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  1. Walk Behind Mower Cover

    …mildew, dust and dirt. Heavy-duty vinyl cover withstands the elements for durable wear. Walk-behind mower cover fits mowers up to 76" long x 24" wide x 46" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Walk behind mower cover protects mower from damages of sun, rain, snow, mildew, dust and dirt.…

    Walk Behind Mower Cover



  2. Microfiber Flexible Mop

    …ultimate efficiency! No need to get on your hands and knees, and no need for soap; soft microfiber mop pad attracts dirt like a magnet, picking up dust and pet hair when dry, removing scuff marks, grease and spills when wet. Telescoping metal pole adjusts from 29 1/2" to 49" long, easily reaching…

    Microfiber Flexible Mop



  3. Flat Flexible Duster

    …other traditional dusters, vacuums and attachments fall short. This easy-to-use flexible duster tool has an innovative felt fabric that picks up dust bunnies, dirt, food particles and cobwebs like a magnet, locking and removing them from tight areas in a jiffy. This flat, large duster tool is a…

    Flat Flexible Duster



  4. Chenille Mop Pad 2-Pack

    Save money and waste by replacing disposable mop heads with reusable Chenille Mop Pads. Perfect for wet mopping or dry dusting, these microfiber mop heads grab onto dirt and dust to make cleaning easy and mess-free. When finished, simply toss the mop pads in your washing machine to be used again and…

    Chenille Mop Pad 2-Pack



  5. Ultimate Extendable Multipurpose Duster Set

    Unleash the power of thorough cleaning with our Ultimate Duster Set. This comprehensive collection is designed to help you keep every corner of your home clean and dust-free! The set includes an extendable pole that can be fitted with three interchangeable heads: a large fluffy duster (16 1/2" long…

    Ultimate Extendable Multipurpose Duster Set



  6. Telescopic Multi-Purpose Triangular Cleaner with 3 Heads

    …in any direction, so the leading edge can be flat or pointed. Includes 3 different microfiber mop textures, and each can be used wet or dry to dust, mop or buff. 100% microfiber duster heads are approx. 5" wide on each side and machine washable. Durable plastic and aluminum handle extends from…

    Telescopic Multi-Purpose Triangular Cleaner with 3 Heads



  7. Long Handle Window Cleaner

    …a dirt-busting foam scrubber on one side, a streak-stopping rubber squeegee on the other, and a hook-and-loop microfiber sleeve you can attach to dust ceiling fans and other high places. You can even angle the cleaning head forward or back and lock it into place for maximum cleaning power! Durable…

    Long Handle Window Cleaner



  8. Long Reach Telescoping Duster

    …the strain and pain out cleaning those hard-to-reach ceilings and corners. This Long-Reach Telescoping Duster Brush has soft polyester fibers that dust, cobwebs and dirt cling to. Use this handy telescoping brush to reach under sofas, skylights, tall staircases, in high corners and over your walls.…

    Long Reach Telescoping Duster



  9. Long Handled Dust Pan With Broom

    Keep your space tidy with our Long-Handled Dust Pan with Broom from Miles Kimball—an essential tool for quick and convenient cleanups. This unique set features a standing dust pan attached to a broom via a clever clip on its long handle—a design that ensures you never have to search for the dustpan…

    Long Handled Dust Pan With Broom



  10. Drill Dust Collector

    Save time on cleanup with a drill dust collector that fits around the bit to capture fine particles. You’ll be able to drill into wood, walls, ceilings and more while keeping debris safely contained. Just twist off the cap, fit the built-in brush around the bit and replace cap. When you are finished…

    Drill Dust Collector



  11. Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set

    These microfiber dusting gloves automatically attract dust and dirt through a natural, positive static charge when you rub or scrub them over surfaces—making cleaning a breeze. Perfect for dusting and cleaning auto dashboards and interiors, the soft microfiber gloves get into those hard-to-reach…

    Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set



  12. Anti-Dust Quilted Clothes Organizers Set of 3

    …the effectiveness of our clothes organizer lies in its microperforated fabric construction which allows air circulation while effectively keeping dust at bay. Each set includes three fun-colored bags (blue, green and orange), each featuring a clear-view window—quickly identify what's inside without…

    Anti-Dust Quilted Clothes Organizers Set of 3



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