Geese Costumes

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  1. Raincoat Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    Dress your lawn goose for spring showers, summer drizzle and autumn storms in our classic raincoat goose costume by Gaggleville™! A bright look for casual cookouts, indoor parties and front-porch decoration on rainy days or any day, the forecast calls for FUN and a stream of steady compliments when…

    Raincoat Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  2. Snowman Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    …winter friend, thanks to this cute Snowman Goose Outfit! Offering festive style for the holidays and all season long, our exclusive snowman goose costume features a white 1-piece outfit with 3 big black buttons that look like coal, and it's topped with a bright red plaid scarf and black top hat,…

    Snowman Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  3. Sunflower Goose Outfit

    …separately) and his wacky wardrobe that corresponds to holidays, season and special occasions throughout the year. This brightly colored sunflower costume will stand out in your outdoor garden area with its bright sunflower-themed petals and its mini sunflower hat. This two-piece 3D sunflower outfit…

    Sunflower Goose Outfit



  4. Christmas Tree Goose Outfit

    …Christmas Tree Goose Outfit turns your everyday goose into a VERY merry Christmas tree! Crafted of soft, durable green fabric, the one-piece goose costume features colorful pom-pom ornaments, a shimmering golden star, white fabric arms holding a fancy ornament, and a cut-out opening perfectly sized…

    Christmas Tree Goose Outfit



  5. Uncle Sam Goose Outfit

    …already-charming yard goose into a true Yankee-doodle dandy. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing, our Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty costumes will make your geese figurines as American as apple pie. The outfits are made of durable polyester and cotton for indoor and protected outdoor use…

    Uncle Sam Goose Outfit



  6. Statue of Liberty Goose Outfit

    …year, yard goose statue of liberty costumes provide an all-American outdoor look. You can add or remove the outfit in seconds as part of a goose costume rotation to celebrate your favorite holidays and seasons. If you have two lawn gooses, the lady liberty costume pairs splendidly with the Uncle Sam…

    Statue of Liberty Goose Outfit



  7. Scarecrow Goose Outfit

    …pumpkin outfit to really get in the autumn spirit. Goose costume is for indoor/protected outdoor use. Polyester. Imported. By Gaggleville™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"When days get shorter and nights get cooler, dress your geese in the fun fall style of this scarecrow goose outfit!…

    Scarecrow Goose Outfit



  8. Princess Goose Outfit By Gaggleville™

    …lawn goose costume is sure to add a touch of royal whimsy to your yard. Your neighbors will do a double-take at your regal feathered friend. Perfect for fairy-tale parties or just adding some fun to your yard, this princess outfit is a must-have for any lawn goose owner. Goose costume yard decor…

    Princess Goose Outfit By Gaggleville™



  9. Love Bug Goose Outfit

    Part of our treasured Lawn Goose seasonal costume collection, the adorable "Love Bug" Valentine's Day outfit is a must-have. This charming, ladybug-inspired costume fits our traditional 23" Lawn Goose, which has been a favorite Miles Kimball lawn/patio decoration for decades. Dotted with red hearts,…

    Love Bug Goose Outfit



  10. Fall Leaf Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™

    …goose costume by Gaggleville™! Fun for indoor get-togethers, outdoor parties and front-porch decoration, the fall-themed yard goose outfit lends bold seasonal color to any setting in unique tones of harvest orange and gold—created with a unique dying technique that gives each artful leaf costume a…

    Fall Leaf Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™



  11. Potted Cactus Goose Outfit By Gaggleville™

    …just yearn for warm, dry heat, this lawn goose yard decor costume is the perfect unique touch for your outdoor décor. Designed to look like a cactus, it features a green body with prickly-looking arms and a pot-shaped base. Goose costume is made from brushed tricot. For indoor/protected outdoor use.…

    Potted Cactus Goose Outfit By Gaggleville™



  12. Turkey Goose Outfit

    …his Tom Turkey costume just in time for your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Whimsical and fun, we think that our Turkey Goose Outfit is an essential to add to your front covered or protected porch décor. It's guaranteed to up your fun factor exponentially. This adorable turkey costume is made from…

    Turkey Goose Outfit



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