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  1. Large Drizzle Spoon

    The secret to picture-perfect culinary delights! This stainless drizzle spoon is a must-have for drizzling chocolate, caramel, balsamic and other sauces—its gently spouted, curved shape dispenses just the right amount without making a mess. Cheesecakes and strawberries have never looked so delicious…

    Large Drizzle Spoon



  2. Man Cave Cooking Cookbook

    …off your sandwich skills with BLT Supreme, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Cubano Burgers. Reveal your sweet, sensitive side with Hot Brownie Sundaes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and Doughnut Hole Fondue. Chapters include: Booze & Brews, Bar Bites, Game-on Grub, Chili Cook-Off, Super Sandwiches, Ulimate…

    Man Cave Cooking Cookbook



  3. Taffy Town® Taffy Lite™ Sugar Free Taffy, 4 oz.

    …perfected by Taffy Town back in 1916, and you’ll taste the magic in each guilt-free gourmet treasure. Bursting with full flavors of strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla and raspberry, the sugar-free taffy is manufactured in a nut-, soy- and gluten-free facility, right here in the USA. The ultimate…

    Taffy Town® Taffy Lite™ Sugar Free Taffy, 4 oz.



  4. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix

    …chocolate—you'll love Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix! This premium assortment of bridge mix candy is American made with the finest, freshest ingredients, so every piece is a win, whether you get the surprise of choosing a dark chocolate-coated nut, milk chocolate raisin, decadent caramel or…

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Bridge Mix



  5. Enstrom's™ Almond Toffee Milk Chocolate

    Tempting your taste buds with decadent goodness, these Enstrom's™ Almond Toffee Milk Chocolate squares are enrobed in premium milk chocolate, sprinkled with crushed almonds, and "world famous" for all the right reasons! From its humble beginnings in a small-town confectioner's kitchen, Enstrom™…

    Enstrom's™ Almond Toffee Milk Chocolate



  6. Enstrom's™ Almond Toffee Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate Almond Toffee is the confection that, once tasted, is never forgotten. The 4-oz. chocolate candy gift box makes an unforgettable gift for holidays or any occasion, delighting anyone on your list![{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"These Enstrom\u0027s™ Almond Toffee Dark Chocolate

    Enstrom's™ Almond Toffee Dark Chocolate



  7. Dark Chocolate Creams, 8 oz.

    …can have it all ... Asher's® Dark Chocolate Creams boast the finest dark chocolate, surrounding luscious whipped centers of lemon, orange, maple and raspberry. Each decadent gourmet chocolate is incredibly delicious, and you can serve these cream-filled chocolates for a rich after-dinner treat or…

    Dark Chocolate Creams, 8 oz.



  8. Fudgy Bombs Hot Cocoa Bombs, Pack of 3

    …milk chocolate bombs are filled with gourmet cocoa mix and marshmallow surprises; Pour the hot milk on top of the chocolate bomb, making it melt; Kids and chocolate lovers of all ages will be smitten; Makes fun Christmas treats ant hot chocolate gifts;…

    Fudgy Bombs Hot Cocoa Bombs, Pack of 3



  9. Mrs. Kimball's White Christmas Tree Pretzels

    chocolate Christmas tree pretzels on a plate Christmas Eve with a big glass of milk, and smart gourmet elves will stock up for holiday parties, hot-chocolate caroling and yummy little treats after shopping or while wrapping and binging on classic Christmas movies. The sweet snap of white chocolate

    Mrs. Kimball's White Christmas Tree Pretzels



  10. Tufted Booster Cushion

    Outfit your kitchen chairs with our Tufted Booster Seat Cushion, available in your choice of burgundy, chocolate or natural colors. This stylish dining room chair cushion measures 4" high, so you'll get an extra boost of height in your dining room or your kitchen areas. It softens hard wooden chairs…

    Tufted Booster Cushion



  11. Milk Chocolate Dino Egg 8 oz

    …Kimball's delicious and fun Milk Chocolate Dino Egg. A hollow "shell" of creamy milk chocolate holds a surprise inside. In fact, there are 3 surprises – a miniature chocolate T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. The dino "babies" are fashioned in realistic chocolate detail, but it's likely they'll…

    Milk Chocolate Dino Egg 8 oz



  12. Solid Wrap Around Elastic Bed Skirt by OakRidge™

    …beautiful ruffle effect while ensuring a stay-put fit for your box spring mattress. Pick your favorite color from the offering of beige, burgundy, chocolate, white, dark green, navy blue, or light blue to instantly refresh your existing décor. The wrap around design provides you with an excellent…

    Solid Wrap Around Elastic Bed Skirt by OakRidge™



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