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  1. Personalized Our First Christmas Engaged Ornament

    Commemorate your first Christmas as an engaged couple with this beautiful heart-shaped engagement ornament. Personalized to make it uniquely yours, the design of this Christmas ornament is set against a backdrop of snowy evergreens and interlocking wedding rings. It's the perfect keepsake for this…

    Personalized Our First Christmas Engaged Ornament



  2. Personalized Engaged Snowmen Ornament

    …holiday decor. These first Christmas engaged ornaments are not only a beautiful addition to your own tree, but also make a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for another couple who is celebrating their engagement. By personalizing the ornament with their names and engagement year, you can create a unique…

    Personalized Engaged Snowmen Ornament



  3. Sudoku Puzzle Spiral Books, Vol. 1 and 2, Set of 2

    The numbers are in your favor with this 2-volume set … giving you 138 Sudoku puzzles in all! Each spiral-bound book features 69 Sudoku puzzles to engage your brain, and the challenges range from "Easy" to "Expert" level, keeping things fun. Working a Sudoku puzzle requires careful thought, so it can…

    Sudoku Puzzle Spiral Books, Vol. 1 and 2, Set of 2



  4. Ridiculous Riddles for Kids

    …of super fun brain teasers, word games, rebus puzzles, funny riddles, secret codes and more, Ridiculous Riddles for Kids will keep their minds engaged for hours. There's something for everyone in this puzzling collection of colorfully illustrated activities. Great for road trips, family game nights…

    Ridiculous Riddles for Kids



  5. Ring Guard Solution

    …earrings more comfortable. Because the solution can be peeled off for resizing as needed, it won’t damage precious jewelry like your engagement ring, wedding band, or family heirloom piece. Includes 2 applicators and a 5.5 gram tub. Silicone/rubber.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Simply…

    Ring Guard Solution



  6. Sisal Mouse Catnip Toy

    …this adorable catnip cat toy offers fun opportunity for batting, pawing, clawing, scratching and cuddling, plus irresistible catnip to keep her engaged. The sisal cat toy is made of polyester cloth, sisal and catnip. 11" long x 5 1/4" wide x 2 3/4" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"So…

    Sisal Mouse Catnip Toy



  7. Jacks

    Getting kids off the couch and away from their phones, this classic metal Jacks game will have players bouncing, giggling and engaging in old-fashioned fun! Designed with authentic, nostalgic details, the classic playground game of skill and fun is simple, yet challenging as you may remember. The…




  8. Giggling Dog Toys Set of 2

    …play with. Soft, textured bodies and a unique inner tube that makes a "giggling" sound when it is played with will keep your furry family member engaged for hours. [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"\u003cp\u003eSqueeze \u0027em! Shake \u0027em! Toss \u0027em! Your dog will go gaga over…

    Giggling Dog Toys Set of 2



  9. Brain Games® Large Print Dot to Dot Set/5

    …workout. While you connect the numbered dots, a variety of detailed pictures will slowly reveal themselves, and each enjoyable challenge also helps engage your brain and enhance your focus. No squinting required to see the set's 124 dot-to-dot for adults puzzles, and finished pictures are suitable…

    Brain Games® Large Print Dot to Dot Set/5



  10. Wooden Shut the Box Game

    Fun for the whole family! The classic game of "Shut the Box" is perfect for family game night–simple enough for the youngest players yet engaging enough for the grownups. Crafted of solid pinewood, this game features numbered tiles held in place on a metal rod that flip easily up or down. Roll the…

    Wooden Shut the Box Game



  11. Cooking With Kids Cookbook

    …Cookbook is a great way to teach important life skills like independence, math and science. Kids love the clear instructions, helpful visuals and engaging color photography. Parents and grandparents love that the cooking recipes are educational and include 3 levels of difficulty to build confidence…

    Cooking With Kids Cookbook



  12. Brain Games® Star Banner Crossword Puzzles

    …enjoy, with themes including places, animals, food, movies, pop stars and more. Designed to hold your interest, flex your cognitive muscles and engage every skill level, the brain teaser puzzles range in challenge from easy to difficult, with a complete answer key at the back of the book if needed.…

    Brain Games® Star Banner Crossword Puzzles



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