stovetop splatters. Made of durable iron with a glass see-through window…

    Universal Lid by Home Marketplace



  8. Universal Stainless Can and Jar Strainer by Home Marketplace

    Designed to fit over most cans and glass bottles, this stainless steel strainer makes it easy to drain juices from pickles, olives, tuna, salmon, beans and any canned fruits or vegetables. Simply place the universal strainer over bottle or can and push down on the easy-grip handles for quick, easy…

    Universal Stainless Can and Jar Strainer by Home Marketplace



  9. Norpro® Easy-Crank Nut Chopper

    …crank, evenly chopping without batteries or electric power. Just fill plastic lid, close and crank; chopped goodies fall right into bottom glass container, ready to remove, pour on and enjoy! Measures up to 1 1/4 cup/10 oz. Hand wash.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Simply turn this…

    Norpro® Easy-Crank Nut Chopper



  10. Colorful Silicone Jar Spatula by Home Marketplace™, Set of 4

    …and cranny of jars and containers, ensuring you can scoop out every last bit of your favorite spreads, condiments, or ingredients. Crafted from flexible yet sturdy silicone, each spatula effortlessly glides along curves and corners without scratching or damaging glass or plastic. The long handles…

    Colorful Silicone Jar Spatula by Home Marketplace™, Set of 4



  11. 150-Pc. Sewing Kit

    Filled with plenty of crafting supplies for all your sewing needs, this 150-Pc. Sewing Kit keeps everything neatly contained and easy to access. Simply open the 3-tiered sewing storage box to find what you need from multiple compartments, and breeze through your sewing project, or take it along to a…

    150-Pc. Sewing Kit



  12. 5-in-1 Cup Holder Organizer

    …Organizer sits right in your vehicle's cup holder—keeping essentials safely contained and easy to reach while you're on the road. Top compartment's notched grooves secure smart phone on one side and sunglasses or glasses on the other. In the middle, 2 expandable rings hold soft drinks, water bottles…

    5-in-1 Cup Holder Organizer



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