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  1. 8-Pc. Collapsible Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon Set by Chef's Pride™

    …the silicone measuring cups feature sturdy black thermoplastic rubber handles with vibrant yellow, purple, green and red silicone centers. Measuring spoon set features black thermoplastic rubber handles and red silicone centers. All pieces in this 8-Pc. Collapsible Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon…

    8-Pc. Collapsible Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon Set by Chef's Pride™



  2. Cup Carousel by Chef's Pride™

    …the coffee cup carousel features 9 sturdy hooks for cup or mug handles, plus open space on top for saucers, coffee pods, creamer, tea accessories and more. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, this coffee cup holder is a great way to display your favorite mugs or coffee cups on the countertop,…

    Cup Carousel by Chef's Pride™



  3. Metal Coffee Cup Wall Art, Set of 3

    …Each 7" wide x 8" high cup includes sawtooth hanger.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"No beans about it ... this metal coffee cup wall art set is the decorative “pick-me-up” your kitchen’s been craving. Wonderfully detailed from rising steam to scrolled handles, the brown metal coffee wall…

    Metal Coffee Cup Wall Art, Set of 3



  4. 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator by Home Marketplace

    …cord storage, cool-touch handle, Keep Warm function and indicator light. Hand wash. 10" wide x 12" high. By Home Marketplace.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator boasts 1000 watts of modern power, brewing up to 12 cups of rich, full-bodied…

    12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator by Home Marketplace



  5. 4 Piece Ceramic Measuring Cups

    …nostalgic cup is labeled with one easy-to-read measurement (cup and oz.). Perfect for your own kitchen and a thoughtful gift for your favorite cook, the food-safe ceramic measuring cups are dishwasher safe. The 4-pc. measuring cup set includes: 1 1/2 cup (12 oz.) with handle, 1 cup (8 oz.), 1/2 cup

    4 Piece Ceramic Measuring Cups



  6. Batter Dispenser

    …to add batter to a pan or cups from a bowl can cause a lot of messy problems; with our 4-cup batter pourer and batter dispenser, you'll enjoy perfectly sized portions with a simply squeeze of the handle. This must-have kitchen tool features clear mL and cup markings to ensure proper measurements.…

    Batter Dispenser



  7. Stainless Steel Double Spout Ladle

    …Stainless Steel Double Spout Ladle features pouring spouts on both sides for drip-free pouring and easy serving with less mess. The 14 1/4" long handle is comfortable to grip and hold at any angle, and the serving ladle's 1-cup capacity helps measure precise servings—making it great for recipes or…

    Stainless Steel Double Spout Ladle



  8. Coffee Pod Holder

    …this wire storage solution in the fun shape of a large coffee cup complete with a handle designed for K cups and more. Just because the container says, coffee doesn’t mean it’s only for coffee. The large capacity makes this coffee cup wire basket the perfect solution for keeping commonly used…

    Coffee Pod Holder



  9. Wooden Catch Ball

    This modern update on a retro favorite challenges players to flip a ball into the air and catch it in the attached cup at the end of the toy's sturdy handle. Crafted by Toysmith of solid wood for hours of active play, the catch ball toy's brightly colored wooden ball is attached by a durable cotton…

    Wooden Catch Ball



  10. Birdie Lemon Slice Juicer by Chef's Pride™

    …accompaniment for serving iced tea on the patio, hosting guests with your tea set, or creating a breakfast tray with a hot cup of Earl Grey. Simply press the citrus juicer's handles together to extract fresh, flavorful citrus juice from a lemon or lime wedge, and pour through spout … and leaving…

    Birdie Lemon Slice Juicer by Chef's Pride™



  11. Walker Caddy

    …Simply attach to your walker's handles using the included clips — as it secures your personal items on the go, its removable walker tray top conceals contents for privacy and doubles as a snack and beverage tray. Durable molded plastic design with built-in cup holder wipes clean in seconds and…

    Walker Caddy



  12. Bissell® FeatherWeight™ Vacuum

    …stick vac can be used on bare floors, carpets, furniture, draperies and much more! The ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and flexibility. When the debris collection cup is full, simply dump it and resume cleaning. This product measures 8.3” long x 9.5” wide x 44.25” high and has…

    Bissell® FeatherWeight™ Vacuum



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