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  1. Floor Drain Cover

    …thermoplastic rubber; Drain catcher is approx. 5 1/8\u0022 sq. x 3/4\u0022 high; Corner suction cups to secure the shower drain strainer in place; Small built-in…

    Floor Drain Cover



  2. Mesh Drain Cover

    …food and hair before it goes down the drain; Avoid smelly backups and plumber visits; Stainless steel mesh; Dishwasher-safe and rust-resistant; Flanged strainer fits drains up to 2 1/2\u0022 dia.; Strainer fits drains up to 11/2\u0022 dia."}]

    Mesh Drain Cover



  3. Mesh Sink Strainer

    Prevent clogged drains with this amazing little mesh sink strainer. Designed in fine stainless steel mesh, the strainer keeps food particles from falling through, but allows water and other liquids free passage. Mesh strainer is rustproof and dishwasher safe. 1 3/4" x 4…

    Mesh Sink Strainer



  4. Stainless Steel Pot Strainer

    strainer fits right over the side of a large pot or prep bowl—making it easy to drain liquids directly from the pot, without need for a colander. Designed in durable solid stainless steel that's lightweight yet sturdy, its two large handles make straining easy and safe. This versatile pot strainer

    Stainless Steel Pot Strainer



  5. Universal Stainless Can and Jar Strainer by Home Marketplace

    …steel strainer makes it easy to drain juices from pickles, olives, tuna, salmon, beans and any canned fruits or vegetables. Simply place the universal strainer over bottle or can and push down on the easy-grip handles for quick, easy draining into sink, bowl or container. The mini strainer also…

    Universal Stainless Can and Jar Strainer by Home Marketplace



  6. Perfect Salad Draining Bowl

    …salad bowl with lid and strainer plate are all designed in durable plastic, and are dishwasher safe. The 3-pc. set includes 8" dia. salad bowl, strainer plate and lid.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This salad bowl’s unique strainer plate allows liquid to drain through to the bottom —…

    Perfect Salad Draining Bowl



  7. Pickle Jar

    …container with a strainer is a kitchen essential! This ingenious pickle jar stores pickles or olives in their own juices. When you’re ready to serve, simply flip the plastic pickle jar over for instant straining and easy serving. This plastic pickle jar flip container drains liquid to bottom…

    Pickle Jar



  8. 2-In-1 Salad Spinner and Colander by Chef's Pride™

    …healthy is easier than ever with this 2-In-1 Salad Spinner and Colander! The 3-qt. spinning colander with handle makes quick work of rinsing and draining fruits, vegetables, noodles and more. Then simply press and twist the handle to rotate and spin-dry food in seconds. No more soggy salads, damp…

    2-In-1 Salad Spinner and Colander by Chef's Pride™



  9. Extending Kitchen Colander

    Stretch this multipurpose colander strainer over your kitchen sink to rinse fruits and veggies, drain pasta, thaw frozen food … or use it as a dish rack to air dry coffee cups, utensils and small plates. Super sturdy and versatile, the modern sink colander extends from 14 3/8" to 19 1/2" wide to…

    Extending Kitchen Colander



  10. Snap & Strain Clip-On Silicone Colander by Home Marketplace™

    …easily drain hot pasta water or grease, right from cookware. Simple to use, the heat-resistant clip on pot strainer snaps on securely with two side clips, then snaps off easily for dishwasher cleaning. Taking up little space in drawer or storage cabinet, the snap-on silicone pot strainer is a must…

    Snap & Strain Clip-On Silicone Colander by Home Marketplace™



  11. Multi-Purpose Scoop Colander by Chef's Pride

    …pot of boiling water and juggling with a bulky colander over the sink, the 2-in-1 strainer spoon's durable plastic handle won't transfer heat like metal scoops, and its perforated holes are the perfect size to drain foods quickly without losing a single morsel. Making cleanup easy with just one…

    Multi-Purpose Scoop Colander by Chef's Pride



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