Christmas Puzzle

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  1. Jigsaw Library "A Christmas Carol" 2-Sided Puzzle

    …252-piece Christmas puzzle arrives in a book-shaped box that stores upright on a shelf. "A Christmas Carol" 2-Sided Puzzle is a great way to start a colorful jigsaw library, and a unique new Christmas gift tradition for your favorite puzzle lover or literature buff. Christmas jigsaw puzzle box is 4…

    Jigsaw Library "A Christmas Carol" 2-Sided Puzzle



  2. Jigsaw Library "Pride & Prejudice" 2-Sided Puzzle

    …lovers and puzzle fans alike, this unique double-sided puzzle comes in a box that looks like a book. One side of the two sided puzzle showcases a colorful illustration from "Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen, and the other side features a passage from the book—doubling the puzzle challenge while…

    Jigsaw Library "Pride & Prejudice" 2-Sided Puzzle



  3. The Holy Light Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle by Holiday Peak™

    …for puzzle lovers of all skill levels. Working on this Christmas puzzle is a great way to relax from holiday stress and focus on the true reason for the season. Perfect for any puzzle lover on your gift list, The Holy Light Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle also provides a fun holiday activity for puzzle

    The Holy Light Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle by Holiday Peak™



  4. Fifteen Puzzle

    Puzzle, Game of Fifteen and Mystic Square, 15 Puzzle's goal is to get the tiles in order, from one to 15, by making sliding moves. Fifteen Puzzle dates back to the late 1800s; this 15 Puzzle is a representation of the original game and remains to be one of the most fascinating and baffling puzzles

    Fifteen Puzzle



  5. Personalized Puzzle Master Ornament

    …your puzzle of finding a fun, personalized gift! Boldly printed with "Puzzle Master" on a background of jigsaw pieces, the wooden disk ornament is fun for puzzle lovers of all ages, and a snap for us to customize with any name or message. Whether adding that missing piece to your own Christmas

    Personalized Puzzle Master Ornament



  6. Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze

    Gift cards, jewelry, cash and more are the perfect size for this fun, interactive Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze. The lucky recipient must solve and complete a challenging maze to retrieve his or her gift. Gift card box is 5" long x 4" wide x 2 7/8" deep.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Gift…

    Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze



  7. Family Feud Word Search Puzzle Books, Set of 4

    Get your word search puzzle fix with this 4-book set based on America’s hottest game show—Family Feud! Each book in this Family Feud Word Search Puzzle Books set features 13 word search puzzles, starting with one of the show’s survey questions. After guessing the top answers on the board, your…

    Family Feud Word Search Puzzle Books, Set of 4



  8. Peanuts® Holiday Multi-Shaped Puzzles

    …backs of the puzzle pieces are color-coded for easy sorting. Bonus puzzle poster included. Makes a great Charlie Brown Christmas gift![{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Get 12 puzzles in one with this deluxe Peanuts® holiday collection! Fun mini shaped Peanuts Christmas puzzles feature all…

    Peanuts® Holiday Multi-Shaped Puzzles



  9. Brain Games® Sticker by Number™ A Charlie Brown Christmas

    …discover the true meaning of Christmas. The story is beautifully complemented by 10 pages to sticker and 10 sticker sheets. This Christmas activity book is a great way to meditate and de-stress during the holidays and it makes a great addition to themed Charlie Brown Christmas gifts. It's 52 pages…

    Brain Games® Sticker by Number™ A Charlie Brown Christmas



  10. Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's ladder puzzle is a simple toy for children that will utterly confound you. It’s easy to make it work—the puzzle is how it can possibly do what it does. Just grasp the second square, lift, and watch the squares tumble: they’re tied, can’t possibly move, yet they tumble over and over again.…

    Jacob's Ladder



  11. World's Smallest™ Rubik's®

    …scaled down to a mere 3/4" square—and just as fun as the top-selling brain teaser that's baffled fans for decades! The pocket-size color-matching puzzle offers big challenge with 6 different sides, each made up of 9 colorful squares. Just like the larger version, the goal is to twist and turn the…

    World's Smallest™ Rubik's®



  12. Number Dominoes

    Looking for a unique twist on the classic dominos game? Our Double 12 Numbers Dominoes Game Set features jumbo numbers that are easier to read than the traditional "dot-style" dominoes. Great for both kids and adults! Tally numbers with this Double 12 set of 91 numbered dominoes, which includes a…

    Number Dominoes



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