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  1. Garden Hands™ Set of 2

    …you to pick up large piles of leaves, debris, and garden waste without straining. Dubbed as 'leaf hands,' these hand rakes boast a generous size that significantly increases the volume of material you can gather in one go compared to traditional tools. Made from durable plastic with a rugged design,…

    Garden Hands™ Set of 2



  2. 3-Pc. Red Garden Tool Belt Set

    …polyester with adjustable waist belt. One size fits most; spot clean. Tools are crafted of iron and wood.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"New gardeners and green-thumb experts will love this 3-Pc. Red Garden Tool Belt Set that is the perfect gift for Mother\u0027s Day, birthdays, holidays…

    3-Pc. Red Garden Tool Belt Set



  3. Plastic Plant Watering Bulbs, Set of 10

    …up to two weeks, these durable plastic bulbs hold water in and release it slowly — automatically watering potted plants, hanging plants, patio and garden plants. Designed in 100% PVC, the durable, break-resistant watering bulbs are easy to insert into the soil, and their transparent design clearly…

    Plastic Plant Watering Bulbs, Set of 10



  4. Zip Tie Grass Trimmer

    …Versatile Length: With an impressive overall length of 31 inches, you can effortlessly reach and trim even the most challenging areas of your garden or lawn.; Effortless Zip Tie Compatibility: Specially designed to work seamlessly with standard size zip ties instead of strings or blades, providing…

    Zip Tie Grass Trimmer



  5. Window Thermometer

    No more guessing about the temperature outside. This accurate and easy-to-read Exterior Window Thermometer features a pretty scalloped design, displays numbers in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and comes with a suction cup to securely mount it to the outside of your window. Ideal for at-home use or for…

    Window Thermometer



  6. Garden Tool Organizer

    …in One Garden Tool Organizer – Easily store weed removers, rakes, shears, snow shovels, pruning saws, brooms, hoes, and many other yardwork tools. This helpful garden tool organizer…

    Garden Tool Organizer



  7. Outdoor Patio Hanging Table

    …or deck, and enjoy instant convenience with a space-saving outdoor table that's perfect for holding beverages, your phone or tablet, even gardening tools or potted plants. Great for lounging, entertaining, and creating a cozy outdoor breakfast nook, the handy hanging patio table is designed in…

    Outdoor Patio Hanging Table



  8. Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2

    …time. With these handy garden hands, grabbing and lifting leaves and debris is a snap. These clever oversized scoops feature ridged edges and a firm grip. Enjoy wrist support handles for comfortable yard cleanups. These plastic garden hands are a must-have for any gardener's toolbox. Set of 2. Each…

    Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2



  9. No-Bend Weed Grabber

    It had us at “no-bend”, and this ingenious no-bend weed grabber’s sharp 3-pronged head pulls even dandelions and other tough weeds with ease—roots and all! No need to bend, kneel, dig or struggle; simply push the weed remover's all-terrain, 3-pronged head over weed, twist 360°, pull weed out, and…

    No-Bend Weed Grabber



  10. Magnifying Rain Gauge

    …than standard rain gauges, which takes the guesswork out of your gardening and allows you to keep track of all kinds of precipitation — from those quick, hard spring showers to an all-day light rain. This quick and easy reference tool lets you make informed decisions on how much to water your yard…

    Magnifying Rain Gauge



  11. Gardeners Knee Rest

    The next time you putter in your petunias, be sure to take a rest! Our Gardening Padded Knee Rest makes it easy and more comfortable to dead head, to pull weeds or to tend your flowers and plants. This gardening kneeler features a padded knee rest that is made from high quality tubular steel. It…

    Gardeners Knee Rest



  12. Folding Garden Seat

    Our lightweight, portable and folding garden seat kneeler is a great way to tend to your outdoor landscaping and gardening tasks in comfort. The seat height in this folding gardener's kneeling bench adjusts quickly and easily so you can use it in a sitting or a kneeling position. Comfortable foam is…

    Folding Garden Seat



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