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  1. Long Arm Disposable Cleaning Gloves Set of 50

    …arm disposable cleaning gloves extend nearly 2 feet up your arm—that’s just about a full arm’s worth of durable protection! Designed to tackle the tough jobs, these quality cleaning gloves are thicker and stronger than most, so they’re great for removing paint or varnish, cleaning the oven, grouting…

    Long Arm Disposable Cleaning Gloves Set of 50



  2. Oven Gloves Set of 2  by Chef’s Pride

    …Set of 2 cooking gloves, each 10\u0022 long x 7\u0022 wide; Heat-resistant gloves insulate hands from hot pots and pans up to 400°F; One size fits most men and women; Wipe clean; By Chef\u0027s Pride™"}]

    Oven Gloves Set of 2 by Chef’s Pride



  3. Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set

    …dusting and cleaning auto dashboards and interiors, the soft microfiber gloves get into those hard-to-reach areas in your vehicle, easily cleaning dust and debris without scratching surfaces. Great for your automobile, and handy for home cleaning, too … the versatile dusting gloves clean fine…

    Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set



  4. Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100

    …spilled food in the car or clean up animal accidents — whatever you need to use these plastic gloves for, they won't disappoint. Easy on, easy off. Latex-free. While you're here, don't miss our other great cool kitchen gadgets and useful items in our Kitchen Cleaning department. We have unique,…

    Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100



  5. Decorative Goldtone Sweater Clasp

    …design that won't damage fabrics. Versatile sweater pin also is also perfect for holding scarves in place or attaching gloves to your coat. 4" long. Zinc metalwork. Clean the sweater clips with dry cloth.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Decorative Goldtone Sweater Clasp gives a sweater…

    Decorative Goldtone Sweater Clasp



  6. Pumice Toilet Stain Remover

    …toilet stains call for some tough cleaning tools. Luckily, Miles Kimball has some excellent cleaning solutions available in the cleaning section of our website. This Pumice Toilet Ring Remover removes even the most stubborn toilet stains to reveal a sparkling clean commode. Just add a little elbow…

    Pumice Toilet Stain Remover



  7. Clothes Hangers with 10 Clips, Set of 2

    …stainless steel construction; Set of 2 metal hangers; Each hanger includes 10 clips to air-dry or store socks, bras, hand towels, gloves and more; Perfect for placing on a shower bar, closet rod or drying rack; Clips won\u0027t leave pinch marks on delicate clothing"}]

    Clothes Hangers with 10 Clips, Set of 2



  8. Car Clothing Hanger

    …easy to carry and transport a week's vacation wardrobe or heavy dry cleaning load. When not in use, the compact travel accessory folds down for easy storage in your vehicle's glove box. Car clothes bar hanger measures 4 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" high when…

    Car Clothing Hanger



  9. Silicone Hamburger/Sandwich/Donut Holders, Set of 4

    …lose one single pickle, tomato or sweet donut sprinkle. Durable, reusable and simple to stash in your glove box, lunch bag, cooler or kitchen drawer, these kitchen gadgets resist odors and clean easily in the dishwasher, helping reduce napkin use for an eco-friendly, budget-smart bonus! Set of 4…

    Silicone Hamburger/Sandwich/Donut Holders, Set of 4



  10. Garden Hands™ Set of 2

    …spaces not just easier, but also more efficient. These oversized leaf scoops are ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably over your hands like gloves, allowing you to pick up large piles of leaves, debris, and garden waste without straining. Dubbed as 'leaf hands,' these hand rakes boast a…

    Garden Hands™ Set of 2



  11. Garden Scooter

    …workshop or around the home for tasks like painting, cleaning, car repair and more; Stay Organized – Strategically-designed tool tray underneath the seat keeps small garden or household tools within reach, this convenient area is perfect to store gloves, spades, planting shovels, garden shears, tool…

    Garden Scooter



  12. Freestanding 3-Tier Ladder Shelf

    …your home or office. Store towels, toiletries, cosmetics and supplies in your bathroom. Set it up in your entryway to keep keys, shoes, hats, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen and other necessities at-hand as you head out the door. Freestanding ladder shelf is also perfect for the kitchen, den, bedroom,…

    Freestanding 3-Tier Ladder Shelf



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