Fruit Jellies

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  1. Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices, 24 oz.

    …the old-fashioned way in small batches; The nostalgic candy jelly favorites come in a classic assortment of cherry, orange, lemon, lime and grape flavors; Colorful and scrumptious, the fruit shaped candy is perfect for giving, serving and everyday indulging;…

    Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices, 24 oz.



  2. Fruit Slices, 11 oz.

    Jelly fruit slice candy burst with irresistible flavor! Gourmet fruit slices candy is reminiscent of the ones you loved as a child. Soft, jelly fruit slices feature tangy flavors of orange, lime, lemon, and cherry - dipped in sugar crystals for a delightful finish. Colorful and delicious, they…

    Fruit Slices, 11 oz.



  3. Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Slices

    fruit slices—because your taste buds deserve a little fun! That smooth coating of dark chocolate gets the party started, but serves another delicious purpose … keeping the fruity jelly inside incredibly soft, fresh and flavorful. Shaped like actual fruit slices, the gourmet chocolate covered jellies

    Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Slices



  4. Jelly Belly® Gourmet Jelly Beans, 2 lb. Bag

    Enjoy the ultimate Jelly Belly® “beananza” with this whopping, 2lb. bag boasting 49 flavors of the original gourmet jelly bean! It's the mother lode of joy for jelly bean lovers, and these iconic treats tease your tastebuds with intense goodness, flavored with 23 fruit juices and purees. Offering…

    Jelly Belly® Gourmet Jelly Beans, 2 lb. Bag



  5. Jelly Belly® Tiny Bean Machine, 3 oz.

    This tiny Jelly Belly® machine has a big job: It dispenses the world's number one gourmet jelly bean! Just as popular today as in the 1970s, Jelly Belly jelly beans feature everyone's favorite intense fruit flavors, along with some unique ones. Tiny bean machine includes a Jelly Belly® pack to get…

    Jelly Belly® Tiny Bean Machine, 3 oz.



  6. Gimbal's Gourmet Jelly Bean Jar, 40 oz.

    Jelly Beans—a treasure trove of flavors that's proudly American! Since 1898, Gimbal Candy Kitchen, a family-owned enterprise now into its 4th generation, has been committed to crafting delectable treats. Their passion is evident in every bite of these gourmet jelly beans. Made with real fruit juice…

    Gimbal's Gourmet Jelly Bean Jar, 40 oz.



  7. Orange Slices 24 oz.

    Still delighting tastebuds after all these years, our classic Orange Slices boast juicy, citrus flavor in each soft, chewy bite. The nostalgic fruit jelly candies look like real orange wedges and are dusted with sugar for the perfect, sweet finish. A beautiful addition to an orange candy buffet, the…

    Orange Slices 24 oz.



  8. Jelly/Jam Feeder ™

    …12 oz. jelly or jam jar (not included).[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Simply attach a jar of jelly or jam to this Jelly Jam Feeder™ for neat, easy feeding of orioles and other birds! The fruit feeder\u0027s bright color attracts a variety of feathered friends; sweet jelly or jam brings…

    Jelly/Jam Feeder ™



  9. Dark Chocolate Sticks

    …and make an excellent Christmas candy gift or stocking stuffer. Each one is filled with gourmet fruit jelly and covered in silky smooth dark chocolate. Choose from orange, cherry and blueberry jelly flavors when you place your order. Each box contains 10 oz. of candy or 35 sticks. Also available…

    Dark Chocolate Sticks



  10. Farmhouse Paperback Cookbooks, Set of 5

    …Chowder. Jams, Jellies & Canning Recipes offers simple step-by-step instructions for choosing, selecting fruit and canning high-quality jams and jellies, along with helpful charts and tips on making a variety of delicious jams, jellies, plus recipes for mouthwatering fruit spreads. The farmhouse…

    Farmhouse Paperback Cookbooks, Set of 5



  11. Cherry Slices 24 oz.

    jelly candies are each dusted with sugar and are a satisfying confection for those who can't get enough cherry candy fruit slices. Juicy, chewy and delicious, our old-fashioned cherry slices have that burst of natural cherry taste that you remember from your childhood. Add our nostalgic cherry jelly

    Cherry Slices 24 oz.



  12. Licorice Allsorts 14 oz., Set of 3

    …allsorts are all made with natural colors and flavors and no added salt. Licorice allsorts candy assortment includes classic favorites like aniseed jelly buttons, coconut rolls, licorice pastels, soft cuttings, petit fours and more. Old fashioned licorice comes in a set of 3 bags, each with approx.…

    Licorice Allsorts 14 oz., Set of 3



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