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  1. Flour Keeper

    …customers purchase several flour canisters to accommodate their different flour types. Flour storage containers are a dime a dozen; however, our moisture- and bug-blocking hinged flour storage container stands out as better than the rest. You'll enjoy dishwasher safe plastic that's easy to clean and…

    Flour Keeper



  2. Adjustable Storage Container by Chef's Pride™

    …food container keeps goods fresh and easy to identify in clear, see-through plastic. Helping you make the most of limited storage space in pantries and cupboards, The Adjustable Storage Container is perfect for small kitchens, apartments, senior living, campers, cottages and dorms. Kitchen container

    Adjustable Storage Container by Chef's Pride™



  3. 6 Section Pill Organizer

    …way to turn all those pill bottles in your medicine cabinet into just one. This seemingly ordinary pill dispenser organizer actually has six pill containers inside. Just twist the rotating cap on this medication organizer to select which pill to dispense. Neat, easy and safe, this organizer can also…

    6 Section Pill Organizer



  4. Watkins Original Baking Vanilla Extract, 11 oz.

    …industry. High-quality Watkins® extract is made to the same strict quality standards set forth by founder J.R. Watkins in 1868. 11 oz. bottle contains recipe on back. Made in USA.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Nothing compares to the authentic flavor of Watkins® Original Baking Vanilla…

    Watkins Original Baking Vanilla Extract, 11 oz.



  5. 22-oz. Microwave Soup Mug with Vented Lid by Chef's Pride™

    …for microwaving chili, pasta, oatmeal and more, the soup cup lid closes and locks securely, keeping contents fresh in the fridge and neatly contained in transport. The large soup mug is crafted in durable red plastic with clear lid. The soup mug with lid is top-rack dishwasher safe; freezer-safe;…

    22-oz. Microwave Soup Mug with Vented Lid by Chef's Pride™



  6. Microwave Bacon Can by Chef's Pride™

    …features a crisper valve to release steam and cook your bacon to perfection with that frying pan flavor you love. The covered, can-style design contains splatters and releases grease into a built-in trap, so your microwave remains clean and free of splatters. Thanks to this ingenious design, you CAN…

    Microwave Bacon Can by Chef's Pride™



  7. Joan Rivers Beauty® On-the-Go Compact

    …angled brush in powder and sweep over the brow, working from the inside to the outer edge of the brow. Washes out with soap or makeup remover. Contains 0.14 oz. hair powder, 0.05 oz. brow powder.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Make thin hair and eyebrows appear thick and full with two…

    Joan Rivers Beauty® On-the-Go Compact



  8. Divided Plates And Food Storage Containers - Set Of 4

    Whether you're looking for a place to store those Thanksgiving meal leftovers or for a great way to take well-portioned meals to work, these divided dinner plates with lids are must-haves in every kitchen. This set of four microwavable food plates with dividers feature three rather deep (1" deep)…

    Divided Plates And Food Storage Containers - Set Of 4



  9. Flour and Sugar Keepers

    …flour/sugar container that will prolong the life of these everyday baking staples. These containers for flour and sugar are the perfect sizes to keep the bags and their contents fresh and ready for your next cookie, cake or other culinary experiment. Don't miss our other food storage containers and…

    Flour and Sugar Keepers



  10. Rooster Individual Microwave Egg Cooker by Chef's Pride™

    Starting your morning with a healthy, high-protein breakfast is easier than ever with this cute-as-can-be combed rooster! It's actually an individual microwave egg boiler — simply add an egg and water, cover and microwave. Cooking time varies by wattage and how you like your egg cooked — soft,…

    Rooster Individual Microwave Egg Cooker by Chef's Pride™



  11. Sugar Keeper

    …Place unused portion (still in the bag) inside the sugar holder, or pour balance directly into this dishwasher-safe, plastic sugar container. Sugar storage container measures 5" long x 4" wide x 7 7/8" high.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This generous see-through sugar keeper stores a…

    Sugar Keeper



  12. Honey Pot with Dipper by Home Marketplace™

    No more struggling to squeeze slow, sticky bottles of honey, when this cute honey container offers quick, easy access with its own handy dipper. The classic ceramic honey pot includes a grooved wooden honey dipper, making it easy to dole out plenty of delicious honey for toast, tea, coffee, oatmeal,…

    Honey Pot with Dipper by Home Marketplace™



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