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  1. Grip-EZ Fiskie™

    This multi-tasking fork & whisk combo quickly whisks, stirs, mixes, scoops and strains! No need to switch up (or clean up) two utensils, when this 2-in-1 fork & whisk precisely mixes and incorporates air into egg whites or cream, then folds it into your lightest, fluffiest recipes. The versatile…

    Grip-EZ Fiskie™



  2. Easy Grip Handle, Set of 4

    Soft-grip built up handles give those with arthritis or limited dexterity a larger gripping surface on forks, pens, toothbrushes and more. Comfortable ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue. Each easy on/off build up utensil handle has 2 ends to fit utensils 1/4"-1" W. Dishwasher-safe thermoplastic.…

    Easy Grip Handle, Set of 4



  3. Spaghetti Forks, Set of 8

    fork is made from durable stainless steel that is dishwasher safe for easy care. One set includes eight ridged pasta forks. At Miles Kimball, we specialize in hard-to-find items that are kitchen essentials, including the best pasta forks available — all at affordable prices. Order this set of forks

    Spaghetti Forks, Set of 8



  4. Knife & Fork Carving Set

    …and meat fork feature stainless steel blades for durability and performance, with triple-riveted plastic handles for a comfortable, secure grip. The meat fork is designed with long tines to spear larger cuts and serve slices in style. A great addition to any cutlery collection, the knife and fork

    Knife & Fork Carving Set



  5. Kitchenware Wall Clock by Home Marketplace™

    A circle of shimmering forks, soup spoons, spatulas and slotted spoons tracks time with a touch of retro charm — lending personality to the heart of your home. A fun focal point wherever displayed, the kitchen utensil clock features a classic clock face boasting large, easy-to read numerals, with a…

    Kitchenware Wall Clock by Home Marketplace™



  6. Knife with Adjustable Slicing Guide by Chef's Pride™

    …slice using the razor-sharp serrated knife. Perfect for cutting everything from meat to produce up to 1" wide! Included safety fork holds food in place while you slice. Stainless steel knife with plastic handle measures 12" long. By Chef's Pride™.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The…

    Knife with Adjustable Slicing Guide by Chef's Pride™



  7. Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs

    …as ice cube tongs. Designed with long handles and teeth for easy gripping, the versatile stainless steel tongs pick up foods that a spoon or fork can't, making them a must for any kitchen or buffet line. Dishwasher safe. 9 1/4" long x 1 1/2" wide.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"These…

    Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs



  8. Bamboo Toast Tongs

    Is your toast just a little out of reach and stuck in the toaster? Don't reach for a dangerous metal fork or knife to remove your toast from this appliance. Instead, opt for our clever bamboo toast tongs from Miles Kimball. Our toast tongs will help you safely and quickly gain access to your toasted…

    Bamboo Toast Tongs



  9. Garden Hands™ Set of 2

    …enjoyable!\u003c/p\u003e"},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":5,"title":"Features","text":"Adjustable handles; Forked scoops; Your hands stay clean and protected; Made of durable plastic; Set of 2, Each…

    Garden Hands™ Set of 2



  10. 61-Pc. Abbeville Flatware Set with Wire Caddy, Service for 12

    …with Wire Caddy makes a great housewarming or graduation gift! Stainless steel flatware set for 12 includes 12 each of salad forks, dinner forks, dinner knives, dinner spoons and teaspoons. Included wire caddy keeps it all beautifully organized in a drawer. Dishwasher…

    61-Pc. Abbeville Flatware Set with Wire Caddy, Service for 12



  11. Cutlery Cleaner by Chef's Pride

    …included suction cup to mount the versatile knife scrubber on a wall, tile, sink or anywhere it's convenient. Use this kitchen scrubber to clean forks, knives, spoons, utensils and even fresh vegetables. Helping you work smarter with strong, efficient bristles on both sides, this easy-grip cutlery…

    Cutlery Cleaner by Chef's Pride



  12. Silicone Spoon and Utensil Rest

    …it, and cleanup is easy because it's top-rack dishwasher safe. Also great as a utensil drawer organizer thanks to slots for spoons, knives and forks! Spoon rest for stove and counter measures 8 3/4" long x 7" wide. BPA-free.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Do your thing in the kitchen…

    Silicone Spoon and Utensil Rest



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